August is Over, School About to Start

I have something to celebrate.   I read my 50th book of the  year!!

Of course, this is off-target for my UNofficial goal of reading 100 books for 2010 but I’m OK with it.   I’m proud of my efforts to read books for all the challenges I’ve signed up for and I’m still motivated.   woo hoo!

I read 6 books in August (and I have serious doubts I’ll be able to conclude my in-progress book by the end of the day.)

The Bell Jar / Sylvia Plath ***** 50  What’s in a Name 3
Finny / Justin Kramon **** 49
Overboard! / Michael J Tougias **** 48 NF
Zeitoun / Dave Eggers **** 47 IRL Bookclub NF
Mixed Magics / Diana Wynne Jones *** 46 DWJweek
Fingersmith / Sarah Waters **** 45 COBC

Two nonfiction, two contemporary fiction (I’m counting The Bell Jar here as well as Finny),  two published in 201o (a new phenomenon to my reading life), a thriller, and only Finny not counting for a challenge!  – and I probably could/will have it fill a slot on the Twenty in Ten Challenge.

Overall, a very satisfying and pleasurable pile of books. Although, maybe six books a pile do not make.

I’m in the middle of bell hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody and have to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathon Safran Foer for my Sept 23 bookclub.    It’s all a crap shoot what else I’ll read but the top stack catching my interest includes The Likeness by Tana French, The Sea by Banville, Where the Red Fern Grows (don’t tell me anything!  I’m already mad that I was told it is a ‘sad dog tale’.   There’s probably nothing else left to add.  GRRrrrrrr) and…  maybe Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell which was acquired thru per a recommendation by a wonderful lady I’m teaching how to use the internet.   oh!  and The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri!  just joined my party.

I was going to link to my goodreads tbr list but couldn’t figure out how to only show the ones that are in the house.   Guess I’ll have to take a picture…   This one is a good sample:

Happy Back to School for everyone, too!    Our district’s official first day is Sept 8 and since teachers usually don’t take off that first week, I don’t expect to sub until the middle of the month.

And, congratulations to all my favorite blogs that have been nominated for Book Blogger Appreciation Week!    🙂


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Uh Oh… New Books In The House

I was supposed to be pricing out stuff for our landscaping project.   I ALSO had plans to meet my tutee at Borders for English-Improvement-Tutoring-Session but she had to cancel on me.    Still, found myself somehow walking into Borders anyway.  Here’s what came home with me:  

1.  We Have Always Lived in the Castle / Shirley Jackson – rec’d by Eva and Nymeth and because I can’t say I’ve read much of this genre…

2.  The Prime of Miss Jean Broder / Muriel Sparks (the guy who offered to help me find this even though I had it in sight without him, told me ‘the movie is better’.   inter-est-ting.)  For my 1% Challenge.    And now my book to movie challenge(s).

3.  Blink / Malcolm Gladwell – thanks to rec by Bop


4.  501 MUST-SEE MOVIES – I don’t know why.   It had pretty pictures?   I just opened it to find out it was published in 2004.   Ugh.   I buy a movie review book about every 3 years…

Upcoming Words and Silly Acronyms

In this week’s segment of Care’s Upcoming Words (FWOFP = Forewarning of Future Posts), I present my most RRRRs:  recent reads requiring review as well as my ATTBRPTs:   Additions to Toppling To-Be-Read Pile Titles.    Enjoy!

I invited my nine year old neighbor boy to read a book with me and help me review it to give a kid’s perspective.   The book we chose was The Tale of Devereaux by Kate DiCamillo.  (Based on its length AND Bybee’s review!)   School starts in these here parts next week and his mother is insisting she read it first (what?!  – doesn’t she trust me?  how funny, that a running theme of this book is perfidy, ha hahahahaaaaa – if you’ve read this, you’ll get it, I think.  and yet, nevermind…)   Thus, it might be awhile, but I wanted to account for me reading it on my past list and request any review questions you might proffer.   

I also read A Curious State of Affairs:  A Novel about Life, Love and Loss by Jan Marshall and it deserves a thoughtful review.  (yep, ask me anything!)  It’s extremely British which was fun since it has so many terms I don’t know but assume could only be Brit slang?     And, finally, I’m in the middle of…   

wait for it!




My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.  This is my first Picoult book and I want to talk about why I’ve been avoiding her and all the interesting reactions one gets when one says (or types) the name ‘Picoult’ these days.   This is a loaner from another neighbor and have already promised the previously mentioned neighbor that she gets it next.    A totally ‘nother neighbor is a huge Picoult fan and can’t wait to find out what I think!!!!   anyway.    

where was I?

This past weekend, I attended a small Maine town library’s book sale.  uh, WOW!!!!     There was a line to get in!   It was a social event of the summer!    It was fun!    Nothing like I expected, of course.    The small town Mass library book sales don’t generate that much excitement and yet, I really don’t know – I haven’t been to any.    My bad.

I bought:  Carson McCullers’ The Heart is a Lonely Hunter in paperback (Bantam Books, 13th printing ~1967?), A.S. Byatt’s The Matisse Stories (hardback, Random House 1993), and Robert James Waller’s The Bridges of Madison County  because, believe it or not!  I’ve never seen the movie.    I also influenced my aunt and cuz-in-law to buy a few other big titles which I can’t remember but I know I want to read someday;  the only one I know is in the stack is Neuromancer / Wm Gibson.    

I have also received via BookMooch the following:  Montana 1948 / Larry Watson and On the Occasion of my Last Afternoon / Kaye Gibbons.   I’m a-feared that my Mystic River request and the Wally Lamb books are LOST.   They were sent in July.   oh well.

tbr with dog

So, please ask any questions you might want me to answer about The Tale of Devereaux (TTOD), A Curious State of Affairs (ACSOA), My Sister’s Keeper (MSK).     A book that missed the stack is The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve, but up next is HOME TOWN by Kidder.

HAVE A GREAT DAY!   Sincerely, Care