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The Giver by Lois Lowry

Thoughts  tgbll The Giver by Lois Lowry, Dell Laurel-Leaf/Random House 1993, 179 pages, Newberry Medalist

MOTIVATION for READING: This was the highest rated book on one of those goodreads.com “BEST BOOK” lists that I had not yet read and didn’t know enough about it not to read. (There are a few books rated higher that I will never ever read because I just don’t want to.)

AND…    One of the students in a class I sub for mentioned this as one of his favorites.     So I read this in honor of him.  🙂   I also dared him to read the next in the series Gathering Blue so I’ll have to read that soon, I suppose.

WHAT IT’s ABOUT: A young boy lives with his perfect family in a perfect community in a perfect future and is chosen for a unique and honored role:   to be the receiver and keeper of the secrets of the past.     His sole responsibility is to receive the memories from the Giver, an older man who wants to pass on his duties before he’s too old to manage the task.      CAN EITHER of these two HANDLE IT?

WHAT’s GOOD: The setup is handled very well and I was desperate to know the conflict before I was ready to handle it.     The unfolding of the story is important.

WHAT’s NOT so GOOD: The ending is frustrating.     I don’t like series books because I don’t like having to read more books than the thousands I have already decided I want to read before I knew I would have to read the second in a series.     Does that make sense?   Another post, another day…


Plus, I’m frustrated to find out that Gathering Blue doesn’t necessarily address much if ANY of this story?   It’s apparently not a continuation.    So add the third book (which I’m not even sure the title!) to Mt. TBR.    I know, I’m just horrible.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I am looking forward to reading Number the Stars.   Is this the 3rd book in this series?     and I’m very glad to now say I’ve read a Lowry book.

This qualifies for my Read-A-Thon Oct09 Hour 16 Mini-Challenge to identify good books with an older protagonist.    Or main character.   A page or a real ongoing challenge on this topic/concept forthcoming.

RATING: Four Pie Slices of Apple Pie.