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Not too long ago, I posted about how I had a checkbox unchecked or vice versa that allowed my blog to track search terms used to find readers’ ways to me.     If you want to read that post, click  here.

Trish, over at Hey, Lady! recently published her latest search term list and now, I want to do the same.   Plus, Trish just might recall that she wanted to hear about how my traffic may or may not have changed…

My Search Term List
lizzie borthwick/ mamah borthwick   – My Mom had rec’d the Loving Frank book by Nancy Horan as a comment to my post here.

how to build whoops   -I have no idea abt this one!   upon searching myself, I see that this is some kind of motocross language.   My post about signing up for yet another challenge had Whoops in the title.

novella page count – well, this one is self explanatory

past tense of care – MY FAVORITE!   The answer is ‘cared’.   “I care” is present tense, “I cared” is past tense.   Just add the ‘d’.

pharagraph of how to care of a book – I think just the words care and book are enough to pull up my blog as a result.    Take that first ‘h’ out of paragraph…  Typo or true misspelling?

geeks in love novella – Combo of my Weekly Geeks participation and the Novella Challenge, I’m sure.   This does sound like an interesting book, though:  Queen Geeks In Love by Laura Preble is for ages 9-12.   


OK, most of the search terms are actual titles of books that I’ve reviewed so nothing too funny or odd.   I do get that ‘past tense of care’ a LOT since I have a page title of PAST TENSE to list books I have completed.    I get ‘present tense of care’, too and it bothers me some, from an English-grammar perspective.   If you know what present tense is, as a concept, enough to search for it,  then you should know the tenses of care as a verb, yes?   

 ♦ ♦

On the stats increasing or not comparison? 
Since the first week of May when I clicked the appropriate box to allow my blog to be displayed as a result of searching for terms I’ve used, I have had an increase in traffic.   My true goal with this blog is to have somewhere that I can yap about the books I read.   My second goal is to create a place for friends and family to yap about books, too.  On these, I count this blog to be personally very successful.   Maybe ‘very’ is too strong; whatever.

So the traffic thing is for my own amusement.   

My average visits per day is ~ 28, with the high week being 32 and the lowest being 20.   My highest week was last week with a total number 224 visitors and my highest day ever was one day last weeK with 136.   So even though the numbers would hardly impress anyone, my traffic has increased quite a bit since I’ve made this change.   That and maybe my involvement with Weekly Geeks.   I really am not sure.   I’m not convinced I should care.

2 thoughts on “Search Terms Meme

  1. I did remember that I wanted to know how your traffic was affected by allowing your blog to be found by search engines! Vewy intewesting.

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