I have had this post in draft form, empty, for quite awhile now.

I can only keep saying that “I loved this book.”   

Then I saw the movie.    I keep saying, “I really liked the movie.”


I can’t seem to find any whys!    I have no words?      So this is one more ‘sort of review’. 

Just trying to clean up my drafts!     Thanks for reading.    In the meantime, until I finish On Chesil Beach, also by Ian McEwan, when I hope to give a PROPER review, please enjoy this:

It’s almost 5 minutes, but oh!  so, tender!   and HOT. 

PS – I discovered that I need to upgrade my IE or get Firefox, and that is why the trouble with linking and image/video uploading.  FYI.  In case you care.   I know you do, don’t you.

Aha! Found it

I find one little line in a journal from 2003 that our book club had decided to read Atonement for August… 

I have NO notes about it, but did find a review of The Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks.   I LOVED it.     I also have notes from when we read The Old Man and the Sea.   I clearly remember that meeting but NOT the Atonement one.  Darn.

I’m discovering that I might want to go through all past journals and gather up all the ‘read this…’ notations (both past tense and future demand) that are scattered through pages.     Just another sigh for ‘so many books, so little time…