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Thoughts slbysk ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, Simon & Schuster POCKET BOOKS 2009 (orig 1975), 458 pages

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Loved it! I think this might be the scariest one yet. I really do think I found this more heart-pounding . . . and suspenseful . . . and fear-inducing than most, including Pet Sematary.

I still only give it four slices of cherry pie but it has a lot of whipped cream on top.

SPOILERS AHEAD, be ye forewarned.

Since this is a readalong book and many of the participants will write up fabulous plot reviews for what happens in these pages, I will instead offer a few things that bugged me, confused me, or just interested me.

Am I right; tell me if I’m wrong, but, doesn’t it seem like Ben Mears is…  is…  is just like Larry Underwood and Dale Barbara and adult Danny Torrance? Who am I forgetting? The good guys, our heros. YEP, they have all started to blend in my brain.

Trish had a tweet that accused King of always killing off our favorites but to be honest, I must blot this out of my brain. (Maybe in The Stand? That book was just tooooo long.) HOWEVER. I was VERY sad and upset when Susan was drafted to the Barlow team.

I loved TeamMatt! Do you agree with me that this book had the slow steady chunk, chunk, click, clack of the roller coaster cart climbing up that shaky scaffolding and then .  .  .

SQUEEEEEEEE!!!   the plot pace picked up tremendously; the action, the terror, the throat-rippings were just a quick downhill scream to the finish.

Well done, Uncle Stevie. Well done.

I loved the kid. King really can write a cool kid. Thus, IT.

One thing that bugged the crap out of me was that the prologue kept referring to the tall man and “the kid that was not his son”. Now, it took me too long (cuz my brain just doesn’t think in a ‘I’m a-gonna figure this out’ kind of way) to realize that the two people at the beginning were Ben Mears and Mark. I couldn’t recall anywhere in the main story where they described Ben as tall. Oh well, no biggie.

And at the end, when I went back to the beginning and reread what the Mexican priest asked Ben about “what you have done in this New Jerusalem.” What THEY have DONE!? Does he mean “RUNNING AWAY”? or what exactly? Goodness, can you blame ’em?!

Did anyone else reread that initial article about the oddness of the deserted town to find Ben’s name since it was said that he was mentioned? I couldn’t find it.

What do you think happened to Susan’s dad? I still can’t believe the news media didn’t do more work to create more of a story; to have the Priest disappear and the town die and no one talked? Huh. Just sayin’.

Maybe I should write a fanfic of what happened to Father Callahan. Give me something to do for NaNoWriMo…

I can see why this would make a good re-read book. By the time you get all the characters straight, it’s over. I kept confusing Matt and Mark.

Anywho, it was fun, great time everyone! thanks for participating and thanks to Melissa for doing the organizing (and the teeth!) and Trish for the button!

IMG_3305 SL button fascinator Happy Halloween!

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How About a PIE Post? #iLovePie #SalemAlong


Random Thoughts and Upcoming Events. And PIE.

I made a Figgy Pudding Pie yesterday.

IMG_3164 IMG_3166 It’s a custard over fresh figs that I broiled with evoo, honey and sea salt. The crust turned out great and this is good for me to know because I didn’t follow my typical process of chopping up the butter and freezing it, while also chilling the bowl, the cutter, the flour, etc. I just mixed it, kept it QUICK, and wa la!

It tastes AWESOME. I intend to make this pie every season when I see figs in the grocery store. And then! I am going to see how it turns out with dried figs since those are usually available most anytime. YUM.

I am reading Fog Island Mountains by Michelle Bailat-Jones and it is VERY good. Very unique for me. Lots of mood and atmosphere. Lots of linky connections are sparking lately, too, that I hope I can remember when I get around to posting reviews. These are when you encounter something that reminds you of the last one or two books you’ve read or are reading. Like seeing KANSAS mentioned in Inside the O’Briens after just finishing Wicked where WICHITA popped up. I’m still trying to get to The Life-Changing Magic book but it just doesn’t want to be opened for some reason. I keep moving it from room to room and yet every time I reach for my fiction read instead.

Back to the idea of book-connections; early in FIM, the narrator rescues a hawk!

Speaking of hawks and rescues, I am listening to H is for Hawk and it is a TREMENDOUS experience! Add this to your tbl (to be listened), especially if you enjoy author narrations. Macdonald is excellent. H is for Hawk reminds me that I want to read HHhH. A very different book, I imagine. All about the Hs. Today’s H words are HARMONY, HOPE, HEART, HEALTH, HAPPY, and HA HA! I’m affirming my affirmations each day but going through the alphabet for other positive words to share. Trying to keep that positive self-talk front and center.

October is just around the corner so hurry up and get your edition of Salem’s Lot by Stephen King! We’ll be all a-twittering with #SalemAlong!  Check out Avid Reader’s post on Oct 1 for all the authentic important information. I have requested the print book from the library. Am debating the audiobook – I might use my October Audible credit. I’ve spied it in paperback size at the bookstore for ~$8. Decisions!

Also upcoming in October is #Diversiverse! divers15

I am going to read Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. I also have Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Pattilo Beals ready. This book is memoir about the integration of Little Rock High School in 1957.

Somebody mentioned that it seems like I’m reading a lot lately but really, I’m only finally getting around to posting reviews of August reads. I think. I don’t think I’m reading more than usual. Of course, I am procrastinating a project or two and for some reason, this always spurs the blogging motivations!

I’ve already read my four books for RIP X and still have the readalong to look forward to!

Finally, I have a blogger meetup tonight and I am very excited. Yes, I’m going to share pie.

Happy FALL.


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A Verse in Rhyme No Meter (Attempt) – Kickoff to #MiseryRAL

Misery in June (the merry month of June)

A group of readers do embark

Upon a readalong this June.

A miserable month to read a book

It’s the merry month of June.

A hoot it will be (thanks Ti!)

Just wait and see ♦

We’ll tweet & scream; No woo woo to be seen

This misery-able month of June.


We’ll do our Uncle Stevie proud,

and tweet out loud our mirth;

Though fears of misery and pain expected,

our duty to read unshirked.

The merry month of June and misery abounds

Authors trapped by crazy fans;

   Drinks are spilled, the sledgehammer* sounds.

A poet I’m not

I beg forgiveness for this rot;

I blame it all on Dot. (Parker, Dorothy)

“I cannot stand this frantic misery!” I quote** her

and sadly thus I end this now – Nothing rhymes with Dorothy.


Please twitter-search #MiseryRAL and add this hashtag to your concerns and questions and sharings and odd thoughts. THAT is the only rule. No sign up, just a virtual hand-waving saying, “I’m in!!”  The book is short; don’t read too fast and spoil the fun!!  Put the book in the freezer if you must; let us know why and when. More things a-comin’. Do comment if you want emails and if you like snail-mail, email me (or DM via Twitter) your address – no matter where in the world you might live.


CHALLENGE:  if you want…  write your own damn poem.

Challenge the Second: Anyone want to make a button? My computer is dying and I cant’ seem to figure out which application is best to create one… thx

* a clue…

** from Dorothy’s short story SENTIMENT. I found another reference to the word MISERY in her awesome short story BIG BLONDE, page 303: “Misery crushed her as if she were between two great stones.”

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Misery Readalong Save-the-Date #MiseryRAL

Hello Readalong-Kingalong-ers!

I hereby announce another Stephen King Readalong, this time it is MISERY, in the merry month of June.


Because, in supporting the search for the scariest book of King’s repertoire, I recall that the bits in IT that scared me the most were Bev’s real life hell. So it is with this in mind that I decide that Misery, with its setting of ‘real life’ and no woo-woo heebie-jeebie supernatural elements – I’m supposing here – I suspect that Misery will be the one that scares me the most.

Truthfully, I am not into the search as much as Jill. I really am not sure why I selected this book but I’m keeping whatever promise it was that I would read Misery in June and I now invite you all to join me.

Informal, using Twitter hashtag #MiseryRAL, a June beginning post with comment sign-up and a June ending post with review/summation. Sound reasonable?


I have not seen the movie but I do know which actors play the parts of author and fan.

I hope to listen to the audiobook myself. Mowing the lawn and listening to King are a true pleasure and are to be connected. It is lawn-mowing season where I am and so I need a King audiobook…


However, I did recently purchase the hardcover at a library book sale a few weeks ago and this author photo on the back just MIGHT BE the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on a King book: IMG_1430

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ReadAlong for Pet Sematary

Announcing that Jill over at Somewhere In a Book blog has officially announced the start of the Pet Sematary ReadAlong!

bigeyedcat #gangstercats

Also, there’s King’s March announced by Fourth Street Reviews and hosted by same and Wensend: Kings-March1-e1395509004726  #kingsmarch

Both of the buttons will take you to the respective blog posts.

OandPS Oscar is thrilled. So am I!

 Also! Be sure to tell me if you run into a pie references!  Thanks.

My List of King

Jill has told me to do this.

Allow me to present the books I have read by Stephen King; in order of how much I enjoyed the experience. Because King books for me are not just ‘books-read’ but ‘experiences-experienced’.

This ranking does not imply that the bottom of the list is bad or not good, just that the ones ranked higher were slightly more fun.

Five slices of pie
1. IT. Readalong, audiobook by Steven Weber. Sept 2012

2. 11/22/63 – only the fourth book by King and after many years’ lapse.  May 2012

3. Doctor Sleep – so much better than The Shining! when does a sequel ever do that? Readalong, audio Dec 2013

4. On Writing – I so enjoy nonfiction. Jan 2007

Four slices
5. Mr. Mercedes – really such fun characters to cheer for. Readalong June 2014

6. Lisey’s Story – inspired by On Writing to try his fiction (I was a snob and was scared)  June 2007

7. Carriebecause. Appreciate more after reading On Writing. Early 80s?! (High School, I think)

7.5 Pet Sematary – March 2015 Readalong

8. The Stand – first Readalong?? June 2012

Three slices
9. Under the Dome – Readalong (my post has lots of pie references) June 2013

10. The Shining – Readalong Feb 2013

11. Bag of Bones – Readalong (only pie reference noted “easy as pie”, really?!) Dec 2014


Shall we go ahead and set a June Readalong for Misery?  Who’s in?!

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Mr. Mercedes



Gotta get this written before Ti (BookChatter) writes her review!!!!!

RATING: Four slices of pie. MEAT PIE. (See Chapter 28: Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza PIE.)

There is something about Stephen King books on audio that make me want to do absolutely nothing but listen and get to the end.

What is great about listening to a Stephen King book is that I can actually drive and vacuum and mow the lawn while listening.

This was 14.3 hours of good-cop-chases-bad-guy.

Oh, but that is TOO simple, right? The good cop isn’t really a cop; he’s retired. And old and fat and feeling worthless.

Of course, the bad guy is smart and psychotic and FITs THE FREAKIN’ PROFILE!!!  Which of course means we don’t consider him at all, until…

Until we do.

I kept looking for the “REPEATED PHRASE’ but I didn’t come up with it.

I did LOVE the song lyrics. Reminded me of The Stand.  (which at the moment are not available when you search Google! that should change soon.)

I wanted to shout about this to someone/anyone while reading but powered through and now I don’t recall what it was and would likely spoil the story if I did.

I considered creating a SPOILER page here but didn’t get to it. Oh well.  Shall I anyway and you all can add the WTF moments and we can chat??

NOT a SPOILER:   No freaky fantasy non-world not-real things in this one. Basic crime fighting. Although, I did jump when the words ‘psychic vibe’ came up but it was a quick tease only.

I tweeted a few phrases at Ti while reading…  “Slide the Schlage into the slot” and “His greatest fear is that nothing will change.”

I loved the characters. I enjoyed Will Patton’s narration. IT still remains tops in my heart.

How’s that? Did I spoil it?

It’s a King book. You already know if you will read it or not. The only real question is WHEN?

Published by Simon & Schuster Audio in 2014, first of a trilogy or three books with same characters, 14 hours and 22 minutes

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Under the Dome

Thoughts Under the Dome by Stephen King, Gallery Books (orig 2009), 875 pages, eBook

AudioBook  aUtDbySKnbyRE narrated by Raul Esparanza, Simon & Schuster Audio 2009, ~34.5 hours

For the #DomeAlong Readalong hosted by Natalie at Coffee and BookChick Blog.

As typical of King stories, especially the really long ones that I seem to listen to, this one has lots of characters. Lots of good guys and plenty of bad guys. You love and cheer for the good ones and loath the bad.

Of course everyone in town called him Junior, he thought of himself as Junior, but he hadn’t realized how much he hated it, how much he hoped-to-die-in-a-maggot-pie hated it until he heard it come bolting out from between the spooky tombstone teeth of the bitch who had caused him so much trouble.

I was totally sucked in. To the point that I blew everything off – all chores, all duties, EVERYTHING. I listened every second I could and then some. Which is how I somehow finished this in 4 days. I mean, sure, I listened at 1.5 speed, BUT STILL!  I was consumed.

And yet I didn’t love it. I just had to know what happened next!

What happened? What just happened? Nora? Nora-pie? Where are you, dear?
Then she saw her friend and uttered a scream of grief and horror.

Interestingly (maybe?) enough, I might have read more than listened. But of course, the listening part is what made me ZOOM through it. If I couldn’t sit still with the iPad/Kindle, then I had the buds in my ear and sometimes listened along as I read – but I usually read too fast for that to work. I can’t say the narrator was bad but I can’t say it added to the experience.

Rating: Three slices of apple pie. Better than The Shining; not as good as IT.

“I want to get high as apple pie in a red dirt sky,” Mel said, and then laughed: Nyuck-nyuck-nyuck.

Or maybe Whoopie Pies?

“She went to get Woops.”
“He means Whoopie Pies,” Alice said. “But she went to get other stuff, too. Because Mr. Killian didn’t caretake the cabin like he was supposed to.

Certainly not mockingbird pie…

“Jesus wants me to have more dope,” she said in that same dreamy voice. “I want to get as high as a mockinbird pie.”
“I believe that’s ‘elephant’s eye,’ but I’ll take it under consideration.”

All pie references are in honor of a terrific blogging friend who sends me postcards of all her found pie references…


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Under the Dome #DomeAlong

The idea of writing a “howdy” post to inspire me right into review-writing has not been as successful as I had hoped. I fear that review-writing is one of those things that once on the treadmill thereof, reviews come easy. Cold starts into review-writing, not so come easy.

But I DO want to post so here’s what I got for today:


I have had my arm twisted to join with one of the most fun readalong-gangs on Twitter to read Stephen King’s Under the Dome.

____——-____—–>  Read about it HERE. <—–____—–____

I was tempted by 1) the TV show series of Under the Dome starting next month, and 2) the last time I mowed the lawn, I had audio-echos of The Stand and that clown book which title is escaping me – that’s scary, huh? – invading my brain. That’s scary, too. The memory loss and the audio-echos, yes? YES.

Truly, I mowed the lawn last year to Uncle Stevie books. And I miss it. Or… I really don’t want to explore what exactly this means, but that I am unable to resist the call to listen to more over-30-hour-horror-books by the master.

In other news, I am enjoying The Burgess Boys which I will be able to give to my Auntie who lives in Maine when I see her soon in Florida. Love that my family is from ALL OVER THIS CRAZY NATION. I get to see my mother, too. Which will be very nice. (hi MOM!) I will be reading The Mermaid of Brooklyn on my iPad Kindle app for club next week. (A friend says I won’t like it which is oddly encouraging me to give it a fair shake and I am now truly looking forward to this.) I think I will slug along my copy of Kitchen Confidential and get it done, too.

Thanks NATALIE for hosting the #DomeAlong!  Sorry I’ve been so grumpily enthusiastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to why review-writing is tough after a break…  Because you’ve (I’ve) had time letting it marinate and thinking I could do this awesome post with quotes and back-story, vocabulary, etc and then some and when I sit down to let fingers dance on keyboard, I hyperventilate about time and the other tasks I *should* be doing like cleaning bathrooms or organizing my closet. Shame on me for letting house duties interfere with blogging fun.

Kick me if you don’t see a review soon for one of these:  Called to Coach, Tropic of Cancer, Life After Life.

No go sign up for the Under the Dome readalong. Go!

Needs must.


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The Shining

Thoughts tsbyskbc The Shining by Stephen King, Audio & First Anchor Books Mass Market Edition July 2012 (orig 1977), 15 hrs 49 min – 659 pages

For the February #ShineOn Readalong hosted by Softdrink at Fizzythoughts.com shineonbutton


FAVORITE POEM: “The night is dark / the stars are high / a disembodied custard pie / is floating in the sky . . . p.?

FAVORITE TOPIARY:  The bunny rabbit.  IMG_1030 (snow covered Topiary Garden in Lakeville MA)

LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER CONNECTION: I couldn’t get the actress from the movie out of my head until it said in the book she was blonde. That helped me knock image out of the visual.

Shelly Duvall
Shelly Duvall

INTERESTING WEATHER CONNECTION: Thankfully, I had finished this before Winter Storm Nemo hit but the heavy snow and high windy conditions sure reminded me of Hallorann’s drive up to the Overlook Hotel. (That’s not a spoiler, is it?)


OK, I’m now ready to watch the movie in its entirety. Has anyone seen the 1997 version with Rebecca DeMornay and… our awesome STEVEN WEBER?!?!  TheSWshine

RATING:  Three slices of Custard Pie.


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