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Colonial Times

I am enjoying Mayflower  by Nathaniel Philbrick; I’m on page 285 of 415.

I read while working out for 30 minutes on my treadmill so with my goal to get to 3 miles every day before February, I should be able to complete this book before the end of 2007!

The few thoughts that resonate with me without giving anything away…

1)   Descriptions of COLD weather feel even colder when I consider the Pilgrims did not have automobiles with heated seats to travel in.     Or L.L.Bean parkas to wear.     Or a side road restaurant to drop in on to buy a coffee!   Brrrrr.

2)  I’m amazed how FAR these Pilgrims traveled and established towns in just a few generations (and quite a few ships to bring people to the new worlds..)     Deep into Massachusetts – throughout the entire New England lands…    These folks WALKED to their destinations!   The very same routes and to/fro of towns I shop and drive to.    But I get to DRIVE.   and it still bugs me how far and how long it takes to get anywhere.     ‘Back then’, these folks WALKED!

3)  It’s interesting to find out that Plymouth was soon considered out-of-the-way and called a ‘backwater town’ in just over one generation.    Boston had the better harbor and become much more a vital commerce center that Plymouth lost popularity.   THUS, the road between Taunton and Plymouth didn’t even become a ‘nice’ (in today’s standards) highway until 2006!!   That is when Rte 44 became a full 4 line  (2 lanes of traffic in both directions) between Middleboro and Plymouth just last year.      You would think it would have been a heavily trafficked route just in TIME and thus developed as a major byway…  but I guess not economic necessity…     Fascinating!

The book is really about the relationships between the English and the Native Indians.   I’m learning a lot and enjoy thinking that I live in the very midst of the areas this all took place…    But what makes me ‘think’ about the book, is how much things have changed…