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My Novella Challenge is Complete

The Novella Challenge

I think this is the first challenge I attempted that I have actually completed so I’ve also decided to do a summary or recap.    I have volunteered for a few other challenges and have totally lost track of them;   some I don’t think I ever started.   Now,  I feel so extended on my tbr pile and want-to list that I’m overwhelmed.   I have barely even picked up my latest…

Thank God for this challenge!    Read SHORT books?     I was able to tackle this and I feel really good about it.   My original post  where I listed what I said I would read  listed only 5 but I added a few and didn’t complete one for a total of 9 attempted.  Without further ado, I present the list of books I read with links to my reviews.     I list pages and my star ranking, based on 1-didn’t finish(DF)/didn’t like at all to 5-awesome!


I’jaam by Sinan Antoon, 97 pages, 5 stars,  My Review

  On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, 208 pages, 4 1/2 stars, My Review 

 House of Meetings by Martin Amis, <250 pages, 4 stars, Review WITH Vocabulary Lesson


 I Sent A Letter To My Love – Benice Rubens 197 pgs, 4 stars, My Review


 Everyman by Philip Roth, 182 pages, 3 1/2 stars (Didn’t love the character but well-written;  I will read another Roth book, someday.)   Sort of Review

 The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett,  120 pages, 3 stars, My Review

The Battle of Cowpens, 104 pages, 3 stars, Sort of Review

 Garden State by Rick Moody, 212 pages,1 star/DF,  Unfortunately, this just didn’t fit my mood, it came off as very depressing maybe due to the impressive writing?  Sort of Review

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby (M), 144 pages, 4 stars, My Review    I read this for my “In Their Shoes” challenge, but the page length suggests I can also list it here… 




I have had this post in draft form, empty, for quite awhile now.

I can only keep saying that “I loved this book.”   

Then I saw the movie.    I keep saying, “I really liked the movie.”


I can’t seem to find any whys!    I have no words?      So this is one more ‘sort of review’. 

Just trying to clean up my drafts!     Thanks for reading.    In the meantime, until I finish On Chesil Beach, also by Ian McEwan, when I hope to give a PROPER review, please enjoy this:


It’s almost 5 minutes, but oh!  so, tender!   and HOT. 

PS – I discovered that I need to upgrade my IE or get Firefox, and that is why the trouble with linking and image/video uploading.  FYI.  In case you care.   I know you do, don’t you.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Review     The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

PS as in PRE-script:   DO not read further unless you have already read this book.    I’m not going to tell you what it is about.   and I’m going to complain.   Be so warned.

I am not going to be able to read every word.   But I will read the last chapter!    I am impatient for these ends to tie up and be finished and I really want to move to my next book:   On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan.

I know, I know, I promised somebody in blogland that I would read The Book of Air and Shadows after I read Occasion for Loving after I read House of Meetings, but I’m going to interject the McEwan book.  It’s short?!   It’s for my Novella Challenge!   So is House of Meetings but it’s on the long side of short at 252 pages.

As I became engrossed in TMKD during my self-imposed (“I will sit here for one hour and READ this.”) assignment, I had such great thoughts pop into my head!   OOOooo, I must blog about that!    But I never wrote them down and on those few turned down pages, I can’t recall the tidbit I knew I had to share.

I did get the sense that the author herself was not sure how if she wanted to see these kids grow up.   OR that she was one of the authors who ‘hears’ her characters and only writes down what these characters tell her as she writes; that she is only there to allow the story to unfold.   Oh no, not casually but certainly deliberately.   [How many ‘ly’s allowed in a sentence?]    She DOES write beautifully, I won’t deny.  

But hurry it up already!  

What pages I have skipped over…  huh!?   who is this chicky in his childhood home and how did he get tied up!?    skip it.    I wasn’t even curious.    egad, another character?  what is she all about?

So, now I’m about to read the very last chapter.    As Norah is about to run off to France and then Caroline drops the bombshell.

OK, I have already read the last sentence, too, but it didn’t tell me anything, really.    Brother meets sister and all is well with the world?

Maybe I’ll just watch the TV Special that airs – oh…  that was LAST night, wasn’t it.   Oh well.