The Wisdom of Eve and All About Eve

When I signed up for the LitFlicks Challenge, I originally wanted to view movies that had won the Best Picture Oscar and read the books that were the story source for the adaption to the screen.

I had bookmooched The Wisdom of Eve  by Mary Orr and Reginald Denham thinking this was a book.      However, it is a play adapted from the story by Mary Orr on which the film All About Eve was based.     I believe it was first a story published in a magazine.    I didn’t mind reading the play but would have preferred it in prose.

Then, I watched the film…  AWESOME!   It was delightful!  and funny!   and had witty banter!!     Won Best Picture Oscar 1951.   and slew of other categories – wins and nominations.   Check the movie details here.

I loved it.

Maybe this isn’t much of a review, but it’s all I got.



9 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Eve and All About Eve

  1. Ooh! I need to see it! Though I like seeing plays, I have a hard time reading them. They aren’t really meant to be read.

    Congrats on finishing another Lit Flicks qualifier!

  2. I LOVE Bette Davis, and this is an awesome movie. Have you seen Now, Voyager? Davis is so incredible in that one too, in the opposite way. She was insanely wide-ranging.

  3. I’ve seen the movie twice…I love George Sanders and Thelma Ritter and of course Bette Davis!

    I used to read plays all the time and loved them, but I lost my taste for them gradually then “Fool For Love” finished me off for good. But I’ll have to make one last pitstop and read “MacBeth”

  4. @B-Onion, you mean Shakespeare, right? Shakespeare was the only plays I ever read, I think. I’d like to get my hands on a screenplay just to see what they are like as opposed to something written for stage production.

    @Maree – I can see why this would be a fave!

    @Jessica, reading plays just takes a different mode of concentration, methinks. I had to get into the groove but it was fun to read and I really enjoyed comparing to the movie set.

    @Eva, no I have NOT seen that! I’m going to netflix it now, for sure. and maybe look for a book source?

    @Blake – oh, do! I realized this review doesn’t tell you a thing about the story/plot but that’s not a bad thing. I myself didn’t have a clue what this was about, I had no idea until she popped on screen that Marilyn Monroe was in it, and I’m so surprised I was so clueless. sigh.

    @Bybee, I think I could watch this many times. Of course, Thelma Ritter is a treat. I think I’ve read MacBeth or it was the last one I saw live. I know I read Romeo and Juliet. I can’t say I’m much of a Shakespearian.

  5. unfinishedperson

    I can’t remember when my wife and I first saw this movie– maybe when AMC used to actually show classic movies or TCM. All I do know is that we loved it, and subsequently fell in love with Bette Davis movies, and watched it over and over.

    I didn’t realize it was based on a play until I saw your review. Thanks for sharing. Your enthusiasm for the movie is something my wife and I share, in spades. 🙂

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