The Unalloyed Night

Gobbledygooks and its and bits…

I’m back, really I am.   It’s just that I am finding myself with less sitting-around-time which was so conducive to my blathering into blog posts.     I have all sorts of posts started;  just not yet got the right time to put finishing touches to them.

For example, THIS post.    I began it last week and intended to just include more various tidbits of stuff, random thoughts that I had thunk.

But today?  Today, I am making pie and cleaning my house and TRYING TO FINISH THE BOOK that is going to be discussed tomorrow at my house for book club.   (Why did I volunteer my house?  Can’t for the life of me remember why I did that…)

On with that idea that gave me the title to this post:

One of the more interesting spam comments I received lately was almost lovely in how it conjured up odd images:

My boyfriend and I master parties at our house at least once a month, and then it is tough to keep conversations going on in the service of the unalloyed night. Our friends are from several walks of flavour afterall, and since we into up catchy over, sometimes conversations can ladder print dry.

Well, now.   We can’t have those conversations ladder-print-dry, surely.  Huh?    But I love that ‘in service of the unalloyed night‘. Unfortunately, Ms. or Mr. Spammer, I won’t credit it you officially for your interesting (I assume) translation.

Back to Tess, who is milking cows and flirting with the fine gentleman who wants to be a farmer.   Or does he turn out to be a jerk, too?  DON’T TELL ME!