No One Is Talking About This

Thoughts by Patricia Lockwood, Riverhead Books 2021, 210 pages

Challenge: TOB Summer Camp 2021

Genre/Theme: Internet-novel / family

Type/Source: Hardcover / Riff Raff Books PVD – Indie Bookstore Day purchase

The TOB Summer Camp started today.

What It’s About: It’s been called genre-defying. It’s been forewarned as a book that must be read in totality, recognizing Part One and Part Two are unique to themselves but support each other to complete the book. Its author has been called a genius. She does have a way with words and a fascinating perspective.

This two-part book is first a collection of snippets and deep thoughts relating to our culture’s obsession with the internet. Or the world that exists in “the portal”. Some flashes of keen insight. Some off the wall observations of weird stuff. Can a dog be twins? Why did that take off? Thus, what this is.

I had heard that the second part “makes” the book. I was willing to keep going.

Thoughts: I am not sure the second part was really all that different – not in style but certainly more poignant and sad in a personal way to the author and her family. Love was in full evidence.

“Surely there must be exceptions,” her father ventured, the man who had spent his entire existence crusading against the exception.

He did not want to live in the world he had made,…

Rating: Three slices of pie. Lockwood drops in a pie chart.

…, you would see a little pie chart that told you how much of your life had been spent in the shower arguing with people you had never met.



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7 thoughts on “No One Is Talking About This

  1. I may have liked this better than you, but I think partly because it’s one of the first books I’ve read that I felt really captured the experience of being extremely online. The second half gave the book emotional weight, although I did do a mistake by reading it at a time when my little niece was the same exact age as her little niece.

    1. Congratulations on being an Auntie again.. I did love Priestdaddy and her latest poetry collection. And I’m not saying this isn’t great and profound, it just didn’t hit me in that WOW category? I can respect that others find that.

      I read one review that was also a wild swing of reactions to this, mentioned the second half being shimmering stardust. I like that.

  2. Sounds pretty interesting but not sure it’s a good time for me. Actually, 2021 is probably not a good time for me to read this. I am been loving and hating the Internet lately. Too many ups and downs. I think I have been home for too long although the thought of going back to work makes me physically ill.

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