Keys, Joyce and Guinness

First, Happy alentines Day to all no matter what kind of love you share with friends, family, pets and sweethearts.

I didn’t read as much on my vacation as I had hoped.    We spent more time sightseeing than lounging by the pool.     So for today’s Jousting with Joyce update, I can only report that I’m now further behind:  I’m still wandering with Dedalus in Chapter 3 so that puts me 3.5 chapters behind.

But!   and this is good news, I have some help.   I checked out a few books from the library AND received the most grand gift EVEH!  from my friend Jeanne who sent me this:

James Joyce’s Odyssey:  A Guide to the Dublin of Ulysses

I’m learning all sorts of interesting facts about lots of stuff.   And it is really sparking my interest in visiting Dublin, of course.

So where did I go for vacation?    the Florida Keys!    Where we found an Irish bar (of course).

This is me, toasting Joyce with a pint of Guinness.     If only I could have had a hefty copy of Ulysses with me; the photo would be perfect.

Back to reading…


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