Classics Club Spin #14

And the SPIN NUMBER IS…  numone

Here are my 20 books in anticipation of the soon to be announced CLASSICS SPIN:

On Monday, the powers that run the Club will pick a number. I will read the book that falls at that number in this list:

1. West with the Night – Beryl

2. A Handful of Dust – Waugh

3. The World According to Garp – Irving!

4. The Ox-Bow Incident

5. Jude the Obscure – Hardy (have in house, hardback)

6. Candide – Voltaire

7. Stoner – John Wms

8. The Double Helix – Watson (currently in the house, from library)

9. The King Must Die – Mary Renault

10. One Fine Day – MPD

11. Charlotte Sometimes – Penelope Farmer

12. The Hunter – Parker

13. Cold Comfort Farm – Gibbons

14. Love in a Fallen City – Chang

15. Love in a Cold Climate – Mitford

16. The Dud Avocado – Dundy

17. Twelve Years a Slave – Northup

18. Gravity’s Rainbow – Pynchon

19. Orlando – Woolf (currently in my Audible tbl, and eBook!)

20. The Bird’s Nest – Shirley Jackson

Are you playing?


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23 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #14

  1. West with the Night is just wonderful — I recommend the illustrated version if you can get your hands on a copy, the photos are beautiful. I also loved Cold Comfort Farm and Love in a Cold Climate, both of them are quite funny. Good luck on Monday!

  2. I love Stoner too, joining LakesideMusing. What a great list. My only bad experience was with “Gravity’s Rainbow” which I just could not get through. I am not good with those gigantic post-modern novels. I do know people who worship “Gravity’s Rainbow,” however.

    Garp is a lovely piece of pie.

    1. I put the Pynchon on the list only because it pops up often as an interesting read. It might be on the list of 1001 books to read before you die? I will give myself permission to bail on it if I don’t like it but I want to at least see if I can discover why it is often on such lists.

  3. I’m intrigued by your list since the only one I’ve read is Jude the Obscure! I think my picks would be Stoner, which is on my own CC list, or The Bird’s Nest since I’ve recently fallen in love with Jackson and would love to read more of her stuff. Hope you get one you enjoy!

    1. Really? And I thought LakesideMusings list was full of unknowns! I really didn’t give much thought to my classics club list, to be honest. I threw it together by what was already on my tbr and then filling in with things that sounded familiar or ‘important’.

  4. So many good choices, Care. I’ve read and loved The World According to Garp, Love in a Cold Climate, and Orlando. I have quite a few of these on my TBR, including Cold Comfort Farm, The Bird’s Nest, and West With the Night. You and FictionFan are making me wonder if I should do this Classics Club thing next year!

  5. Gravity’s Rainbow? Yikes! I have Candide on my list at #6, too! I tried it a few years ago, listening and “set it aside” (if you can do that with audio) because it is so over the top. But I would like to get it knocked off.

  6. I’ve read “West With the Night” for book club a few years ago—I think you’ll like it. My classic list is light on the ‘classic’ classics, so what did I get for my first spin? Dr. Zhivago! The names are going to kill me!! But I own the book—have for a long time–so this is a good thing.

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