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Hood Feminism

Thoughts by Mikki Kendall, Viking 2020, 267 pages

Challenge: Self-education and Professional

Genre/Theme: Nonfiction / Feminism

Type/Source: eBook and hard cover, both library

Recommended by: [Cover links to gr; this link goes to my review.]

What It’s About: subtitled: Notes From the Women That a Movement Forgot

“There’s nothing feminist about having so many resources at your fingertips and choosing to be ignorant. Nothing empowering or enlightening in deciding that intent trumps impact. Especially when the consequences aren’t going to be experienced by you, but will instead be experienced by someone from a marginalized community.”

– Mikki Kendall

Thoughts: I am not well-read on the foundational readings of feminism. That said, I believe in equal rights equal pay equal respect. I know little of the history of the movement. I choose to not be ignorant. (I am weak and working on the impact over intent consideration. And if you have heard me at my most admonishmenting: I am working on me, to be better.)

What I do have is some experience with less-than-mediocre white men getting ahead and I’ve seen exceptionally bright and capable black women be disregarded. Me, myself, I have privilege; I just want a simple life that is quiet and safe and allows me to read my books and watch my movies and plant my plants and walk my dog. Love and hug the family on holidays and then leave me alone. However and sadly, I have sat back confused and even be frightfully agog with ‘what just happened?’ when personally witnessing or listening to what I consider WRONG THINKING. I’m saddened by this. I’ve experienced blatant misogyny and harassment and survive with mostly confusion, if not lost opportunity and advancement. Perhaps, maybe, I do not want opportunity and advancement, that is likely my own issues to deal with. I get it but I also don’t. But yea, I feel like I’m settling. I’m settling with safety and security in my little bubble.

I also know white privileged women who are far away from understanding and respecting the Notes as explained here by Ms. Kendall. I have had women tell me that it disgusts them to drive by poor houses on the highway like it was a personal insult to them. I’ve seen those posts on FB that express horror, anger, and indignation at what the “libtards are doing to take away their freedoms”. And I don’t confront it – the “it” conflicting image or how or what — that the United States is supposed to be for ALL; that systematically, marginalized people are exploited and stepped on. I don’t have the power inside to formulate the words and argument required to withstand whatever the backlash might be. The backlash of outrage “I’m not racist?!” Oh, but yes, you are – you/we are supporting a racist system.” I am not strong, I’ve never been able. I also fear a fight would not be a process that would get to a successful outcome that would align with the ideas and ideals needed to respect Ms. Kendall’s truth. But I should try.

“No one needs a savior to ride in, take over, and decide for them what would be the best approach to solve a problem. No one has time to play emotional caretaker for allies who would be accomplices, in general, if you have come to these spaces looking to take things away for your benefit instead of looking to contribute, than you’re already doing it wrong.”

I want to contribute.

I want to contribute.

This book has me signing up for the League of Women Voters. It’s my start. And I’ll be buying this book. To share.

Rating: Five slices of pie.

” …the time a guy tried to rob my mother at an ATM and pointed a gun at me to make her comply is as American and mundane as apple pie..”

Do better. Be better.


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My Year of Rest and Relaxation

Thoughts by Ottessa Moshfegh, Penguin Press 2018, 289 pages

Challenge: n/a

Genre/Theme: Contemporary Lit

Type/Source: Hard cover, Library

What It’s About: A 20-something female devastated by both her grief and the lack of emotional response to the death of her parents tries to sleep her way back to a sense of self. She finds the best and worst of psychiatrists whacky enough to prescribe her any assortment of drug cocktails to allow withdrawal from her life. She has one friend she treats miserably, an ex-boyfriend who she allows to treat her miserably, and a miserable job at an art gallery. She loses that job by taking too many sleep breaks in the broom closet. This job does introduce her to some interesting people, one of which sparks her to the one idea: an art project that just might restore her to the fresh start she seeks.

“Like dropping a pie on the floor as soon as you pull it out of the oven.”

Thoughts: I am glad to have read this. One of those books that you are glad to say ‘yep, I read that’ maybe more than the enjoyment of actually reading of it. The character’s decisions sure made my heart race – like watching someone stand on the edge of a cliff, or on the railing of a high bridge, then doing a pirouette.

Thoughts: Moshfegh is a talented writer. VERY talented.

Rating: Four slices of pie.

“I tried to picture Anthony Michael Hall making an appearance, maybe as the neighbor’s kid coming to pay his condolences with a pie or a casserole.”


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Did That Just Happen?!

Thoughts Beyond “Diversity” – Creating Sustainable and Inclusive Organizations by Dr. Stephanie Pinder-Amaker and Dr. Lauren Wadsworth, Beacon Press 2021, 203 pages

Challenge: Self and Professional

Genre/Theme: Contemporary Lit

Type/Source: Hard cover, Purchased from an Indie bookstore

What It’s About: This fabulous guide explains everything DEI.

Beyond ‘microagressions’ – use the term IRA for identity-related aggressions.

Thoughts: I am a corporate learning facilitator which means I am the person who does a lot of the talking in our training workshops. I bought this to not only see if we as a company are on the right track but to see how I can nudge and shift and pay attention to what is truly needed and HOW to deliver.

I very much appreciate the walk-throughs provided in this book, the what to say and the what NOT to say and why things are problematic. This book delivers.

“I’m sorry that happened. That is NOT okay.” No need to fix anything in that moment. Just listen.

Rating: Five slices of pie.

“Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.”

Toni Morrison


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The Sparrow

Thoughts tsbymdr The Sparrow by Maria Doria Russell, Brilliance Audio 1996, 15 hrs 24 min

Narrated by David Colacci.

There are books that get recommended to you that you squint funny at the person and say,

“Really? You really think this sounds like a book I would like?”

So, you write it in down on a scrap of paper, or add to your tbr in goodreads, or just file it away mentally til that day it somehow finds its way into your hands, on your Kindle, or due to be picked up from the Library On-Hold shelf.

I am pretty sure that it was Jimmi who told me about this book. She seemed surprised I hadn’t heard of it. (Heck, I’m usually mildly surprised that I have never heard of a book when someone recommends such to me.)

It’s about a Jesuit — read “Catholic”, if you’re not Catholic. It’s probably more than that but hey, I’m not Catholic — mission to outerspace. Outer Space?

OK. Still with me?

I actually like science fiction books but I am not drawn to the genre. I might be if it is funny or hailed as super dooper classic that goes beyond genre. Or? I’m not sure. I mean, I haven’t even been able to read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy yet which means I can’t yet be considered a SciFi fan even if I can claim to have read Neuromancer and Snow Crash. (I’ve read A Wrinkle in Time and Ready Player One, too. Woo hoo!)

So this very interesting amazing group of people somehow get to meet and become friends and then be in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME and things fall right in line for them all to take a 17 year (earth years) trip to a planet that has been found to have SINGING. (see: “intelligent life”)

The coincidences cannot be just coincidences; they must have been arranged by God.

What makes this book so excellent and compelling is that you read that above paragraphs and  IT. WORKS.  Sure, coincidence or God. WHO CARES?! The story, people! It’s the story telling and the character building and the WOW!!  You just have to keep reading. Or listening, in my case. The narration is excellent. My only complaint on that is I usually listen at 1.25x speed and this sounded awful when read faster than ‘normal’ and so I had to listen just like it was read. Silly, minor, extremely minor complaint.

I am now recommending this book to many people. Maybe not to Rhonda but I am recommending to Marsha. Pretty sure that Holly would love it, and probably Gail, too. MBR said she loved it. AB wouldn’t go for it but she reads a particularly spicy genre.

This book was just so GOOD. It’s about faith. Faith in yourself, love, reality, purpose, whatever. Faith.

I am giving it 4.5 slices of pie. It might show 5 stars in goodreads, I can’t decide. Most of my goodreads friends gave it 5 stars – that in itself is amazing.

You want me to tell you more? So this Jesuit mission happens to take off for a visit to the planet that has singing. The members of the mission meet a primitive culture and settle in and learn and seem to really be making progress but of course, there must be more advanced cultures otherwise, how could the singing have been broadcast so that Earth could intercept the signals?  Well, if I told you that, I would have to give the spoiler symbol.

One member of the mission party makes it back to Earth. He is given time to heal from this ordeal but eventually there must be a reckoning. He must TELL WHAT HAPPENED.

The story begins with him and then goes back and forth between how everyone meets and the trip gets approved and arranged and unfolds. The heartbreaking conclusion is the final pieces of how the mission failed.

OH!  I think it will stay with me a long time. I do love when a story is suggested, and when I’m not quite sold, but I go with it anyway and then I get swept away.

Take the risk and experience The Sparrow.  sparrow2

PS. This happens to be the first in a duo, I think. Not a trilogy, am I right? The Sparrow is quite capable of being considered a stand-alone book and not one that requires anything more. (not like The Knife of Never Letting Go. UGH.) SO then for all of you who have read the second book that MDR wrote (Children of God)… should I?

The Goodreads description of the sequel says this, “… in Children of God, Russell further establishes herself as one of the most innovative, entertaining and philosophically provocative novelists writing today.

I’m more inclinded to read Doc, actually. I do hope I have found another favorite author to explore.




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