Whoops, I Did It Again

Well, I think I just bit off more than I intended to.  I signed up for another challenge.   What with Weekly Geeks, my In Their Own Shoes Challenge, keeping up with my favorite blogs (and finding more every day!) and actually spending time reading books just so I can review them here, I really think I might be in over my head.

But then again, I don’t want to get complacent, now DO I?

Besides, this one is ONLY asking for me to give a little more, only 1% more!   No, not quite.   It’s requesting we commit to reading 1% of the currently hot and debated 1001 Books List between May 1st and …    October?  or was it the end of the year?    

Yep, that’s what I did.  Signed up before I really knew what I was in for.

If you want to print the list, follow this link.    I did, I had to see it on paper.  On 20 pieces of paper.  I even printed it on green paper and had mad/crazy thoughts about transcribing the list into my tbr sug book!   I’m excited to see that I’ve read a few, heard of a few authors, etc.    Golly Ian McEwan is all over it.

If you want to be in the challenge, go here.

And, if you want to gently exhort me to “GET BACK TO YOUR BOOK(s) AND READ SOMETHING, SILLY!”   Well, that would be appreciated, too.

At first glance, I want to read these ten:

 1. Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro (I have been wanting to try Ishiguro)

 2. Fury – Salman Rushdie (I have never read any Rushdie)

 3. American Pastoral – Philip Roth (I am compelled to read another Roth book.)

 4. Whatever – Michel Houellebecq (gotta love the title.   Maybe not)

 5. Trainspotting – Irvine Welsh (isn’t this a movie?!)

 6. Get Shorty – Elmore Leonard (I can always cheat and see the movies?) 

 7. Like Life – Lorrie Moore (I need to include a female writers, I think)

 8. Nights at the Circus (ooo, I like Angela Carter!)

 9. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie – Muriel Spark (has been on the list for awhile, might as well get to it.)

10.  Anna Karenina – Tolstoy (one of my 2008 must, gotta, absolutely want to finish this!)

alternates:   Ormond, The Absentee, or Castle Rackrent by Maria Edgeworth because I’ve never heard of her. 

If any of these are too long and thus intimidating, I’ll replace with a novella – there HAS to be a novella on this list somewhere!


PS – I spent a good ten minutes perusing Google Images to my search for ‘slap upside the head’ but didn’t find anything I wanted to bring back here.   Saw a few whale pics…

17 thoughts on “Whoops, I Did It Again

  1. hehe-this made me laugh! It doesn’t end until Febrary of next year, so it works out to a book a month if that makes you feel better. 🙂 Go Rushdie and Ishiguro! And AK, of course. I really need to read Angela Carter one of these days…I even have one of her books waiting on my shelves…*sigh*

  2. Hey, as long as this new challenge doesn’t make you neglect MY blog, I’ll be okay with it. You have my permission.

    I’m listening to “Never Let Me Go” off and on as an audiobook right now. It’s really strange. Let us know what you think about it.

    Oh, and quit doing the challenge thing, or I’m going to slap you upside the head with a whale!

  3. That is a cool challenge– let us know what you think of “Never Let Me Go”. I love to find out what other people think of books I’ve read. I suppose this is the benefit of a book club (duh– rolling my eyes at myself). And thanks for the compliments.;)

  4. This is a fabulous list, can’t wait to see what you end up writing about these books. I’d like to read Angela Carter one of these days. Lorrie Moore is one of my favorites. And Houellebec, well, I won’t say anything more…just can’t wait to hear what you think.

  5. I think this is a really interesting challenge, only I’m tying my hands together so I don’t join up to any more. You’ve got a wonderful list of books there. And like verbivore, I’ve read Houellebecq and, well, he’s certainly not like anyone else!

  6. I love going crazy with the challenges but right now I’m really trying my hardest to not join any new ones. What with my upcoming move and all it’s going to be hard to do the ones I’m in! But, challenges are just so much fun aren’t they? Have fun with your new ones!
    I hope you’ll enjoy Ishiguro and Muriel Spark!

  7. Hi Care,

    I wasn’t sure where to write so I am going to try here. Lisa M was kind enough to send me your way.

    My name is Dean and I represent author Susan Hanshaw and her upcoming book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live.” Susan’s work helps people:
    1. Identify their passionate interests
    2. Utilize these interests as building blocks to create their desired reality
    3. Understand the role purpose plays in our lives

    Lisa has been kind enough to find some time to review Susan’s work.

    Would you consider reviewing her book upon it’s release in June? Details on our blog: http://innerarchitect.wordpress.com/book/

    We truly appreciate your consideration!

    dean and susan

  8. Eva, thanks for endorsing my choices! and to think I picked quickly and haphazardly.

    Beastmomma, you were the only one to tell me to get back to my reading! THANK YOU. Do you like the new avatars that wordpress is assigning?

    Thanks Lisa, I love the recommendation. Thank you.

    Chartroose – you so crack me up. I had to think for a second why you would slap me with a whale. OH! yea! my finding whale pics!! I’m slow-witted, you see.

    Chartroose and Lyndsey, it’s fun to find others are reading or just read something I just selected. I’m looking forward to this! and it kind of goes with this week’s Weekly Geeks, yes?

    Verbivore and LitLove, see another random choice and I get two reasons to be extremely intrigued about this one, too.

    Iliana, yes it’s fun to sign up for the challenges and then daunting to imagine finishing any… Another Ishiguro endorsement!

    Michelle, yes this one will help get me in the know and keeping me up to date on books and authors I ‘should’ be aware of.

  9. I like your list! I just posted mine today. It took me a while to choose, because I had to be careful to not pick books I know I won’t read, just to say that I had picked them. Luckily, this was not a true pretentious list, so there’s lots…actually, too much to choose from!!! I’m actually gunning for War and Peace this time around….thankfully we can read in the new year, cause that’s the only time I’ll have for that book!!

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