Round Two of Classics Club 50 Challenge

I have decided to create my second #CC50 list on goodreads.

Book List 2

My idea for this list is to keep adding to it any book that fits the criteria and if by the date when 5 years is up (in Dec 2024, I’ll have read at least 50 of them.

Sound good?   

Starting with Villette by Brontë, my first book of the year. However, it’s looking like I will finish Treasure Island before that.


Help! My enthusiasm for Villette is waning! it’s so long. ugh. I better come across a pie reference soon…


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6 thoughts on “Round Two of Classics Club 50 Challenge

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  2. If you keep reading Villette, you’ll eventually get to this passage:
    “What was become of that curious one-sided friendship which was half marble and half life; only on one hand truth, and on the other perhaps a jest?
    Was this feeling dead? I do now know, but it was buried. Sometimes I thought the tomb unquiet, and dreamed strangely of disturbed earth, and of hair, still golden and living, obtruded through coffin-chinks.”

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