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All Systems Red

Thoughts Murderbot Diaries #1 by Martha Wells, Tor.com 2017, 155 pages

Challenge: 20 Books of Summer

Genre/Theme: Artificial Intelligence, Humor, Fun Adventure

Type/Source: eBook / Libby-Kindle

What It’s About: We meet “Murderbot”, an artificial intelligence device called a “construct” which is a company-controlled machine, hired to protect. Murderbot is the private name given to themself but is referred to as “SecUnit” by the humans, aka the clients of the company that is on expedition to an unknown planet. Murderbot is the security detail to keep the humans safe from hostile fauna and flora. I had somehow assigned Murderbot a feminine pronoun, others have assumed Murderbot is a he. (I discovered this when I started reading reviews… I found it interesting I assumed Murderbot is a girl.)

The planet has another expedition party on the other side of the planet and when their communications link goes dark, the crew of Murderbot’s party decides to go check out what happened, either to render assistance and/or discover a threat.

In the ensuing survival efforts, the humans and Murderbot, reach new understandings of what it means to be a construct and a human. They become friends. Sort of.

Thoughts: Great fun and lots of laughs. The kind of sly wit and funny asides, under breath mutterings and sarcasm.

Rating: Four slices of pie. No pie mentioned.



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