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On Hiatus

Dear Readers, Friends, Fellow-Booklovers, and Blog-Buddies:

I am going to take an extended break from blogging.    Do know I will be back.   Do know I love you all and will likely miss you terrifbly.   I just need to shake things up and do some thing different for awhile.

Maybe it is Spring. I want to be outside. I want to get more fit. I want to bake more pies and cook more family dinners. I need to explore and learn new things.  I should volunteer more and accept more substitute teaching opportunities. I need to become more proficient in my tutoring duties, skills (and perhaps marketing.)   I just might find a new job or clarify what kind of job I should be working towards. I know I am in the middle of a perplexing reading slump. I don’t yet know if I will go on hiatus with but probably will suspend my Twitter activity. My goal of 100 books this year is most definitely scrapped!

I enjoy blogging, yapping about the books I am reading and learning about the books you are enjoying.   I adore so many of you and love reading your posts!   I cheer you all on for your reading challenges and readalongs.   I still intend to read  Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle with Maree in June.   Hopefully I will be back for Dewey’s Readathon in April.    I am loyal to this blog and it really does mean the world to me so don’t think I’m abandoning it. Heck, I just might change my mind tomorrow and you’ll see me commenting here there and everywhere – who knows!

But today, I feel the necessity of a big step-away.   Email me anytime at BkClubCare [at] gmail [dot] com.    Send me the craziest pie recipe you think I should try.  ☺


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I prefer pi.


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My first attempt at cinnamon rolls. They don't look perfect but the taste is.


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