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Times… They are a’changin’…


FRIENDS! I love this little spot of my internet. It is all mine. You have chosen to visit. Welcome! Stay and read my thoughts or move on. Your choice.

Wow! I suppose, in the world “before internet”, I could have just stood on a street corner and shouted out a few lovely thoughts (I prefer to shout out lovely thoughts) and you – assuming you were walking by – could have stopped to see if I entertained or informed or you could have walked on, ignoring my rantings.


Here you are (I am assuming you are still here.)

It is 6:43 on Saturday evening as I type this. I have my amazing chef-husband cooking up some tasty conglomeration (yum) while I postpone figuring out who I might want to send a Christmas card to next…)

OH! I just asked my husband his TOP 3 favorite MUST WATcH Christmas movies and suggested:  Elf, Scrooged and Die Hard.

(These MIGHT be mine?)

And he PROTESTED! What about Rudolph! What about The Christmas Story?!



Please share YOUR top 3 favorite must-watch Holiday movies.

I’m now going to sit in a corner, sip my Manhattan, and read til I finish, the Gaines’ The Magnolia Story…  If you want my newest address and/or want a Christmas card, drop a note here in the comments.


*So… What exactly does this post title mean!? I don’t know. Feel free to suggest.


** Oscar is feeling ‘poorly’. Please send a healthy thought to the universe on his behalf.

*** I watched Hidden Figures this afternoon. GREAT movie!!!!!






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Well, hello there…


I’m juggling and balancing and whining and trying NOT to whine and running ‘hither and thither’ and watching things fall into place and not getting too crazed when (little) things go awry. (Admit it: Ain’t ‘awry’ an awesome word?!)

I am listening to The Count of Monte Cristo and may even have a tiny crush on him. But still have many hours to go and I screwed up and peeked at Wikipedia and SPOILED everything! But am still very much enjoying it immensely. I don’t know what happened to me with these nutty LONG classics.

I can’t wait to hear if Trish LOVES The Sparrow!  ?

I am collecting books about English Language Learners for a paper I need to write by Oct 10 and I am jumping in 110% to situations where I don’t have a clue but enthusiasm wins, right? And I’m totally positive that I’m being 150% obnoxious about not being shy and bothering people while being sensitive that they are WAY TOO BUSY to have me all ‘Energizer-Bunny’ on their B@$$ when they had no idea they were going to supervise a ‘Student Teacher’ like person. So. “Clinical Experience” is going awesome and also overwhelming. I swing between excited and terrified a few times every day. TEACHING AINT EASY and if I ever hear you dismissing these professionals for having summers off and ‘playing with kids all day’, I will be upset. (I typed something else but since I will soon be interviewing as such a professional, it will go unsaid.)

I’m actually making myself dinner tonight. wow.

It’s only spaghetti. But it’s HOT!  That’s something. I usually roll up some turkey and spinach in a flour tortilla.

I’m still around. I’m trying to read your blogs even if I’m not commenting. I’m thinking about you and hoping you are having a lovely fall. I’ll be around more by Christmas time.



Love the Title of This One…

Trish has a giveaway and a great review  of the new book Did I Expect Angels?  by Kathryn Maughan.     So here’s my post so I can have double entries…   Isn’t the title intriguing?!

I wonder if I’m on a theme of death and grieving…    I enjoyed Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking and recently finished Everyman by Philip Roth.      [mini-review:   what a cad…  Except that ‘cad’ isn’t the right word.   So I have to take it back.   Maybe, it’s the timing of this book and what’s going on with the Gov of NY that makes me think of a party we had in college.   My roommate had just been ‘wronged’ by a fellow and so we had a party with the theme “Men are Pigs”.   But since most of the people we knew were guys (we were in the College of Engineering), the ratio of guys to gals at the party was 6:1.    Free beer gets ’em everytime.   My point?   The main character of Everyman just coasted through and acted on his whims, failing to consider what is truly important to him.   He had no depth of character to consider the consequences of his actions…] 

Does it not seem that good books that touch on the end of life encourage a gratitude and appreciation of the LIVING of life?   A reminder to really think about what is important?   Celebrate each day now, don’t just regret what’s gone or soon will be.