The #ITalong is Over

Thoughts  IT by Stephen King, Penguin Audiobooks 2010 (orig 1986), ~45 hours

I also followed along with a 4th printing hardback copy (1138 pgs) printed in September 1986 which I found at Goodwill for $1: 

Read for the #ITalong  readalong and the Stephen King Project 

I loved it! I specifically enjoyed the listening to Steven Weber  as narrator. He did an excellent job.

AND I loved the community aspect of tweeting and posting of pics  and the mailing of trinkets, etc.  Much fun.  (pretty sparkly turtle. Long live the turtle. The turtle is dead.)

I didn’t really mind the Interludes; however, the Bev part at the end (as Christina called it, the ‘group-on’?!) did appall me, Stan died too early to make me care much about him, the sections involving Bev’s husband scared me the most, I was baffled and ultimately let down by the turtle, and I was in love with little kid Ben.

I rated the experience  slices of pie. 

Clown in my drink!

I heartily recommend this audio. I will be ready for #Shine-along. January?

I also count this for one of my RIP IV reads.

 This is a RIP-worthy shot of a bird on the bow of the boat late late one night…



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22 thoughts on “The #ITalong is Over

  1. I love this post Care!! The Bev thing was really too strange. And agree that the scene with Bev and her husband at the beginning was the most intense scene of the entire book. Especially listening. I was in rush hour traffic at that part and remember feeling SO tense. I’ve never reacted to an audiobook that way–was incredible.

    Definitely on for the Shine-On. You gals are just too much fun. 😉 xo

  2. Love the way the pictures tell the story. That turtle pin is really cool, as is that picture of the bird. I agree that Stan was a character that didn’t bother me, but could easily have been left out. I don’t see the point of having him except to maybe show how freaked out they all were to face IT again? Don’t know.

    I’m totally in for the shine along. Such a fun group. I’ll try to keep up next time so I can enjoy the twitter conversation too.

  3. I’m with you on loving this one. I was tempted to give it a 5 and would have it had trimmed a couple of hundred pages. The group-on was just icky.
    It’s been fun visiting Derry with you.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it-I was not brave enough to sign up for this one. I can get over thinking that there is a scary plague hiding under my bed, not sure if I could do the same for the clown!

    What a way cool bird picture!

    1. I think the bird was a gannett? I have a better photo that shows it’s true coloring and shape but this blurry one looked so wonderfully creepy.

      I really didn’t find IT as scary as I thought I would. It really was a treat.

  5. I LOVE little kid Ben and adult Ben is not so bad either. I am late in posting my ITalong, but I got sidetracked with vacations, work, etc. I am hoping to participate more actively if there is a Shine-along, it looks like it was a lot of fun 🙂

  6. So I just finished It and I just had to go back and read your post on the book. I definitely should had read it along with you all, it scared me silly!

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