I Missed a Spin!

UPDATED 10/24/15 to link to review of my SPIN book:  Mansfield Park

Tis truth to say that I joined the Classics Club mainly because I thought the SPIN idea to be just the coolest. But I missed the latest one and I am most heartbroken. Really, it’s not a big deal; there aren’t any “Classics Police” looking for my failure to participate, so I will just admit to being tardy and participate now.

[Check out this post from the official club website if I have only brought up more questions and you need answers. I intend to plow on as if you know what I am talking about.]


Since I missed the kick off announcement but now already know the number that was chosen (the number is FIVE), I will just use the spin list that I created on the prior spin.

THUS, the _fifth_ book on that list is __(typing this before I actually go look at my list which is linked in the prior sentence)____and I intend to read that by October 23, 2015.

WELL, isn’t THIS interesting…




The fifth book is Mansfield Park! Guess what audiobook I am 80% through already and hope to complete by the end of August?  YES!!  MANSFIELD PARK! 

Isn’t that crazy?! I swear I didn’t know before starting this post. Golly, do I amuse myself.


Perhaps I should just move on and tackle the Classics Meme for August? The question is: “Have you made changes to your list since you first created it? If you added any new titles or removed some, why did you make those changes?”

Yes, yes I have. Now, I’ve only just joined in January of this year so I wasn’t expecting to alter my list so quickly but I am very much a mood-chooser when it comes to which books I read. And with participating in readalongs as they interest me and other challenges, I unabashedly give myself permission to stray from my initial 50. This blog is mine and I do with it what I damn well please, and that includes which books and when. I am a guilt-free blogger.

I have so far NOT kicked any books OFF my list but will only see which books haven’t been read by the time I do check off 50 qualified ‘classics’ in my tracking endeavors. Guess that puts me in the category of being loosey-goosey with that FIFTY. Whatever.

Here’s what I have read that wasn’t on the initial list:

The Winter’s Tale / Shakespeare – Jan 2015 • TO SATISFY a Classics Challenge category

√ The Making of a Marchioness / FHBurnette – Apr2015 • BECAUSE I OWN IT and forgot to put it on my initial 50 (smh)

The Talented Mr. Ripley /PHighsmith June2015 • BECAUSE I got the audiobook on a deal and it sounded good at the time of purchase

Atlas Shrugged / Ayn Rand July2015 • BECAUSE Ti had a readalong, I have always been curious (and I adore long audiobooks)

Assuming I finish Mansfield Park and Things Fall Apart very soon, I will have read 12 classics this year so far. I am thrilled to be ahead of schedule!


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17 thoughts on “I Missed a Spin!

  1. lol it was meant to be! I joined the classics club ages ago. Guess I should re-post my list and see what I’ve read from it since. Thanks for the reminder and yea you for reading those classics 🙂

    1. Oh, I enjoyed it VERY much! I think Austen is truly masterful at dialogue and characterization. I also appreciate how well she can provoke me. So many great characters lovable and NOT. I did think it wrapped up rather quickly, but I’m OK with it.

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