BBAW 2016 Day 5 – Don’t Worry Be Happy #BBAW


I’m in it for the long haul.

The question for today is…   What keeps me at this?

I feel very comfortable here. I figured out a long time ago that I do this for me and if an audience finds me, that is extra whipped cream on the pie slice that is this blog.pierating2 I just don’t worry about it.

I want to thank all the bloggers who have participated in BBAW this week, for the Twitter chats, the Superlatives, the visits and comments. I want to thank the organizers who are so extremely enthusiastic and dedicated and passionate for this community. I’m proud to know you.

Thanks to whoever listed my blog in the post “Literary Blogs“. Cool. I am humbled.

Group hug!

Perhaps BBAW, I thought, isn’t just one week in a year? Perhaps BBAW lives in the hearts of book-friends far and near…


Now go eat some pie. Tomorrow, Feb 20, is Cherry Pie Day. I don’t know who decided this and I don’t care. I will be making a Chocolate Stout Cherry Pie and you will see photos on Instagram…

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BBAW 2016 Day 3 – Blogger Influence

Hello. Welcome to Care’s Books and Pie Blog.  pierating1

I am writing this on Day 3 at 7 pm. 7pm

I have no excuse.

I just couldn’t approach today’s topic without a heavy heart so I avoided it.





Then I decided to visit a few blogs that I know and love just to see what they were doing for Day 3 and would you not freaking believe it?! but each one of them mention me and I got all verklempt.

So thank you Trini and Jeanne and Laurie.



Then. I decided to go visit the official BBAW site for all the links to today’s topic and I saw this:

Conversely, what is a book(s) you’ve attempted to push on everyone and their mother? Was it a success or a failure? What book would you push on me RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

Hmmm, I can work with this.

I ask you, you Reader you, (which is why you are still here and reading THIS thus far, is because you must be a book lover or a lover of pie and I respect both): “Be honest, how do react when a book is suggested for book club that you have NEVER HEARD OF?”

Because we all KNOW all the books. ALL THE BOOKS.

What is your reaction when you get a book suggestion which is of a title you are unfamiliar with and/or  – if not a debut – an author you do not know?!  cuz you know, as a blogger, you are tuned in and know shit, amirite!?

Well, I will admit that I get suspicious. I usually have at least heard of or recognize ALL THE FREAKIN’ BOOKS, right?! Even if I don’t know all the details. [True story – I found out today that The Royal We – which I have dismissed as not-for-me due to pure snobbery – is written by the Go Fug Yourself duo which is a website I followed religiously way back in the day. Now I think I must read this book. Shannon’s endorsement just might shame my book snobbery, too, but whatever.]

FINALLY, I have a point.

Go read this:  dintgbyei

Death in the Garden was a neighborhood book club choice. I had never heard of it. I did not know the author. Goodness, the cover is NOT inspiring. So pale and …  pastel.

Whaddya know. I LOVED IT!!  And so did my friend who read it because I loved it and she loved it! so let’s give this book some book-blogger love!!  THIS is the book I wish for you to experience and see if you agree with me for its insightful feminism, intriguing mystery, lovely time and setting, and overall impressiveness. I dare you.

dintgbyeiI probably should just read more mysteries…

But truly, this is the only book I can think of lately that has entered or paraded my consciousness that I didn’t already know of or have heard of or whatever from somewhere else than blogs. One of the book clubs I joined here in NC has the entire year slated with 80% books I’ve already read and the other 20% on my tbr with me knowing the synopsis! [It’s the neighborhood bookclub I’m worried out… which is the one that introduced me to Death in the Garden. Read it.]

I really don’t get out much…









PS – Remember STICKY BOOKS? Those books that you loved and no one has ever heard of? Actually that isn’t the definition of  ‘sticky books’ but this is THE book I loved and have never ever met anyone who has read:  Out of the Flames. So go read this, too, ifyouplease. Thanks.

And a big shout out to everyone who has rec’d a book to me.   Happy BBAW!

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BBAW 2016 Day 2 – INTERVIEW @baystateRA #BBAW


How exciting to be assigned to interview a blogger that I have actually met in “real” life! Though HOW exactly we began the conversation to meet, I don’t quite recall, I do know it was facilitated by Boston’s Book Festival. Maybe – read on to find out. (Her memory is way better than mine.)

LAURIE of Bay State Reader’s Advisory!

Here’s the proof: IMG_4098

It’s blurry – can’t find the original original. Laurie on the left, I’m on the right and my ever-so-wonderful friend Holly in the middle. (hi Holly!!) The year was 2012. The place was the Boston Book Festival. We had a great time, I remember that.


Q1 from Care:  Laurie, I’m embarrassed but I don’t remember how we first got introduced?!  Can you jog my memory? Let’s compare notes!  (Thankfully, she remembers and sadly, I do not!)

A1 by Laurie:  Our first contact was on Twitter, back in the spring or summer of 2012. I had a librarian/personal Twitter (@lacavanaugh) before adding a book blogger one (@baystateRA). I tweeted something about the Wareham Gatemen, a team in the Cape Cod Baseball League, and that’s how you knew we were located in the same area of Massachusetts at the time and that’s how we learned that we both had book blogs. You came and introduced yourself to me at the reference desk of the library in Wareham, where I was working at the time. The group selfie you took is from the Boston Book Festival in October 2012; we were both planning to go anyway, and you invited me to meet up with you and your friend Holly there. I was late, of course, but found you and cut in line to join you for whatever author program we were waiting in line for!   Ok, I *DO* now remember when I walked up to you at the Wareham Library and introduced myself! I loved that library…


Q2 from Care:  How many of virtual book friends have you met in real life? 

A2 by Laurie:  I attended one BEA Book Bloggers Conference and I was extremely shy about introducing myself to people and no one had ever heard of my book blog anyway! I sat with Mandy Boles, who at the time blogged at “The Well-Read Wife” (now and her husband, but the only other book blogger I remember actually going up to and saying hi to was Sheila of Book Journey. It felt like meeting a celebrity!  Goodness – it wasn’t 2010, was it? Because I went to BEA BBC in 2010!!  I roomed with Celebrity Sheila; along with Kim the Sophisticated Dork and Esme of Chocolate and Croissants!!



Q3 from Care:  I know that as proponent of all things library, I sense a bit of a  disdain for goodreads. Would you like to share why you don’t do Amazon?  I get it, and I sympathize but I just have SO MUCH LOVE for Audible because it is 3000x easier than downloading any books from the library. I just don’t get why it is so freakin’ hard.  Multiple signins, inane searching, I can’t ever find what I want to listen to.

A3 by Laurie: Oh, oops! Does it seem like I have disdain for GoodReads? Yikes! That makes me a bad librarian, as we are supposed to be extremely open-minded and not snobby. I do prefer LibraryThing to GoodReads, but maybe not just for highbrow/snobby reasons! It seems more indie and less commercial to me than GoodReads, which is now owned by some megalomaniacal monopoly or other. Is it Amazon or Google? I usually favor the underdog, and LibraryThing is definitely the underdog! It’s a haven for book nerds who don’t want drama.
Audible is a great temptation, and I do use the Audible app for gift audiobooks. I actually had a problem with having two accounts, and the customer service people were very helpful in getting me access to all of my Audible content again finally. Although I did have to talk to one of the reps on the phone instead of being able to take care of it online, I do appreciate that it was good customer service! Amazon is trying to take over the book world — retail, publishing, and lending — and that worries me. Amazon doesn’t play well with libraries. When it looked like library users were starting to choose Nooks over Kindles because of OverDrive, which used the ePub format — Amazon decided to “lend” KindleBooks through OverDrive, but Kindle users had to borrow their OverDrive books from Amazon directly. If you have not tried the new OverDrive app for audiobooks on your phone or iPod, you need to give it a new chance! It is so much easier to use now, and the searching/browsing is better! For libraries to purchase ebooks and e-audiobooks, it’s much more expensive than for consumers to purchase them, so that is why the selection seems limited. Many libraries in Massachusetts are now offering additional ebook and e-audio lending options, too, such as Commonwealth Ebook Collections and Hoopla.
OK, Laurie, I’ll commit to another attempt. I will have to GO in person and ask a real librarian because I just spent an hour or two online this past weekend trying again. It was totally annoying –  search capability didn’t have title nor author options (WHA?!?!?)  It wanted to only  recommend choices by genre. It wasn’t Overdrive, either. Anyway, I’ll shut up.


Q4 by Care:  What is the ONE biggest positive you can name for blogging?

A4 by Laurie: The online community! Back in the early Internet days, listservs and online bulletin boards were how people with shared interests connected online. I did a lot of that back then, but book blogging is much friendlier, somehow. Maybe because book bloggers are not as anonymous. Maybe because the book blogging community is mostly women? Or maybe because readers in general –male or female! 



Q5 from Care:  Are you surprised with how blogs have evolved to include Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook, etc?

A5 by Laurie:  Short answer = yes. Long answer is yes and I hope we don’t spread ourselves too thin over too many platforms. We only have a finite amount of time in a day! I keep hearing that blogging is passé now, but I hope that’s not true. There are so many book blogs that I would love to keep up with more regularly, but I know it’s impossible, so I do the best I can. I do wish everyone would use WordPress for their book blogs to make it easier for me to read, follow, and comment! I wonder if all the Blogger users know how easy-peasy it is to switch to and how helpful the WordPress happiness engineers are during the process?  Oh yes, I love WordPress and have not had too many problems or issues to deal with. And I love Twitter. And Instagram… and even have a ton of Facebook friends from blog-world.

Laurie is a fabulous librarian – extremely knowledgeable about books and very involved with the Massachusetts literary scene. She rec’d a book to me last year, The Orphans of Race Point, and I’ve been successfully recommending it, too. REALLY good. Laurie often features recipes on her blog and I also happen to know that she is quite a dancer. If you don’t know Laurie yet, go meet her!

I answer some of these same questions at Laurie’s blog (CLICK HERE) and a few other questions she threw to me: Like, how/why I named my blog and where I might be taking it in the future. (CLICK HERE) And, what’s with the PIES?! and, other things. Visit her today. (CLICK HERE).

Happy BBAW!



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Lots Going On!

I didn’t realize it had been almost 10 days since my last post but I can tell you I’ve been reading and listening and enjoying myself.

First, it is BBAW week and I have no idea how much I will participate but it is a worthy event – I’ve been following along since the beginning. Click on the button below for how to join in all the fun:

And it is RIP time once again. (R)eaders (I)mbibing (P)eril is an extremely popular event that I bet people (like me) actually do participate but forget to actually register and commit and check in with. I can’t decide if I want to read four books or just one or …  But I already am reading IT by Stephen King and I want to support the #MonsterMash bloggers by reading American Psycho and/or the Hannibal Lector book which I forget the title but should be Silence of the Lambs but isn’t? I don’t know, whatever.

So click on this button to go see what level YOU want to do and exhort me to do the same, will ya?

Dare I ask, ‘what else?’ I have four reviews to write! I will likely do a mini-review post of three and I still have to write my halfway post for #italong. If you haven’t seen the NOSES, do click on the post for that by clicking on this underlined part of this sentence and if you don’t mind very bad (nasty) language, you can enjoy Softdrink’s latest creative spurt about being on a boat. I choked with laughter. Plus I’m mentioned in it so I am  quite pleased and feel like one of the cool kids, ie not a loser…

Happy Fall Reading!

Get ready for Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon, too. It’s October 13.


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BBAW Book Blogging Future Treasures

What a fun Book Blogger Appreciation Week it has been!   I’ve added only 12 books to my tbr but I was trying to refrain from going too crazy.   I have enjoyed visiting and reconnecting with book bloggers all over the world.

Thank you everyone who has stopped by and encouraged my little book club in my corner of bookblogosphere.    APPLAUSE to Amy and the entire team for the hard work to organize this.    My goals are to continue to have fun, explore literature, keep track of what I read, share my thoughts, and maybe read more poetry.    Here’s CHEERS to a prosperous reading life for everyone.

“There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature.”
HHHHHHH — P.G. Wodehouse

May I update that to say a a ‘mutual interest in and enthusiasm for reading‘!

See some of you at the Boston Book Festival, hopefully ALL of you at Dewey’s Read-A-Thon, Bloggiesta, various read-alongs, in, on Twitter, BEA/BBC? etc...


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BBAW: Forgotten Treasures

<– click on the button to go to the BBAW website…

I just scanned through my recent read list and don’t have anything too obscure that no one has ever heard of.   Most are classically known or were recommendations from bloggers so that doesn’t count, right?

So, I thought I would highlight a book that someone recommended to me out in the ‘real world’ and upon hearing more about, was absolutely sure that my circle of book bloggers would have known about.

But, NO!**

By the way, if you don’t use or don’t know about Fyrefly’s Book Blog Search Engine, get thyself over to that pronto and get signed up to be on it!     –>  Fyrefly’s Book Blog Search Engine About Page   <–

When I entered title and author into the awesome couldn’t-live-without Fyrefly’s Book Blog Search Engine, I only found ONE true review and a bunch of lists featuring the author’s name.   So all hail Litlove* for reading this and saying it is wonderful because I really really do want to read it someday:

Lady’s Maid by Margaret Forster

Published in 2007  by Ballantine Books, here’s what the blurb is off my local indie bookstore, Baker’s Books has to say.

In Forster’s historically authentic novel, Elizabeth Wilson, Elizabeth Barrett’s maid and confidante, describes her daily experiences, her impressions of the large household and, especially, her sickly but charismatic mistress’s relationship with Mr. Browning.

Publisher Comments
“Absorbing…Heartbreaking…Forster paints a vivid picture of class, station, hypocrisy and survival in Victorian society….Grips the reader’s imagination on every page.”
She was Elizabeth Barrett’s lady’s maid. But “Wilson” was more than that. She was a confidante, friend and conspirator in Elizabeth’s forbidden romance with Robert Browning. Wilson stayed with Elizabeth for sixteen years, through every trial and crisis, and when Wilson’s affairs took a dramatic turn she expected the same loyalty from Elizabeth….

I love historical fiction (though you couldn’t really tell that by what I have read lately) and I do love me some Victorian lit and forbidden love and secrecy and hypocrisy and shenanigans…   AND I want to explore  more poetry so why not some poets, too.    What about you?   Have you read this or want to?



* and Litlove is one of my favorite bloggers, too.

**  Only one other friend in goodreads has this on a to-be-read list.   I really expected more.    Maybe because book blogging was just really getting started in 2007?   This just sounds like a bookblogosphere kind of book to me…

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Appreciating Book Blogging

Before Book Blogging: I only read between 12 and 30 books per year.
Now: I shoot for 100 books a year but seem to only average about 6 books per month.  Still, I’m quite impressed with myself.

Before Book Blogging:   I never ever ever re-read anything.
Now:   I sign up for challenges like Flashback where I re-read favorite books from years past – some not so distant!  (I read The Book Thief in 2009 and again this year.)

Before Book Blogging: I rarely went out of my way to read more works by a particular author.
Now: I want to get my hands on anything and everything written by Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwen, Jennie Nash, Khaled Hosseini, Jhumpa Lahiri, Neil Gaiman, manymanymanymore.

Before Book Blogging: I had never heard of Neil Gaiman, Nadine Gordimer, Diana Wynn Jones, Beth Kephart, Kazuo Ishiguro, …
Now: I’m glad there are more authors out there than Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, Dan Brown, Grisham, Picoult.

Before Book Blogging: I would not have recommended Neil Gaiman.
Now: I am amazed when someone doesn’t know who Neil Gaiman is!!

Before Book Blogging:  I never knew what a graphic novel was, now I can say I have even read a few.

Before Book Blogging: I would ask people if they’ve read anything good lately and I had rarely heard of it.
Now: I usually have heard of everything or at least the author and often have already read it myself!

Before Book Blogging: I would enter a bookstore and be overwhelmed by so many book choices.
Now: Still am…  But now I’ve heard of a few of them.    [Or a lot of them:    I get a thrill when I walk around the Borders Buy-One-Get-Half-Off-A-Second table and I can count off, “read it, read it, want-to-read it, read it, read it, bought it, got it, read it, just read it, will read it soon, etcetcblahblahblah.]

Before Book Blogging:   I was sad because I didn’t know who to talk to about books…
Now: I have TOO MANY wonderful bloggers to visit and chat with!!     😉


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