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Status ⬥ July ⬥ 2022

 Monthly Recap Time! JULY

  • 5 books; 65 for the year
  • 1639 pages, ~0 hours | 18388 total pages, 140.8 hours for the year so far

What a great reading month! Quality over quantity? I think This Time Tomorrow has to be the most-recommendable but I liked Autumn AND Trust, too. Only the Tomorrow books had pie, sadly.

““And I thought ‘it’s the pie, it’s the pie’ so we had to establish a really firm rule about no pie during the week.” -Obama”

– Tomorrow Will Be different

Still no mood for audiobooks or maybe it is just too damn hot to walk the dog and that very much impacts (negatively) on my audio-listen time.


Maybe my favorite was Autumn, a buddy read with Nancy the Book Fool. We are avid penpals and both had this book on our shelves. Ali Smith intrigues me; I had quite a Twitter thread going of all the things I googled that were mentioned. It was almost historical fiction! Lots of stuff from a scandal in the 60s (or was it the 70s? either way, I wasn’t aware of any of it but made for interesting rabbit hole travels).

If you read Trust, stay with it! In fact, I would encourage you to watch some of the interview videos on Youtube of HD discussing his motivations. I like him. I might have to go see if his first book (OMG – he has only written 2 books?!?!?!) is available at the library.

I didn’t make any pie. Can’t even think if I ordered pie in a restaurant. WAIT! Yes, if you count empanadas. AND I DO COUNT THESE AS PIE, yes of course. We drove to Maria Empanadas in Aurora Colorado and picked up a 12 pack. Too hot to bake otherwise.

FYI Today, August 1, is Homemade Pie Day and also Raspberry Cream Pie Day. Get some if you can!


What was YOUR favorite book of July?

August has a lot of pie days. The 15th is Lemon Meringue Pie Day! One of my favorites, or at least it sounds pretty good right now.

But, maybe instead of pie, we should give $5 – $10 – $15, the price of a pie (or more), to the charities working hard to fight fires, rescue stranded residents of areas affected by floods, and address other wrongs throughout our country and world. On August 2nd in Kansas, I’m voting no. Abortion in healthcare. Do not change our state constitution.

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Pie As Art

Thoughts by Laura Rene Baker, 2020, 91 pages

Challenge: Pie Cookbooks
Genre: Pie Cookbooks
Type/Source: Spiral-bound, from the author (piebakerlady.com)
 Why I read this now:  I started reading as soon as I opened the package after arriving on my doorstep.

MOTIVATION for READING: I know the author; we’re friends from college.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  The author not only created the recipes, baked all the pies, wrote the copy, took the photos, PAINTED the artwork OF the pies, and likely assembled the books; she is probably responsible for the mailing of all of them out to her adoring fans.

I used the Peach Pan Pie as my inspiration for Peach Plum in my Cast Iron Pan:

THOUGHTS: I am thrilled for my friend!

RATING:  Five slices of pie.

I will give away a copy of this book to a random selection from the people who leave me a comment here on this post or like my tweet of this review plus follow @PieBakerLady and Retweet something she posted there or comment on my Instagram post or Litsy. Thus, you have multiple opportunities to win! Max of 5 entries; deadline August 4th midnight EST.

Book only; not the pie plates…

I’m not doing this to market myself, only to highlight my friend Laura’s accomplishment.




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