New Books In the House

The Witch of Hebron by James Howard Kunstler – Thank you Alix!

Virginia Woolf bio by Hermione Lee – for Women Unbound Challenge – #fridayreads prize!

Neon Vernacular by Yusef Komunyakaa – Thank you, Lu, for a convincing BBAW Forgotten Treasures post) – #fridayreads prize!

D.V. autobio by Diana Vreeland – #fridayreads prize!

Bob Dylan’s CHRONICLES Volume One – for the  John Cusack Challenge (bookmooched)

How To Grill by Steven Raichlen – with encouragement from BermudaOnion, gift for my husband #fridayreads prize!

I want to especially thank @thebookmaven for giving out prizes to the Twitter “Friday Reads” participants!    If you are on Twitter on Fridays, just use the hashtag #fridayreads (and/or #fridaylistens for audio books) and you just might win a prize!   I did!!    With my Amazon gift certificate plus only a few dollars of my own, I purchased the Raichlen Grilling book, D.V., the Woolf bio and the poetry book.

Read all about Twitter’s #fridayreads here as explained at The Book Maven’s blog.


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Twenty in Ten Challenge

aha!  I signed up for this in my mind last month (and officially yesterday) and now that I reread the criteria, I see that I have failed on a few points…

Allow me to get it straight:

Rules:   (copied directly from Bart’s Bookshelf’s Official TwentyTen Challenge)

  • Read 2 books from each category, making a requirement of 20 books total.
  • The categories are intended to be loose guidelines only, if you decide it fits, then it fits. (Apart from those marked **)
  • Categories marked with ** have tighter rules, and these must be followed.
  • Each book can only qualify for one category.
  • Crossovers with other challenges are allowed.
  • Books read from 01/01/2010 to 31/12/2010 are eligible.

So, on with the categories…

  1. Young Adult
    Any book classified as young adult or featuring a teenage protagonist counts for this category.
  2. T.B.R. **
    Intended to help reduce the old T.B.R. pile. Books for this category must be already residents of your bookshelves as of 1/11/09.
  3. Shiny & New
    Bought a book NEW during 2010 from a bookstore, online, or a supermarket? Then it counts for this category. Second-hand books do not count for this one, but, for those on book-buying bans, books bought for you as gifts or won in a giveaway also count!
  4. Bad Blogger’s ***
    Books in this category, should be ones you’ve picked up purely on the recommendation of another blogger count for this category (any reviews you post should also link to the post that convinced you give the book ago).
    *** Bad Bloggers: Is hosted by Chris of Stuff as Dreams are Made on.
  5. Charity
    Support your local charity shops with this category, by picking up books from one of their shops. Again, for those on book-buying bans, books bought for you as gifts also count, as long as they were bought from a charity shop.
  6. New in 2010
    This category is for those books newly published in 2010 (whether it be the first time it is has been released, or you had to wait for it to be published in your country, it counts for this one!)
  7. Older Than You
    Read two books that were published before you were born, whether that be the day before or 100 years prior!
  8. Win! Win!
    Have a couple of books you need to read for another challenge? Then this is the category to use, as long that is, you don’t break the rules of the other challenge by doing so! ;)
  9. Who Are You Again?
    This one isn’t just for authors you’ve never read before, this is for those authors you have never even heard of before!
  10. Up to You!
    The requirements for this category are up to you! Want to challenge yourself to read some graphic novels? A genre outside your comfort zone? Something completely wild and wacky? Then this is the category to you. The only requirement is that you state it in your sign-up post.


1.   YA  – Paper Towns by John Green
2.   YA – An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
3.   my <2010 tbr:  Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell
4.  my <2010 tbr:   Sons & Lovers by DH Lawrence  (oldest unread book on my shelves)
5.  Purchased New:
6.  Purchased New:   possibly for IRL Book Club THE BOOKIES
7.  Bad Blogger Blame:   anyone want to influence me?
8.  Bad Blogger Blame:
9.  Does the Library Sale count?   Guns Germs & Steel maybe
10.  Charity Purchase:
11. New in 2010: Jennie Nash’s The Threadbare Heart (May)
12. New in 2010: Tana French’s ??
13. Older Than Me:    maybe just maybe Moby Dick or Ethan Frome
14. Older Than Me:   Jamaica Inn by Daphne DuMaurier
15. Other Challenge: John Cusack: Franny and Zooey / JDSalinger
16. Other Challenge: Deliberate Reading: Watership Down
17. Unknown-to-me Author: ??? Likely a CitznRdr BkMenage…
18. Unknown-to-me Author: ???
19. My Choice: a Graphic Novel
20. My Choice: a Graphic Novel


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Signing Up for Challenges

I was in the midst of Bloggiesta last Friday night when I received an email from the lovely Lisa at Books on the Brain.  She was asking a few questions about Reading Challenges and I breezily zipped off a reply knowing that this was a hot priority task for my weekend:   I needed to get a grip on all the challenges I’ve signed up for and I needed new thoughts on how to organize and track my year of reading.

I’m in over my head.   I see the inviting cool blue water of the swimming pool and I’ve jumped in.    I might as well enjoy myself!

What apparently was bothering my subconscious was my hesitancy to commit to challenges I obviously want to join.   Why this ‘unofficial’ nonsense?    I had a dream last night where I wrote and rewrote posts about this very topic (I wish my subconscious could type!) and had to prepare a STATEMENT:

I, Care of Care’s Online Book Club, hereby commit to reading books that challenge me and willingly join in community efforts to encourage such.     I agree to do the due diligence of signing up, posting thoughts, linking the links and joining in discussions with other participants of said challenges.   I will not stress about finishing but appreciate and enjoy the process.   I will allow some slack about participating in mini-challenges, I refuse to care about any prize opportunities and I will remember to check in often with others.   This I will do.

My first year of book blogging, I joined two challenges:   Hey Lady! Trish‘s Novella Challenge which I successfully finished.   The other was to read 10 books from the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die.   I think I only read one of the list I had randomly picked.    The next year of challenges, I did much better;   I signed up for a few more and completed a good percentage.

Then this past Fall, I caught the disease and wanted to sign up for EVERYTHING!    And knowing I would get overwhelmed, I tried to avoid the sign up (thus, the state of being ‘unofficial?)  and only create the commitment in a small manageable part of my reading-heart.      BUT.   I’ve decided to sign up anyway and have some fun.

I have created a page for my 2010 Challenges that show the buttons and links and have spaces to fill in and/or check off the titles for each.

I OFFICIALLY sign up for Amanda of The Zen Leaf’s GLBT Challenge 2010 and commit to the Lambda Level of 4 books.

I OFFICIALLY sign up for Bart’s Bookshelf’s 2010 Challenge.

I OFFICIALLY sign up for Dorte’s 2010 Global Challenge.

Wish me fun!

Golly, I feel so much better now.   🙂


Copyright © 2010. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club. It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

Challenge Update: End of First Half of 2008

Weekly Geek NINE is to update progress on any / all challenges you’ve signed up for and if you haven’t signed up for any, then to do so and report on it.    The page on this blog titled 2008 tbr is actually a challenge recap and tracking page for my own use.    I use the Rec’d page to copy titles/authors I want to remember to get to eventually.

NOVELLA Challenge  ::   I can be proud that I’ve completed the novella challenge.    Officially, at least, I read more than I said I would and I find that I keep adding to the list!    Which,  I suppose, is OK to do, yes?

ONE BOOK  ::    Amy has thrown down a challenge that I signed up for and now realize that I’m probably NOT the target market (reader/audience/challenge-accepter) for this one.    She designed this for those non-reader types who struggle to complete one book a year.    Obviously, that is not me.    To date, I’ve read 30 books already in 2008 and on the pace I am on, I should surpass the goal I set in January for 33, and just may hit 60!     However, if do want to finish Anna Karenina  and need more motivation to do so, this might be the challenge to place it in.    (It’s already / also a part of my 1% of the Best 1001 Challenge;  read on.)

The 1% Well-Read Challenge  ::   The goal of which is to read 10 books in 10 months that are listed in the book 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.     One, I like to consider the idea of not being able to die until all these books are read.    This same motivation applies to my wish to visit the 1000 Places to See Before I Die.     Truthfully, I know neither of these will ever be completed.   Two, I want to be considered ‘well-read’.    Three,  so many authors on this list are on my want-to-read list anyway.    I’m already one book off the one per month pace.   Oh well.    I fully expect my list to change, too.   But I hope to keep the same authors…

And lastly, since I love memoirs and autobiographies and biographies, it was a no brainer to sign up for the In Their Shoes Challenge.   However, this is the one that I’m not sure I’m officially ‘signed up’ for and to be honest, don’t know if that is important.   I’m not sure what “being involved” with it really means.  

What happens when I complete a challenge?   Is it not just the personal feeling of accomplishment?    That, to me, is all I need.    Why do YOU get involved with challenges?    Am I missing something else?


Sure enough, I start to go read other blogs for this week’s theme and I’m thinking about signing up for MORE!    eek…