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Saturday Stuff 02.04.12

My husband is obsessed with soup. Every Super Bowl, he makes soup to represent the the teams (or cities) of the Super Bowl to have our own SOUPer Bowl.  This year it is a no brainer; at least for our Patriots:  New England Clam Chowder. But what to do for the NY Giants?!

He’s got cookbooks spread out all over the kitchen. He has print outs of recipes he’s found on the internet. He’s considered Manhattan Clam Chowder (I say, too many clams!) or Matzo Ball (my vote because I’ve never had it) or White Corn with Pork (can’t remember why that qualifies) or a Red Bean White Bean with Blue Corn Chips (colorful). We have to decide VERY SOON because we only have today to go to the grocery store to get all this done.

In the meantime, I have wonderful news to share and some photos as well!  I completed Book Two of 1Q84! Yippee!! Which means that I can take a break. I’m treating 1Q84 like a trilogy and pretending I have to wait for the third installment to be released. I do have to wait until my readalongers catch up anyway. Expect a Book Two post sometime next week.

I have already jumped a few pages into Model Home by Eric Puchner. A book club selection; discussion will be February 22.

I get to go on a trip this month!  Woot. I do enjoy travel. Not to anywhere particularly BEACHY or SUNSHINY-WARM but that’s OK. Hopefully, some culinary adventures await.

Regarding “February is Letter Month“, all is going well. But then, I’m planning on doing this all year long and I’m still excited about it AND I have been rather organized. I have a ton of envelopes pre-addressed which makes it go VERY FAST. Grab and write and mail. Done. Plus, I’m trying to send February birthday cards and Valentine’s cards so ALL GOOD. Here’s is a photo essay of where I do my letter-writing magic:

The SPOT. I bought this desk for $15. Great find, huh?
Every shelf has a purpose...
My letter writing CAMPAIGN box
Cards for any occasion
The Birthday Box
The Postcard Box
The Miscellaneous Envelope Drawer (poor things)

I also make my own envelopes out of cool paper, sometimes.

The 'Just Paper' Drawer

Finally, here’s a pic of the pups. I have since draped a quilt over the entire sofa so they won’t get dirt and dog hair all over it. The one in the foreground on the blue blanket is Esther. Oscar is probably looking at the fire (as he thinks, “Crap, Mom’s got the camera out again.”)

Gots to go work on my Super Bowl dessert – nope, not pie. I’m making a Patriot Swoosh Fruit Pizza!  Sure, I’ll take some pics. 😉


Happy Weekend Everyone!


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