Mr. Mercedes



Gotta get this written before Ti (BookChatter) writes her review!!!!!

RATING: Four slices of pie. MEAT PIE. (See Chapter 28: Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza PIE.)

There is something about Stephen King books on audio that make me want to do absolutely nothing but listen and get to the end.

What is great about listening to a Stephen King book is that I can actually drive and vacuum and mow the lawn while listening.

This was 14.3 hours of good-cop-chases-bad-guy.

Oh, but that is TOO simple, right? The good cop isn’t really a cop; he’s retired. And old and fat and feeling worthless.

Of course, the bad guy is smart and psychotic and FITs THE FREAKIN’ PROFILE!!!  Which of course means we don’t consider him at all, until…

Until we do.

I kept looking for the “REPEATED PHRASE’ but I didn’t come up with it.

I did LOVE the song lyrics. Reminded me of The Stand.  (which at the moment are not available when you search Google! that should change soon.)

I wanted to shout about this to someone/anyone while reading but powered through and now I don’t recall what it was and would likely spoil the story if I did.

I considered creating a SPOILER page here but didn’t get to it. Oh well.  Shall I anyway and you all can add the WTF moments and we can chat??

NOT a SPOILER:   No freaky fantasy non-world not-real things in this one. Basic crime fighting. Although, I did jump when the words ‘psychic vibe’ came up but it was a quick tease only.

I tweeted a few phrases at Ti while reading…  “Slide the Schlage into the slot” and “His greatest fear is that nothing will change.”

I loved the characters. I enjoyed Will Patton’s narration. IT still remains tops in my heart.

How’s that? Did I spoil it?

It’s a King book. You already know if you will read it or not. The only real question is WHEN?

Published by Simon & Schuster Audio in 2014, first of a trilogy or three books with same characters, 14 hours and 22 minutes

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10 thoughts on “Mr. Mercedes

  1. I love this line: “Gotta get this written before Ti (BookChatter) writes her review!!!!!” Yes, and don’t forget Sandy. But I can’t imagine those two won’t be singing the praises of their Uncle Stevie! :–)

  2. We are IN TUNE today! sj and I posted our Mr. Mercedes discussion on Insatiable Booksluts today–we loved it, too!

    I love Jerome and Holly. They are my favorite characters.

  3. You beat me!! I was just starting to write it out. There were repeated words like Det. Ret. and all that Chos for hos. Nothing as sinister as “they all float down here” but there was stuff in there.

    I sent you an email to discuss it further because I don’t want to give any of it away but I am glad there will be more books with some of these characters.

    Curious, what would have made it a 5 slice pie read for you?

    1. And the song lyrics! I think SK wishes he could have been in a boy band.

      I couldn’t give it a 5 slicer because… I just didn’t think it was over-the-top super-dooper great, I guess. 🙂

  4. I wrote you about this last night, still need to pop the card in the mail. I think my letter is remarkably similar to your post. 😀 Except I thought you had id’ed the repeated phrase on instagram, but I just checked and that wasn’t it. I thought there was something about standing alone or no one stands alone, but can’t remember. He did use the “Do you want to chat with KermitFrog Y/N” thing a bit, but that shouldn’t really count. And totally with you on the “physic vibe” line…I was all “FINALLY!”…for about 5 seconds.

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