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Meet Cute Diary

Thoughts by Emery Lee, Quill Tree Books 2021, 400 pages

Challenge: Recommended by a friend

Genre/Theme: LGBTQIA+ YA

Type/Source: eBook / Kindle sale

What It’s About: Noah is 17 and blogger of ‘meet cute’ stories for trans youth. Noah was identified as female at birth and is now identifying as male, with respectful acceptance by his family; he spends the summer in Colorado with his college-age brother as his parents find a house in California, moving from Florida.

Updated 24+ hours later: It seems I missed a key plot element in how Noah’s brothers’ girlfriend, Maggie, misgendered Noah when they met and this understandably set Noah to dislike her with a furious intensity. Apologies for my careless reading attention to this event.

Thoughts: Noah has a lot of growing up to do; this could be a coming of age story, I guess. He was both so gosh darn earnest AND set in his (wrong?) opinions. For example, he did NOT like his brother’s girlfriend but never really convinced me, no analysis. He was such a slacker, it annoyed me. Basically, I am NOT the right age or target audience for this book to appreciate the vagaries of youth. However, I did learn a few things about pronouns and that is a good thing.

I can’t bring myself to write in the Diary. It’s probably just shooting myself in the foot since really, I should be online proving to people that love is real, but I can’t work past the churning in my stomach. I just want to go to sleep forever, or at least until my mom restores my credit card.

The book has pie and pastry baking, so it has that going for it.

Rating: Two or three slices of pie.

“I jolt back at the sound of laughter, whipping around to find Maggie standing in the kitchen, a plate full of pastelitos balanced in one hand.”


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