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“He Tucked A Stray Hair Behind Her Ear”

Another funny bit I found in the current issue of BOOK PAGE was a letter to The Author Enabler who mentioned that there is a serious over-explosion in novels where someone tucks the hair of another behind the ear. I thought it might be a post idea to work with.

Have you noticed this? Book Page is encouraging other readers to send in examples of hair tucking and other silly cliches.


Just yesterday, I read this in Private Demons, Judy Oppenheimer’s bio of Shirley Jackson, in a letter from her husband Stanley:

“writin? taint nothin but fun!!!! neatly tucking a wisp of gray hair  in place. . . d’ruther be raisin my passel of kids but since they laid henry off at the mill . . . flouring her apron with careworn hands . . . n’poppin blueberry pies in the oven . . . neatly detaching her dogddamn head . . .shucks. . . yessir yessiree essireeindeedee!”

Sure it is not a nice message on many levels, but it was a hair tuck reference. (and a pie reference, in case you missed that, too.)

I’m trying to recall if Vronsky tucked any of Anna Karenina’s hair behind her ear. Or did I hear something like that in Bleak House already? Sounds like something Richard would to do Ada.

So do tell if you notice this in any of your current reads. I bet I will notice it going forward, will you?


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