An Education: The Film

Thoughts   An Education: The Film, viewed June 2010 – click here for link

I loved this!

If you enjoy coming of age stories – especially ones set in English schools, if you like movies set in the glitzy glam of the early 60s, if you find Peter Sarsgaard alluring, if you loved the 2005 Pride & Prejudice actresses Carey Mulligan and Rosamund Pike AND also think Nick Hornby is an incredible writer,

I suggest you see this film.

Hornby is the screenwriter who adapts Lynn Barber’s ‘first love’ story and changes it up just a bit (like changes the name of the main character to Jenny) and adds some humor AND depth.      How this incredible schoolgirl with ambitions of studying English at Oxford could throw it all away on a man twice her age!     BUT IT REALLY HAPPENED!    huh.      Her parents allowing it all was astonishing to me.

The flick isn’t perfect – I thought the ending and the big reveal a bit abrupt;  but I loved the acting, I loved the setting, I loved the drama.    Then again – I *knew* how it was going to play out.

I still can’t believe the parents fell for him – the charming stealing lying bastard.    I adored Mulligan as Jenny!   She was wonderful in this.    Pike was gorgeous and played the dumb blonde beautifully;  she has the best lines.      Also starring Alfred Molina!   and Emma Thompson!!!

It’s a lovely companion piece to the memoir but know this:   the memoir is much more than what you get in the film.    It is evident that the events in the book provide the story INSPIRATION and Hornby captures it for a visual telling even while holding true to the whats and hows of how it all happened.   I think that is why they changed the names?

Personally, I suggest you watch the film and THEN read the book.    Because as I’ve said, the memoir is Barber’s – not just the start of her education but what she learns at university, in her career, in her marriage, over her entire life.   Plus, she’s still here – the book ends in the now.     The film is one year plus a moment.


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7 thoughts on “An Education: The Film

  1. I thought Carey Mulligan was so good as Jenny – she was innocent, yeah, but she managed to play it with such wry humor. I love her, I want her to be in loads more films.

    1. Mulligan is awesome. And I love her voice. I want her to be be in loads more films, too (but not as a blond – did you see her interview when she had whiteblonde hair? not flattering.)

  2. I’ve been intrigued by both the film and the movie and I appreciate your thoughts. I think I’m going to take your advice and see the movie first, then maybe move on to the book. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I used to try to read the book first. But I always spent the whole movie comparing and complaining. Now I prefer to do it the other way. I liked this movie a lot–visually it was great & Mulligan was wonderful.

  4. An Education was my favorite film of last year and one I continue to rewatch and enjoy. I do want to read the memoir, as I’m intrigued a mere chapter of her story became such a wonderful film. I want to let a little time pass, however, before I do to fully appreciate it.

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