Neurology in Haiku

Since I gave my book to Nymeth (cuz she’s just wonderful and I owe her more than a book),  I don’t have it to refer to.   OOPS!   I was so excited about shipping it off that I forgot I hadn’t done a review.        Silly me;  I wanted to include this in my Science Challenge but I’ll just have to read MORE (ie, something else by Sacks – so many great options!   perhaps The Island of the Colorblind, which is in-house.)

Short Thoughts  tmwmhwfah The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks, first published 1990, 256 pages

So many terms unknown to me.

Did not know a phantom limb is needed for prosthesis to work!

I now want to read/see Awakenings.



To read one of Nymeth’s reviews of another Sacks’ book, please click on her review of An Anthropologist on Mars. Be watching for her review of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.     Soon; let’s let the postal services deliver it and give her time to read it.


Library Loot – Third Week in Feb 2009

Library Loot is jointly hosted by Eva and Alessandra.     Three books followed me home from the library this week.    


Usually, I’m only there to tutor my Lusophone friend (who doesn’t believe this is a real word, fyi.)    I do pick up books I’ve reserved from the online catalog service they offer but I rarely lollygag around and just look for books.   But today, we had a conflict / miscommunication so I was all alone with a few minutes to kill.     And…   as I was sitting there enjoying but not riveted by my current read, I noticed a book staring at me.

aumja  An Unfinished Marriage by Joan Anderson, 2002, 223 pages

… A unique, tremendously moving and insightful entry into the literature of marriage, [this book] will provide salutary* shocks of recognition and fresh hope for all women and men negotiating their own marital passages.   (from the back cover)

Anderson’s first book, A Year By the Sea, reminds me some of  Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert.   She took a sabbatical from her marriage and chronicled her experience, and now this book discusses how she and her husband get back together.   I’m curious…

And, then I thought about my upcoming assignment:

selbymath  Geometry & Trigonometry for Calculus:  A Self-Teaching Guide by Peter H Selby

Squeee!    I need to find out if I am ready to be a Math Tutor this summer.    I will attempt a problem every day.  Starting later today.   Maybe.   Or Tomorrow…

and, the last book was on the $2 BOOK SALE ROLLCART:

ostiotcb The Island of the Colorblind by Oliver Sacks, 1996, 266 pages

I’m hoping this will qualify for The Science Challenge?    Here’s what the back cover says:

“An explorer of that most wondrous of island, the human brain,”  writes DM Thomas in The New York Times Book Review, “Oliver Sacks also loves the oceanic kind of islands.”  Both kinds figure movingly in this book – part travelogue, part autobiography, part medical mystery story – in which Sacks’ journeys to a tiny Pacific atoll and the island of Guam become explorations of the meaning of island, the genesis of disease, the wonders of botany, the nature of deep geological time, and the complexities of being human.




* salutary – good: tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health; Unpleasant, but ultimately providing a useful lesson; Promoting good health; wholesome; curative.