Care for Bloggiesta

My name is Care and I’m all for BLOGGIESTA! I guess I didn’t officially sign up for Bloggiesta – not that I won’t yet [updated to add:  I did…]- but I didn’t know our plans for this weekend.   So, today I’m finally getting around to thinking about it and setting some goals.

1.    I intend to clear out my Google Reader and comment as much as possible at all my old and new favorite blogs.   GR never stays ‘cleared out’ for long!!

2.   I intend to find out more about Google Reader TRENDS and see what that’s all about.  THX Florinda!   and see her comment to this post – she has the how to…

3.   I intend on drafting thoughts on Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

4.   … Giving a glance to my categories to see if I should clean them up.   ?   maybe.  Thanks Beth!   not now, I’ll do this another time.

5.  … Visit an idea I had for creating a challenge – public or private – to create a list of great books that feature elderly, mature, what-ever-is-PC-these-days-to-call-people-of-a-certain-age character and/or protagonists and/or themes.    Water for Elephants is one example.   This was a mini-challenge in the last Read-A-Thon and that’s the last I’ve thought about it.

6. … Read more reviews posted at the Women Unbound Challenge.

7.  … Twitter #bloggiesta encouragement.

8. …  Play with going to a three column look here. But I like my clean simple non-cluttered look, do you?  DECIDED AGAINST>

9. …  Clean up and write about CHALLENGES!!!!!!

10. …  Check all links in my blogroll?    Yep, that might be a good idea…

11. …  Look fondly at my in-house tbr pile(s) of books that are somewhat also willy-nilly scattered in the guest bedroom.   Shall I take some photos?  NOPE.

12. …  Read and respond to any and all comments to this post and on any other post I’ve ever written here.

13. …  Rewrite my Who?  What?   Bio page.    Did you know that on January 5th of this year, I had the most ever visits?   and yet the page of my  Who?What? got ZERO hits?   Just how could that be?    Must be an error…

14. …  Keep adding to this list?!

15. …  Wonder what I’m missing – surely, I’ve missed something.

16. …  Question whether or not I need to do an alphabetical listing of my reviews.   SEE NEW PAGE – I’ve got only 2009 but it was a faster task than I expected…   Might be nightmare to keep up with, tho.   Does anyone really care when you have a SEARCH?   to me, a Search is MOST important.

17. …  Try to figure out where my pie favicon went to when all the steps say I should have one.   Huh…   I’ve deleted and added a new one.  WHERE IS IT?! It’s BACK!!  🙂

18.  … Grade my blog!?!?   the crazy site says I earn a 75.   Because I don’t have tags on every post and no indexed pages?!   Hoooey.    I really don’t care.

19.  … Order book blogger cards from Moo.   Thanks  Nat!

20. …  Write a hand-written thank you note on paper to be mailed snail-mail to my Holiday Swap Secret Santa.  THANKS!!!

21.   …  Investigate the copyright in footer stuff…    Here’s what I found:

22.  …   Find a blogging buddy?    Why not?  😛

23. …

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38 thoughts on “Care for Bloggiesta

  1. I’m working through my links right now 🙂 Yours works 😉

    You’ve got a lot of great ideas, and I may have to steal some from you 😀

    I have three columns, sort of. I have 2 side bars, which I do use fully, but I’ve been getting tired of the whole look, so I may see if there are any good templates out there. Most of them, though, I don’t like, so it’ll probably not change.

  2. I thought I was going to use Bloggiesta to move to 3-column but I’m wondering, too, if that will be more cluttered looking. So I’m pondering tabs. Guess I’ll try whatever my resident computer expert can figure out for me!

  3. Good luck! I keep adding to my list too. I really like my 3-column format, but I’ve been waffling on tabs for about six months now. Maybe now is the time to just bite the bullet. Have fun getting everything done!

  4. This looks great! Sounds like you have a lot on your (pi) plate this weekend! Ha, I crack myself up! At any rate, being fairly new to the blogging world I am excited to see how this all pans out for you so I will be watching and maybe participating next time. Good luck!

  5. #5 is a great idea! FYI, in Britain it is called “Romance for Wrinklies”, “HRT-Lit”, even “Hag-Lit.” I happen to be reading one this very moment (and loving it) so I’ll be joining for sure, hoping I can grandfather it in! (ha ha – double entendre)

  6. Looks like you are on a roll! Keep up the good work! I may steal a few of these ideas myself. I really should check out the blog roll. And clean out my reader, goodness, yes!

    1. Checking blogroll is fun and time consuming – I keep reading multiple posts and commenting… but it should make going through GR easier later.

  7. Just reading this list exhausted me Care! If you end up wanting to do an alphabetical listing and want to know how I did it, just e-mailme. 🙂 You’ve already accomplished so much-keep it up!

  8. I am impressed with your list Care. Based on your #5 suggestion, I would recommend that you watch the movie UP it is really good! Also, if you can wait until March to start the challenge, I would be up for co-hosting with you or after March I can also help you with hosting responsibilities if you like. I think it would be great to encourage people to read books with more elderly *main characters*

  9. Did you find the Trends page for Google Reader? It’s not as obvious as it used to be. If you DID find it, just ignore this advice, but if not, type #trends-page after this part of your GReader address:

    I’ve just finished dropping a bunch of barely-active feeds. The Trends helped a good amount with that.

    Hope your Bloggiesta is going well!

  10. Amazing job Care!! I’m getting tired just looking at that ginormous list 😉 Glad you listed checking your blogroll links – that’s something I badly need to work on. Last time I changed my blog theme my blogroll accidently got lost and I really need to add it back!

    1. What with so many people going all self-hosted, I know a few links are bad. Which reminds me – many of those people need to fix their link-back link so that when I click on their comments here, I’m re-directed to the correct blog! not you. I’m thinking it is Nat of BookLine&Sinker?

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