Tuesdays Are For Wandering

I was just over at Aarti’s Book Lust blog reading through the posts I have missed (I don’t visit anyone every day since I gave up Google Reader) when she commented on how successful this year has been for her to read only what she wants to read when she wants to read it rather than get caught up in lists and challenges, etc. (Yikes! was that a long unwieldy sentence? Is ‘unwieldy’ a word?)

Of course, it got me thinking about how this year has been reading-wise for me. I am reading a bunch of big books. And not many that I even knew I wanted to read. (think: Stephen King, anyone?)

So, I would have to agree with Aarti that sometimes not having a plan is the BEST plan. And yet, this actually has to be a decision which thus makes it some kind of plan, afterall. Can you plan spontaneity? or only plan for prepping the right soil for the spontaneous seeds to sprout?

Isn’t spontaneity one of your favorite words? I like serendipity, too.

This random chain of thinking about blogging and reading and nonesuch propelled me to the thought of how awesome blogging is for me. And the other bloggers that make up my world. My virtual internet world of books and all things bookish and somethings not.

And how many of you have been truly influential. Aarti was one of my first prodders of re-reading. Well, I first admired and marveled at Jenny of Jenny’s Books but Aarti hosted the challenge. I did good on that one and I learned a little bit about myself. I like to re-read, I probably won’t do it often but have at least created a list of possibly re-reads for some future day. I do believe if you didn’t have the re-reading habit as a child, it is difficult to grasp the value of it as an adult. But you can say that about ANYTHING.

[Interesting side note that is likely most interesting to me and me alone: my neighbor told me how inspired and amazed she was by a little old lady in her 80s who asked her to teach her how to swim. Can you imagine? Being afraid of the water and then at the age of 80-something, you decide “What the hell – I will learn how to swim.” You GO Girl! My neighbor teaches swim lessons at the Y, if you didn’t figure that out…]

This whole post reminds me of Debi. One of the most joyful and loving and spunky bloggers who does 30 times what I do in a day and thinks she hasn’t done much. She’s amazing and she mails me the cutest cards and lovely little thoughts and I think she is all kinds of IMPORTANT. I value her not only for how she makes ME feel but knowing that she also has influenced quite a few other of us bloggers and I just think that is more than cool.

Which reminds me of Dewey. Could be that time of the year.

I have my group of bloggers that I call ‘my academics’. I feel smarter reading their posts, their book reviews with “wowza!” insights. Eva, Jeanne and LitLove fall into this category.

I love my readalong groupers! I can’t think of anything more wonderful about this year of reading as those troubadours who make me laugh and think and scream. Twitter would be nothing without you.

Well, have I wandered enough? Actually haven’t strayed too far off the path of my original idea of what to write about today:  bloggers I admire.

One more. I have a blogger friend who was such before I started this book blog and she now has a collection of poems available for purchase. I will be reviewing these soon. Her name is Moonbeam. Many have been encouraging her to put her literary writing and humor talents to a larger project than blogging for some years now so this is terribly exciting. I think she is wonderful: a big heart with mad writing skilz. Do check out her blog to see why I love her so:  www.MoonBeamMcQueen.com

I will be attempting to post over 50 times before the end of the year… You can expect more of these random whatnot posts because my goal is to start 2013 with my 1001th post. I’ve got 948 so far in my 5+ years of blogging. Feel free to give me some topics!


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Armchair BEA

[updated… TODAY IS ALSO Day 1 of Citizen Reader’s Book Menage. We will be discussing The Birth of Love by Joanna Kavenna and Sherwin B Nuland’s The Doctor’s Plague.]

Having just returned from a girls trip to Charleston SC to meet a book blogging friend, I will not be traveling to NYC to attend this year’s Book Expo America and Book Blogger Convention.   I was thrilled to attend last year, the BBC’s inaugural year and I truly am thrilled that BBC continues, bigger and better.

But in the meantime, I will be staying home and thus am eligible to participate in Armchair BEA!    Today’s post prompt is to introduce myself.

I am Care, short for BkClubCare which was my attempt to shorten Book Club Care without losing its meaning.   I began this blog in 2007 solely as a way to keep my mother, aunts and cousins in touch and discussing books.   We are scattered all over the country and I thought it would be fun to try and all read the same books and have a place to share what we thought.    I didn’t think I needed a cutesy clever blog name, so ‘Care’s Online Book Club’ was born.

HOWEVER.   However, the family involvement component failed to get off the ground and this became my place to ramble on about the books I have read.  I have attempted to actually host a few online read-alongs but these, too, have not caught on and I have abandoned all hopes of being an inspired book club leader.    Sigh…

A photo ‘borrowed’ from Book Journey of us last year in NYC:     Kim, Sheila and me.

I read most anything and everything. I love to explore genres and new authors – debuting or dead. I tend to more cerebral contemporary literature, but love historical fiction, light womens’ fiction, and nonfiction.   Before book blogging, I rarely read new releases and I’m already amazed how many books published in 2011 I’ve read so far this year.  Before book blogging, I couldn’t tell you my favorite authors because I rarely read more than one book by anyone!   Now I can list off Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Virginia Woolf, Ian McEwen, Sarah Allen Addison, David McCullough, Sarah Waters, Tracy Kidder, Daphne Du Maurier, Anna Quindlan, John Green, Jennie Nash, etc.

I rarely accept ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) so please don’t ask.

I try to avoid series books.

I buy cookbooks for my husband.

I love dogs.  

I am buying a boat to sail the ocean blue.

I like pie.   Purple is my favorite color.   I collect lobster things.

I love to read and chat about books and thus, I am a book blogger.   (Read this for more.)



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Weekly Geek Week TWENTY TWO

For the who/what/where/when/etc, please visit Dewey here.

My first visit to a blog I had never visited before was Kristian and Rachel’s American Bibliophile.     (Rachel reads and writes and wears cool shades.   Kristian judges books by the cover but this works for her, so who am I to judge!)   However, I can’t tell – or I’m missing it?  – who is writing what posts?     Lots of stuff here, readings all over the genre maps and good short posts about books, reading, and whatever.   A great mix of stuff.

For my next visit, I chose to linger here because of the blog’s title;  I love words.    And I’m in love with the header:   Worducopia : I love fountain pens, too!   My favorite post was this one and it happens to be (at the time of this writing) the most recent.  go figure!    In good Geek-Spirit, I had to investigate further and find out if we have similar reading tastes…     We do and we don’t.  I couldn’t find anything we’ve both read, at least recently.    But I love her writing style and I’ll be back for more.     And she loves nonfiction.     This is an excellent post:   Memoirs.

Blondie Rocket over at Reading Comes From Writing has a great post that really highlights her reading style – I got a good glimpse what kind of reader she is before I ever read a review.   The one review that inspired me the most to add the book to my tbr was this one:   A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of A Boy Soldier. I like that she really mixes up genres – nonfiction, light mystery, recent releases, etc.

Nice to meet ya Everyone!   Happy Weekly Geek and Happy Halloween Week, too.

My Name is Care, I’m a Weekly Geek

For those few who haven’t yet wandered over to meet Dewey at the Hidden Side of the Leaf, let me welcome you to a new activity being enthusiastically embraced throughout the bookblogdom:  Weekly Geeks.

The mission in this kickoff round is to explore new blogs!  Yippee!    My motivation to join was to not be left out, of course.   

On Monday, I happened to jump to some new-to-me blogs BEFORE I got to to read about the first week’s exercise.   Whoo hoo!  talk about serendipity!   (is that the right word?   I sure wish the opposite of looking up a definition could soon be invented…  ya know, when you put some long crazy combo of words that needs ONE word that means all that?   It just doesn’t quite work right for me yet, but I’ve attempted it many times…)

And then I was plagued – ok, I realize not a great word, I do not mean anything negative! – with the task of wanting to really discover new blogs that the readers of MY blog hadn’t already found through this exercise.   Which is exactly what happened when I started checking my regular blogs and found that they, too, having also declared themselves geeky, were finding new and exciting places!   which I had just found.    Uh oh.

This is getting to be a long and unwieldy post but I slog on.     What makes this a long and time-tasking post is that my linking mechanism in my wordpress editor doesn’t work because I have an outdated browser.   And I feel the need to tell you that.   But I love wordpress so I won’t change;  my goal is a new PC!     Anyway, without boring you – oh?  too late?! – I had to cut and paste and recheck my HTML to make sure the linking works…  and re-check the blogs I want to share, have to leave some comments!  and I want to tell more about why I LIKE these new-to-me blogs.

How is Dewey going to check all this?!    I am totally amazed at her enthusiastic slogging abilities!!!!  All hail Dewey!   clap clap applause…   I think there is something mentioned about all of us taking a week to suggest the next geeky thing to do, come to think of it.     Finally!   my sharings of new-to-me blogs!!!  (except, I also include blogs that I don’t check often enough, too, so some have been in my blogroll already.)

1.  Nancy J Nordenson at Just Thinking has well-written posts about books and bookshop tourism and other stuff worth of just thinking about.     I LURVE the banner at the top, too.    She doesn’t post often, but they are always insightful sharings.   She uses typepad blog.

Here’s an example of a first paragraph on a post from March:

This weekend I was in Chicago, the city that dyes its river green for St. Patrick’s Day. They tossed the dye in a few days early this year due to the Vatican’s worldwide request that celebrations take place on the weekend rather than during Holy Week. Besides stopping on Michigan Avenue next to the Wrigley Building to peer down into the river, thick and shiny like “Lucky Charm Green” poured from a can of Benjamin Moore, my husband, son, and I stopped at a few other city sites, maybe not as eye-popping but certainly equally or more gratifying.

Can’t you just see the green river?!   

 2.  Janice Harayda at One Minute Book Reviews.   Her latest post has a teaser for a book called Purplicious.    I am so looking forward to hearing about this and I want to hear it from her.  Because I love the color purple and she hints of controversy…    This site is very professional and current.    This is a WordPress blog which I found awhile ago by searching tags for book reviews.

3.  Brandon at BookStorm.   Great title, isn’t it?   I found Brandon from the comments at another of my absolute favorites:   Nonfiction Readers Anonymous.    Two reasons I am looking forward to this blog more:   he’s a guy and I want to talk with more guys who read.   That’s OK to admit, isn’t it?   for variety’s sake?    The second reason is because he’s reading Anna Karenina which I hope to get back to some month this year.   He’s another typepaddian.

4. Christine says SHE READS BOOKS.   She’s the one I found over at Bookstack and tracked back to find her post about Weekly Geeks.  Thank you Christine!   (Another wordpresser)


5. Amateur de Livre’s Weblog Amateur de Livre To be honest, I’ve only read a few posts here – (thanfully,) lots of short ones! I found this blog through Chartroose over at Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage! SO, this is my example of finding a new blog from another’s weekly geek post! Only fair play, I say. (Yet another wordpresser)

Wow, I need to go read more blogs now… and the actual BOOK I’ve been reading…