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Thoughts on Bloggiesta

I very much enjoyed participating in this year’s Bloggiesta.     The resources and ideas and subsequent HOW TOs are fantastic and even if you don’t think you want to improve or upgrade your blog, I recommend you look over the suggestions.   You might find something that makes sense or you just never thought of before.     Especially with technology changing all the time, it’s good to keep up – – I’m still trying to figure out stuff and I’ve been in this game for about 3 years.  But for a newbie – wow!  What fun and how awesome is it that Natasha kicked off her idea to party one weekend while doing blog clean up work and built it up to this!      What a great idea and how wonderful that it has been embraced by so many.    WELL DONE.

I always hesitate to commit to these weekend activities since weekends are the times to ‘play’ and do fun things with the family.   My blog is my time for when the husband isn’t around.      SO I wasn’t expecting much for my productivity this Bloggiesta since I knew we would be going to the Providence Boat Show and watching a ton of football.     We had friends over to watch all this football – every game and then some so I didn’t sit in front of my blog (or hide with a book, either) all weekend!

In the end, however, after brainstorming a huge ambitious list of things I might want to do, I did a lot more than I expected.    I failed to track hours spent but I’m guestimating it was between 8 and 10 hours after all is said or done.    That included a lot of Tweeting which was very much related since I listed it as a goal.

I kept finding and adding things to my list – I think I probably doubled it!    and found a few unexpected benefits:   a new blogging buddy who will be my informal go-to “Hey Whaddya think abt…?” person (that would be theKoolaidMom at In the Shadow of Mt. TBR) and just more motivation and enthusiasm for everything I do here at Care’s Online Book Club.    The high priorities that just didn’t even get looked at yet are being approached with more good feelings than as chores I was dreading.

The original post has my new expanded list of tasks yet to do and the ones I’ve crossed off…   –-> CLICK HERE <-

So thank you, Dear Readers, for stopping by and cheering me on and leaving me wonderful comments.   I’ll be visiting you.

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