Well, hello there…


I’m juggling and balancing and whining and trying NOT to whine and running ‘hither and thither’ and watching things fall into place and not getting too crazed when (little) things go awry. (Admit it: Ain’t ‘awry’ an awesome word?!)

I am listening to The Count of Monte Cristo and may even have a tiny crush on him. But still have many hours to go and I screwed up and peeked at Wikipedia and SPOILED everything! But am still very much enjoying it immensely. I don’t know what happened to me with these nutty LONG classics.

I can’t wait to hear if Trish LOVES The Sparrow!  ?

I am collecting books about English Language Learners for a paper I need to write by Oct 10 and I am jumping in 110% to situations where I don’t have a clue but enthusiasm wins, right? And I’m totally positive that I’m being 150% obnoxious about not being shy and bothering people while being sensitive that they are WAY TOO BUSY to have me all ‘Energizer-Bunny’ on their B@$$ when they had no idea they were going to supervise a ‘Student Teacher’ like person. So. “Clinical Experience” is going awesome and also overwhelming. I swing between excited and terrified a few times every day. TEACHING AINT EASY and if I ever hear you dismissing these professionals for having summers off and ‘playing with kids all day’, I will be upset. (I typed something else but since I will soon be interviewing as such a professional, it will go unsaid.)

I’m actually making myself dinner tonight. wow.

It’s only spaghetti. But it’s HOT!  That’s something. I usually roll up some turkey and spinach in a flour tortilla.

I’m still around. I’m trying to read your blogs even if I’m not commenting. I’m thinking about you and hoping you are having a lovely fall. I’ll be around more by Christmas time.



Tuesdays Are For Wandering

I was just over at Aarti’s Book Lust blog reading through the posts I have missed (I don’t visit anyone every day since I gave up Google Reader) when she commented on how successful this year has been for her to read only what she wants to read when she wants to read it rather than get caught up in lists and challenges, etc. (Yikes! was that a long unwieldy sentence? Is ‘unwieldy’ a word?)

Of course, it got me thinking about how this year has been reading-wise for me. I am reading a bunch of big books. And not many that I even knew I wanted to read. (think: Stephen King, anyone?)

So, I would have to agree with Aarti that sometimes not having a plan is the BEST plan. And yet, this actually has to be a decision which thus makes it some kind of plan, afterall. Can you plan spontaneity? or only plan for prepping the right soil for the spontaneous seeds to sprout?

Isn’t spontaneity one of your favorite words? I like serendipity, too.

This random chain of thinking about blogging and reading and nonesuch propelled me to the thought of how awesome blogging is for me. And the other bloggers that make up my world. My virtual internet world of books and all things bookish and somethings not.

And how many of you have been truly influential. Aarti was one of my first prodders of re-reading. Well, I first admired and marveled at Jenny of Jenny’s Books but Aarti hosted the challenge. I did good on that one and I learned a little bit about myself. I like to re-read, I probably won’t do it often but have at least created a list of possibly re-reads for some future day. I do believe if you didn’t have the re-reading habit as a child, it is difficult to grasp the value of it as an adult. But you can say that about ANYTHING.

[Interesting side note that is likely most interesting to me and me alone: my neighbor told me how inspired and amazed she was by a little old lady in her 80s who asked her to teach her how to swim. Can you imagine? Being afraid of the water and then at the age of 80-something, you decide “What the hell – I will learn how to swim.” You GO Girl! My neighbor teaches swim lessons at the Y, if you didn’t figure that out…]

This whole post reminds me of Debi. One of the most joyful and loving and spunky bloggers who does 30 times what I do in a day and thinks she hasn’t done much. She’s amazing and she mails me the cutest cards and lovely little thoughts and I think she is all kinds of IMPORTANT. I value her not only for how she makes ME feel but knowing that she also has influenced quite a few other of us bloggers and I just think that is more than cool.

Which reminds me of Dewey. Could be that time of the year.

I have my group of bloggers that I call ‘my academics’. I feel smarter reading their posts, their book reviews with “wowza!” insights. Eva, Jeanne and LitLove fall into this category.

I love my readalong groupers! I can’t think of anything more wonderful about this year of reading as those troubadours who make me laugh and think and scream. Twitter would be nothing without you.

Well, have I wandered enough? Actually haven’t strayed too far off the path of my original idea of what to write about today:  bloggers I admire.

One more. I have a blogger friend who was such before I started this book blog and she now has a collection of poems available for purchase. I will be reviewing these soon. Her name is Moonbeam. Many have been encouraging her to put her literary writing and humor talents to a larger project than blogging for some years now so this is terribly exciting. I think she is wonderful: a big heart with mad writing skilz. Do check out her blog to see why I love her so:  www.MoonBeamMcQueen.com

I will be attempting to post over 50 times before the end of the year… You can expect more of these random whatnot posts because my goal is to start 2013 with my 1001th post. I’ve got 948 so far in my 5+ years of blogging. Feel free to give me some topics!


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Yep, I’m Around Here Somewhere

Ok, I don’t think I have really given my iPad WordPress app a good college try but here goes. I am just itchin’ to post something since I have this odd sense that you (somebody, anybody) might be wondering where I am…

I have a review ‘in the hopper’ for The Uninvited Guests and had every intention of posting it last week but. BUT. I am on vacation. I DID bring my laptop – – but I forgot the power cord and it needs to be charged. So, I am stuck with the iPad. (first world problem)

I am FINALLY back to reading! this hosting family and then going on vacay messed up my routine and I couldn’t find a book to commit to so I gave up.

The fam members went home, we stayed at the boat, and I was able to devote some time to Sarah Vowell’s TAKE THE CANNOLI. I liked it. I enjoyed it very much. I will review and decide later if it was a high three slicer or four pie read. I like her.


I will try to post The Uninvited Guests before Monday. And I will review Paperback Thriller. And Cannoli. And if I can read the other book I have with me (A River Runs Through It), that, too.

Meanwhile, I miss you, too! I hope to get back home to a mailbox of books because I rediscovered bookmooch and was able to request the first two books of Harry Potter.

I just saw a trailer of The Great Gatsby and Leo has convinced me that I must know the story better before I see that flick.

And… And. Well, that’s it. Here goes. Thanks again. 😉

Tuesday Topical █ January 24, 2012

Another Tuesday, another random post of randomness.

I am a few pages in to 1Q84 Book Two.

Yesterday was International Pie Day but I didn’t make a pie. Shocker?! I just wasn’t feelin’ it. And I have almost a full 9×13 pan of cheesecake sopapillas sitting in the fridge. This delectable dessert is made of 2 blocks of cream cheese, a stick of butter, 1 1/2 cups sugar and 2 packages of crescent rolls. I really don’t want to be the only person in the house eating that AND a pie.

I’ll make a pie on PI DAY, March 14.  (I hope anyway.)

Now for the whining.

Last week, under fabulous advice from some of my Tweet-Friends who love audio books, I was inspired to purchase a Creative Labs ZEN Mosaic EZ100.  I bought the refurbished one advertised for about half off the *NEW* retail price which unfortunately means that I don’t have any guide books included and I can’t find any serial or models numbers so I am having difficulty with registering the product and getting into the website. I know I’m whining and frustrated and good things do not come of poor attitudes like the one I’m exhibiting but I don’t know quite what to do. I’m tempted to take the thing down to BestBuy under the guise of buying a charger but hoping I can get a live person to show me which buttons to push to make the thing work.

Let me back up a day or two further… I had on my New Year’s Goals to FIND my husband’s MP3 player so that I can make my wish of listening to books come true and I did!  I found it!  It’s a SONY and more than a few years old.

So, I followed the enticing ads to subscribe to Audible.com and get my free book. I selected BossyPants by Tina Fey.

And being stupid and assuming that all mp3 players play audio books, I plugged the thing in and attempted to move my new audiobook to my player. NOPE. Incompatible. Sony doesn’t like to play with others. So now I have a book I can’t listen to unless I play it on my Mac which totally defeats what I want to do which is walk the dogs or mow the lawn.

That’s when I went on to Twitter to seek advice.

Thus the *new* mp3 player from Creative. I got it to charge. YAY. That worked fine. I dropped/dragged BossyPants to it. YAY. I see it! It’s there! I work the menu to select and hit play.


It says NOW PLAYING in the upper right hand corner. It shows a progress bar across the bottom. It even has the scary pic of Tina with the big hands in the background. Nothin’. Rather than a green arrow, I see an orange square. And that’s it. I don’t know what else to do.

I downloaded the Guide book from the website but I don’t think they had a Mac option – it’s just garbled mess.  [FIRST CLUE? or do I need a shovel slammed to my head.]

I am waiting for an email from Creative but it took so long for it to be accepted without serial and model numbers in the form that I don’t know what canned “we-can’t-help-you-without-proper-documentation’ response I might get.

Do you know anyone with a ZEN Mozaic EZ100?  or do I just find a middle school kid and have them figure it out?  Help?

oh hell. I give up. Just going to send it back and buy an iPod.  I just saw in the Forums that   the Zen and Macs don’t play well together.  Why did I assume that this should be easy?

Friday Free For All

Hello.   How long has it been since I treated you to a random spouting of whatever is on my mind?    I think I could yap for many words this morning AND still keep it about books.     Got LOTS to say, it seems, and of course, all my sentence/thoughts are TOO LONG for Twitter.  😛   Besides, sometimes yelling into the Twitter void is loneliness-inducing.    I’ll say something and no one reacts.   So I just fell silly.   Like I’m in a room full of people shouting something (not) profound; everyone keeps right on talking.    Even worse, is the feeling that everyone stops for just a silent second to glance at me and then resumes talking.   Twitter CAN be intimidating, admit it. (yes, I do know that I should just jump in and react to someone else’s tweet – gotta be a friend to have a friend…)

See?  I’ve already rambled on and have barely even started.

I am now reading Night by Elie Wiesel;  inspired by my finishing The Book Thief (and the fact that Night is less than 200 pages, who am I kidding?!)       I have a confession.   Of course, I knew this book was about his time in the Nazi concentration camps but I didn’t realize it was about his crisis of faith.    I don’t know why this gives me pause, but it is sobering and somber and quietly dread-full.       I think I might have to seek out Viktor Frankel’s Man’s Search for Meaning as a counterpoint/companion read next.   How did I get on a Holocaust themed book run?

On a lighter note, I decided I could very well pop in an audio book to help Jen celebrate her Audio Week Extravaganza!    So I’m halfway through listening to Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson and I am IN LOVE with the setting!    What a wonderful NYC book!   I’m fond of this book already; fond of the main character and her family.

Which brings me to a question that you may want to address in a comment if you so wish:     Does it intimidate you to see the HOURS of LISTENING on an audio book case as compared to a book’s page count?     It does me.      So, when I saw that Suite Scarlett is NINE hours, I thought “OK, quite do-able.”    and yet, I *know* that I can read about 50-60 pages an hour and could if I wanted to convert a book reading time to hours, but I never do.

On similar note (maybe), I downloaded the audio of The Broom of the System by David Foster Wallace and the key-card doesn’t tell me how many hours it is.   WHY do you think I assume it is many?   Many like is LOTS?    I’m scared to look up the page count…    I was about to write another sentence with a form of the word ‘intimidation’ in it and that’s just silly.   I have to get over what that word means!

Which reminds me of that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I am hoping to put together a pre-discussion post of  questions for Franny & Zooey – I suppose, I should write a review, too – and just wanted to let you know that I ended up liking it very much.    Not what I was expecting to after the first 40 pages.   In fact, I may have to re-read the Franny section.    I didn’t do a good job of taking notes so I might have to re-read the whole thing…   oh well.

I’m also reminded that I need a button.  and a note in my sidebar.   And I want to thank Florinda for sharing the link to the kickoff in one of her announcement posts!

AND.     For August 10, I hereby announce the book will be Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

Maree is hosting a discussion/readalong of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods on July 10th, too.   I got the book! I’ve been saying I need to read some NG for years now.

Jenny over at Jenny’s Books will be celebrating Diana Wynne Jones (an author I had never heard of until I started to read Jenny’s blog which you should read, too) – check out her announcement of that special week here.   I want to read Howl’s Moving Castle or Eight Days of Luke.

Have I also shared that we are planning on vacation for July 10th (the F&Z discussion) and it is extremely possible that I won’t have internet access on that date?!?!??!?!?     I’m sticking my head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge this possibility.   DRAT IT ALL.    I can’t go and tell the Hub to cancel vacation because I screwed up and scheduled an internet chat, now can I?     Well, I wish I could but he’ll just turn around and ask me how much money I’m making on this blog-thing and ha-ha…   I’ll see what I can do.   Maybe I can get that I-Pad thingy figured out by then?   It’s on my list of to-do’s before July 4th.

What else, what else?    I had a brain full of topics to address!  Where did they go?

I received Making the Rounds with Oscar by David Dosa, MD from my new-friend-from-BEA Esme at Chocolate & Croissants (thank you!) which she was so wonderfully generous to send me because I was complaining that I couldn’t find this book in LARGE PRINT.    (The one she sent isn’t in large print, either – I don’t think they printed an LP edition.)   My desire was that I wanted to get this for the library at the HOME FOR THE AGED where I volunteer and the residents prefer Large Print.     (It’s the largest Large Print library on the southcoast of Massachusetts!)

Finally, I leave you with a photo of a DOG named Oscar.


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Quick Whatevers

Despite having much more thoughtful posts incubating in my Draft Bin, I’m going to just type a few random thoughts for today’s entry and wait and see what happens tomorrow.

See that boat in the header?    Well, it’s not that specific actual boat but one just like it that we will be taking out today for the very first time!   Super dooper excited!!!!!!!!    LOTS OF EXCLAMS!!!    This is the final step in the boat-buying process:  the Sea Trial.    Friday, the boat seller ‘splashed’ the boat and yesterday, we sat in it (I read, Hub tinkered) and today, the impressively experienced boat surveyor we hired will explain stuff and check that the darn thing actually ‘goes’.     

I’m still thinking I will go back to The Pillars of the Earth  but I read a review somewhere (I hope I saved the link in one of those drafts but am too lazy to go look) that described exactly what I was starting to feel and so I started skipping around and back and thinking about finally reading the last 50 pages and calling it ‘good’.      I have such a short attention span with chunksters.   I really did get to page 500 and was like “END ALREADY, will ya?!”  sigh.    It’s usually a bad sign if I start reading reviews while in the middle of a book.

So, I’m half way into In the Woods by Tara French.   BIG MISTAKE reading before going to sleep.   My subconscious thinks this even creepier than my awake mind does.   Something is going on and I am totally not sure what.   I think I like the narrator too much and I’m getting worried.    What I am extremely impressed with is the spot-on details of little things in this book.    Ms French is really good.

That’s it for now, Happy Monday!  oh yea – Mailbox Monday and Library Loot?    I bookmooched Chopin’s The Awakening;  it arrived last week.    Back to laundry rebooting.

Ah, December…

As the 35 mile an hour winds attempt to blow my house down, I sit snuggled in front of my PC contemplating all the tasks I need to do that are unique to December: Holiday cards, mass present buying (actually, unfortunately for  the economy watchers, I’ve decided no one needs anything), new year resolutions, holiday decorating, and cookie (which, again, no one needs) baking.

I wish I could say that I’m enjoying The Menage discussion, but honestly?  It is thoroughly depressing and making me feel very guilty for the ‘stuff’ I buy.   Oh, it IS a fun discussion, though.  I’m enjoying everyone’s eloquent observations…

I’m thinking I just might spend the rest of the month only reading about butterflies and happy silly comic love stories.   Bring on the best of the chicklit suggestions, please.

I also want to recap my challenges, someday, eventually.    I was fired up and did terrific with the LitFlick Challenge and ever since I won a book for that, I’ve slacked. oops.

And, I’ve given up on the 1% of the 1001 books since abandoning Midnight’s Children by Rushdie. I must go unclick my participation in that goodreads group because I get too many emails about it and still can’t follow it!  Has anyone ranked that list by page length? Just wonderin’.

I’m bummed that I keep missing the bookmooch opportunity of DV – Diana Vreeland autobiography. I might have to go Amazonning for it.

My Chartroose challenge continues unabated. This one is easy since I made it up, it’s ‘build as you go’ and has no time limit!

I’ll cut short this rambling mess of a post and wish you all a productive and joyous December! Thanks for stopping by…