Weekly Geeks 17 & 18

Weekly Geeks 2009-17:   Bookmarks

I use what ever scrap I can find to mark the page I was last on but I really do love the free ones from the library.    I also snagged a few from the reading promotion* at the middle school.   I now have one that features the Red Sox’ Jason Varitek and Wally and another one from the —   wait a minute!   It’s not in the book I was reading.    Where did I put it?   Nope, not at the bottom of the bag…   oh well.

This is why I don’t use fancy bookmarks.

Weekly Geeks 2009-18:  Hometown

I am too lazy, busy, scattered, distracted to get myself to the local library or the Hallmark store that has a shelf of books for sale – I bet someone would be able to tell me if we have any local authors!     I actually, I should know one but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for when I google.    So…    I have no one to suggest as a local author from my town!

However, I can tell you about an author that hails from Southeast Massachusetts, specifically South Shore:   Claire  Cook who wrote Must Love Dogs – which I’ve read (I liked it), a few others  that seem to be of the great-beach-reads category and has a new one out called The Wildwater Walking Club.     She lives a few towns over but I have yet to attend any of her events – I want to!   I just haven’t….   I’m on her email list and she always has fun promotions and contests for her new releases.

* For more information on the Red Sox Summer Reading Game and a chance to win free tickets, visit readingmatters.org.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks 17 & 18

  1. “wait a minute! It’s not in the book I was reading. Where did I put it? Nope, not at the bottom of the bag… oh well.
    This is why I don’t use fancy bookmarks.”

    Oh, I liked this LOL

  2. Same here. I don’t use a lot of fancy bookmarks too. but I need boomarks. Any kind would do, especially the frew ones from the bookstore.

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