Twelve Blog Post Ideas in a Trove

Ms. Bookish has challenged us to create a list of blog post ideas for those times when the well might be dry. Personally, I don’t have this problem very often, if ever. I always feel free to open a blank post template and start typing just to see what happens. Random is my friend.

But, since she is offering PRIZES! I thought I would try to generate a bunch of ideas, for “just in case”.

Here’s her EXPLAIN the TREASURE TROVE Challenge post.

1) A post to explain how unhappy I am about WordPress changing their ADD-NEW-POST style. Grrrrrrr.

2) The Tournament of Books hosted by The Morning News.

3) Most recent pie thoughts/activities.

4) Any book connections – those times when one book reminds you or is linked in some way to a book you’ve read previously or one you hope to read someday.

5) A vocabulary post – words recently discovered or tripped over that needed defining.

6) Try (search for) that blog post generator idea!  How fun.

7) Create a list of books that I think everyone should read.

8) Summary recap of challenge progress.

9) Summary recap of monthly/quarterly/whatever time period for books read, etc.

10) Explore the meme and weekly post ideas that others do:  Top Ten Tuesday, Sunday Whatever It Is, Monday What Are you Reading, etc.

11) Re-present a post from the past that I am proud of and/or revisit a book and my review to see if I still remember the book.

12) DO a link-love link up post – which in my case would probably be a highlight of other bloggers who do this well.

OK – that took my less than 10 minutes!  Feel free to borrow if any inspire you.

Oh, Belle also asks about thoughts on the generation process. Well, for me, similar to how I write posts, I just open up a blank post and let the fingers start typing up the words. I edit as I go. I don’t track my ideas. I do sometimes create draft posts of ideas and often of book reviews while reading the book – I get it all set up so that when I’m ready, all I have to do is write my impressions and not do the ‘add book cover’/tags, etc.

Have a great day! – hopefully I will soon be posting reviews of Even If the Sky Falls Down and Dept. of Speculation.

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Hey Lady! Ever Been to Montana?

Hey Trish!    Are you getting a bunch of hits on that review you wrote about Montana 1948 by Larry Watson ?

Hey there, Care!    I am getting a ton of hits on this post, what do you think is going on?*

Well, Trish, I’m thinking that some school some where just assigned this as required reading in some English class or something.    And they are here to find out if they can go online and get a good idea of whether or not they really have to read it or not.   Maybe even borrow some thoughts on plot or character development or maybe even symbols.   At least, I think that’s what I would have done if I had had an interweb to use for research way back in my dark ages pre-computer high school.

Do you think I’m being a bit negative?

Well, Care, yes, yes I do.   Maybe you should do some research on whether or not the publisher has re-released it or some other great wonderful news about the author?    Ever think of that?

Oh, yes, Trish, great idea.    I jumped to a conclusion, didn’t I.   Give me a second….

[Care’s typing fingers scurry off to consult the world wide web of all things wonderful while all wiley wild readers groan at the silliness and lameness of this post.]

Um, Trish?   The Simon & Schuster webpage has quite a few exciting new developments about a few of Watson’s novels being released in audio format.   Most are dated late 2008 and but I didn’t see anything so recent as this week to explain how many hits I’ve gotten TODAY on my review of Montana 1948  – and I must note, how many hits/clicks were sent here from my comment on YOUR post…

Care.   How many hits are you talking about?

Uh, less than 20 – but this is HUUUUGGGGE for me.    [Care smiles in a ‘please be impressed, ok? whatever manner’]

Care, I agree, I’m getting some traffic, I hope that is means that more people are interested in this book – cuz it’s terrific! – and I love the hits.    But, please.   I’ve got a Slanket to giveaway, so let’s just enjoy the attention, shall we?

Ok, Trish!   Ok.   Thanks for chatting with me!    But don’t you wish that someone would COMMENT and tell us WHY they are searching for this book?   and if they like what we wrote?????       maybe, we should ask Jessica

Good NIGHT, Care.



TRUE STATS for this book at this blog this week: 

6 hits today, 2 yesterday

Search term:     montana 1948 quote reviews   –   2

My review is here.

No, hubby has yet to read it.    I gave it to my friend Christine way back LAST SUMMER and I mention that here to see 1.  if she’s reading this and 2.  if she will hurry up and read the book!

Hey Lady’s blog is 7th on the list, first page!  if you google for ‘Montana 1948 Larry Watson’ and I gave up looking for my blog after the 12th page….

*   Trish at Hey Lady was caught totally unawares by this post and all conversations on the part of ‘Trish” have been fabricated by the imagination of Care.   All apologies extended…

Search Terms Meme

Not too long ago, I posted about how I had a checkbox unchecked or vice versa that allowed my blog to track search terms used to find readers’ ways to me.     If you want to read that post, click  here.

Trish, over at Hey, Lady! recently published her latest search term list and now, I want to do the same.   Plus, Trish just might recall that she wanted to hear about how my traffic may or may not have changed…

My Search Term List
lizzie borthwick/ mamah borthwick   – My Mom had rec’d the Loving Frank book by Nancy Horan as a comment to my post here.

how to build whoops   -I have no idea abt this one!   upon searching myself, I see that this is some kind of motocross language.   My post about signing up for yet another challenge had Whoops in the title.

novella page count – well, this one is self explanatory

past tense of care – MY FAVORITE!   The answer is ‘cared’.   “I care” is present tense, “I cared” is past tense.   Just add the ‘d’.

pharagraph of how to care of a book – I think just the words care and book are enough to pull up my blog as a result.    Take that first ‘h’ out of paragraph…  Typo or true misspelling?

geeks in love novella – Combo of my Weekly Geeks participation and the Novella Challenge, I’m sure.   This does sound like an interesting book, though:  Queen Geeks In Love by Laura Preble is for ages 9-12.   


OK, most of the search terms are actual titles of books that I’ve reviewed so nothing too funny or odd.   I do get that ‘past tense of care’ a LOT since I have a page title of PAST TENSE to list books I have completed.    I get ‘present tense of care’, too and it bothers me some, from an English-grammar perspective.   If you know what present tense is, as a concept, enough to search for it,  then you should know the tenses of care as a verb, yes?   

 ♦ ♦

On the stats increasing or not comparison? 
Since the first week of May when I clicked the appropriate box to allow my blog to be displayed as a result of searching for terms I’ve used, I have had an increase in traffic.   My true goal with this blog is to have somewhere that I can yap about the books I read.   My second goal is to create a place for friends and family to yap about books, too.  On these, I count this blog to be personally very successful.   Maybe ‘very’ is too strong; whatever.

So the traffic thing is for my own amusement.   

My average visits per day is ~ 28, with the high week being 32 and the lowest being 20.   My highest week was last week with a total number 224 visitors and my highest day ever was one day last weeK with 136.   So even though the numbers would hardly impress anyone, my traffic has increased quite a bit since I’ve made this change.   That and maybe my involvement with Weekly Geeks.   I really am not sure.   I’m not convinced I should care.

How To Comment On This Blog Post

Hello, Everyone.

If you are already very familiar with blogging, you can skip this.   If, however, you happen to be one of the fine and friendly folk to whom I’ve dramatically exclaimed that “I HAVE A BOOK BLOG!!   GO READ IT!!! and you actually have ended up here, out of curiousity, I’m sure, then please do continue reading.

And, by that I mean, LEAVE ME A COMMENT!  

It’s oh so much more fun to have you leave me a comment here telling me you’ve read the post or disagree with me that The Golden Compass deserves many awards or want to share your favorite book or author.

I know what you are thinking.   HOW!?

I’ll tell ya.   Do you see the title of this post “How To Comment On This Blog Post” at the top of the page?    Under that line is the date published, a few key words called categories or tags, and then a number followed by the word ‘comments.’   If you hover the mouse pointer over the word ‘comments’, it should underline which tells you that it is a link, right?   Clicking on that will open up a dialogue box – if I already have a ton of comments, then you will have to page down to get to the LEAVE-YOUR-REPLY place.

And it’s OK if you don’t have a blog to URL me to.   And I’m the only one who will see your email address so go ahead and fill in that box (it’s required…)  and you can make up a name if you want!

I don’t mean to sound demeaning or sarcastic or  – what’s the word??   I really do have MANY, MANY people tell me that they read my blog but didn’t know what to do with it.   And, I’m referring to you C__ and J__ and…   They tell me they can’t figure out how to leave a comment.   SO, don’t feel foolish – a LOT of people who are now highly-skilled bloggers, felt the same way when they first explored this nutty and very fun activity.

And, if you love books, and LOVE to discuss the books you read, or want to find out good books to add to your tbr (to be read) list, then blogging is the BEST adventure!   I highly recommend it.   I feel like I’m meeting the nicest people and I keep finding free books in my mailbox – what could be cooler than that!?

Oh, and just to confuse you…    If you see on the right hand side of this page:   RECENT COMMENTS header and then some pictures (called ‘avatars’ in the blog world) that say something like ‘bkclubcare (person who commented) on How To…   (post title)‘ then you can click on that post title and read that person’s comment.    That is another way to find the place to add your own comment.   If you click on the person’s name, you will go to their blog and if they don’t have a blog, you’ll go somewhere else, I guess.

Happy Blog Exploring and THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!   let me know what you think.  

Per Lisamm’s sug (see 2nd comment), this has been amended to ask a few questions, not to test if you read this post in its entirety but to help you think of something to reply with:   Do you love to read?   What’s your favorite genre?  


Stats and Benchmarks and Search Terms, Oh My

I had been wondering why I didn’t seem to have much – no, ANY – traffic to this blog as a result of search terms.    I had poked around my profile to see if I had some box checked or unchecked and with the help of other awesome WordPressers, we discovered a box under the Privacy Options that did indeed invite search terms.   I don’t remember specifying that I did NOT want this feature available but am now inviting viewers and readers to find me via the search term method.

Let’s recap where this blog is statswise.   My total count in the approximately 8 months of writing book reviews on this blog is 3,949.   My highest day was March 29, 2008 for a count of 94 and I believe that corresponds to a book giveaway I had…   I use sitemeter and it tells me that I have an average 20 visitors per day.

I have had a total of 4 spam comments caught by Akismet.    Cool!

My motivation is not to be the busiest most read blog out there;   I only want to enjoy discussions about books, make a few friends, have some fun.   I’m just curious who will find their way here.  

(Hi!  do you like books?   Have you read anything I’ve read?   If yes, did you like it or hate it?   Do you have a recommendation to give me?    Nice to meet you!)

I subscribe to the No-Obligation-Blogging Motto (aka Blogging Without Obligation which actually addresses the need NOT to say ‘sorry I haven’t posted in awhile’ which really isn’t my problem, but anyway…) and I will attempt to visit all blogs of those who leave comments but will make no promises that I will leave a comment.   Sometimes I just don’t know what to say.     On that note, feel free to leave an ‘I was here’ comment but do not feel obligated.

And please, have a nice day…  

And The Winner Is!

Sorry, the title of this post might be deceiving…

AND, THE WINNER IS!…    GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED in my next post.    It’s still Thursday night as I write this.  I am not going to wait up until the stroke of midnight to close my BOOK & A LOOK! contest but will have something for you on Friday…  

I have been blogging about like a scatter-brained fly trying to eat a whole watermelon…   Wanting to meet new friends, getting caught up in multiple posts, adding to my blogroll, leaving comments, getting caught up in other contests (eek!), blahblahblah.   I’m exhausted and have exceeded my planned time allotment to complete this ‘task’.   Sigh.

But I WILL be by to visit all of you who entered my contest and I hope some of you (hey – I’m realistic…) will come by and visit with me again.   You can be an official member of my book club and I will refer to you as DEAR READER.   and OH!  If you don’t have a blog, that’s quite alright but may I recommend you GET ONE!   [Please hear/read that as if you were listening to a favorite aunt…]        I have yet to write my review of St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised By Wolves (LOVED it! – see also PlanetBook’s challenge) and I’m now reading Ask Again Later by Jill A Davis (ew, not so much).   Please enjoy my review of I’jaam which I reviewed earlier today.

You are all beautiful!   Now, get enough sleep, read all you can and be kind to animals.

Taking Advice and Thanking My Fans

I almost wrote ‘thanking my readers’ but I thought I’d try spicing it up! 

Awhile ago, I offered a GIVEAWAY.    Since I’m not a big tag user and am more of a lurker than a commentor, I don’t drive a lot of traffic here.    I have always gotten terrific advice from Lisa on how to drive more traffic, and yet, I’m hesitant and reluctant – something about the self-promotion?!??!     Let’s get all psychoanalytical and maybe neurotic?  and even question WORTHINESS?   Sure, fear.   That’s a forever-undercurrent, too.    If you knew the ‘real’ me, you would not accuse me of being shy.    Anyway.

What if somebody doesn’t like my reviews!   and (gasp!) calls me on my ignorance/laziness/mediocrity?!?!     Well, RASPBERRIES!

On that spirit, I offer an addendum to the giveaway I mentioned last week.   The one that failed to give a deadline, that offered an ‘old’ book, and certainly didn’t even ask anyone to post about it in order to get TWO chances to win…    The addendum is this:    MORE!  I’m going to offer TWO books:  The Unbearable Lightness of Being AND St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves!     See what PlanetBooks has to say about it…

But, wait!!   There’s even MORE!    I’m going to offer a ‘LOOK’.    I have been a rep for Mary Kay Cosmetics for many a year now, and they are reshaping the compacts which means I have some ‘classic’ stock to move off my shelf.    A LOOK is a lipstick, eye shadows, blush that fit into a color compact…    However, you will have limited choice on the colors but it still makes a $50+ offering.


Everyone who has already made a comment on the first post (that means Trish, Amy, Beastmomma, Lisa and Eva)will get 2 entries to my giveaway.     From this time forward, I will only accept comments on this post for my BOOKS & A LOOK! giveaway and will offer one more entry if you post about it.    [Which means that these 5 ‘fans’ are eligible to have 4 total entries, everyone else can have up to 2.   Fair or not, it’s my giveaway…]

The deadline is next Thursday, April 3th, midnight.     Random drawing…  

I’m off on a trip to sunny California and won’t be home til mid-week, so I look forward to seeing the count when I get back.  ttfn, Care

Still Posting Every Day!


Sure, one of the challenges and hopefully one of the benefits!  to participating in the Holidailies Daily December Blogging ‘event’ is finding new and interesting blogs to enjoy.   AND…   creating more traffic.  To here…

HOWEVER.   I don’t think I’ve had even ONE comment!   I guess I could be that uninspiring, but still!   

I can tell I’ve had visitors due the incoming links page showing Holidailies – usually the random blog generator which I think is cool.     I also admit that I have visited the AT HOME group more than the dedicated summary posters and MAYBE that’s my problem?

(oh  – and I will allow this really isn’t a good time to be a complainer!  It’s the holidays!   Yes, I realize, this is very small issue in my grand list of life stuffs…)

When I go find a blog to ‘sample’ from the Holidailies list, I usually try to offer a simple comment out of courtesy:

Hi!   Found you from Holidailies!   Great post/Well-written/Happy Holidays!


Which brings up my clarification and confusion with my admission of ‘TRYing’ to comment:   Many of the blogs do not allow anonymous commentors.    AND, they only allow comments from within Blogspot, or wherever.    I find that sad.    I would understand allowing a comment with approval only!    I’m OK with the blogger censoring (since I rarely comment anything negative – not a big deal for me.) 

So, if you found this from Holidailies – please let me know.    THANKS.  and Happy Merry Holiday Festivities to you all. 🙂

      – Care