Beauty Queens (AudioBook)

Thoughts  Beauty Queens by Libba Bray, Scholastic 2011, 12 discs or 14.5 hours (per Audible)

Whaddya think? Should I add the (AudioBook) words to the title of the post? Helpful? Are you ambivalent? Just curious…  

WHY I read this? Because Laurie’s review turned me from NO-WAY-NOT-MY-KIND-OF-BOOK doubt into GOTTA-READ-NOW!!! fervor. And since she works at one of my local libraries and I would have the chance to stop and say hi to her, I checked out the CDs. Also, I needed something fun after all the horror I’ve read lately.

WHAT’s it about? A plane full of teen Beauty Queens crashes onto a tropical island and they must learn how to survive. But don’t worry, the island isn’t without distractions and diversions. This book attacks everything wrong with modern society and throws in lots of elements to make sure the book is never boring.  We meet pirates and TV celebrities, get commercial breaks, run wild in the jungle and fight evil corporations.

What’s GREAT? The author is the narrator. She nails it. I was forever impressed with her ability to do every different voice and even if we get every stereotypical accent, it is over the top funny and enjoyable. Of course, this is my opinion? But I really enjoyed listening to this one and thought the whole thing great fun.

FINAL thoughts? A perfect way to cleanse my brain after American Psycho.

RATING:  Four slices of coconut pie. With gummy bears sprinkled on the whip cream. 

Don’t forget to weigh in on whether or not I should include the tag AUDIOBOOK in my post title! and if I should say REGULARBOOK in the other post titles?  


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20 thoughts on “Beauty Queens (AudioBook)

  1. I’ve pondered that about audiobooks as well. Let us know if you come up with something definitive!

    This: Four slices of coconut pie. With gummy bears sprinkled on the whip cream. I need this. I have about 75 pages left in Red Dragon and now my work book club has picked Fight Club for our November book. I just want something light and fluffy!!!! But I’ve decided I’m 75% sure I’m NOT going to read American Psycho.

    1. I suggest you make that decision to be 100% sure you won’t read AP and then don’t waste anymore time thinking about it. I’m sure Fizzy won’t mind…

  2. Ooh, is there satire? I don’t need the word audiobook in the title (or regularbook, hah!) but I do like to know about it in the course of what you say, because we do hear books differently from the way we read them, at least sometimes.

  3. Okay, now you added this to my GOTTA-READ-NOW list! I’ve been meaning to read something by her for ages…Annie keeps trying to get me to read The Great and Terrible Beauty books. But I think I want to read this one instead! Or at least first.

    As for the audio/regularbook thing, not necessary for me. But it doesn’t bother me either. Some help I am, huh?

  4. I’d imagine your brain would need a good cleansing after American Psycho. I seeing Libba Bray’s name around, but hadn’t really gotten around to seeing what she’s written. I’ll have to check this out. After all of this month’s creepy RIP reads, I’ll need something that will make me laugh.

  5. Glad you liked Beauty Queens so much! (Did you listen to the author interview at the end? Very interesting!) My next recommendation for next time you need a funny YA is Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison, narrated by Stina Nelson.
    I put “audio” in my heading for audiobook reviews, but I don’t feel that it’s my way or the highway on this issue! I do look for specifically audiobook reviews pretty often, so I guess that’s why I started doing it.

    1. Thanks for the YA rec! and I may or may not add the AudioBook tag to my next post title. I know, important stuff I deal with, huh?

      I am sending your blog link to a friend who wants to go to Boston Book Fest so she can see what books you like and you can ‘meet’. 🙂

  6. Huh. This is not exactly what I thought this book was about. I didn’t read most of the reviews very closely because I have written off Libba Bray a little bit. I’m cross with her about something that happened in her Victorian magic series. We’re in a fight about that maybe forever, but I am now curious about this Lord of the Flies with beauty queens book.

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