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A Memoir in Six Words

I’ve been tagged for a meme!  (hey – that’s SIX words!!!)

Read about it (click here) at Lisa’s blog Books on the Brain.    I scribbled a few sentences down and found this incredibly difficult.   I was trying to capture ME in only six words when I realized that she wasn’t asking for an autobiography!  only a memoir…

So, my final result is this:

I’m much blessed; and Oscar obsessed!

It’s even a poem, sort of…   I had settled for “I am blessed in many ways.”   but it sounds too generic.    But then I realized that THIS WEEK is Oscar week, what with the Academy Awards show scheduled for Sunday and I plan on watching every second.     This week, I’m trying to squeeze in as many Oscar nominated movies that I can and since, I did a horrible job seeing any of these when they were in the theatre, I won’t realize my goal.   But that doesn’t mean I’m not trying.

By the way, I saw No Country For Old Men and LOVED IT.    Great screen adaption…  See my book review here.

Back to my six word memior…    My dog’s name is Oscar and so this meme result also reflects my obsession with my canine baby.    [FYI – I did not name my dog Oscar after the Academy Award’s Oscar although it may have helped me like the name a little more.   His full name is “Oscar de la Hunta”;   the breeder asked us for a name that started with O and Oscar fit better than our second choice:   “Otis A Good Day To Be Hunting”.] 

On blessings;  I have a wonderful life and am incredibly grateful to be happily blessed in tangible and intangible ways.   Plus, I believe that when you concentrate on what’s good in your life, you tend to get more of the good.   Works in reverse, too, so I try not to worry and fret and dwell on the yuckiness that can and does happen.    

It’s not what’s thrown at you, but how you handle what’s thrown at you.    Something like that.     Attitudes are contagious…   Is YOURS worth catching?   

opup.jpg                   Oscar as a puppy.