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Saturday Snapshot

Alyce of At Home With Books hosts a meme called Saturday Snapshot; this is my first time to participate.

Awhile back, Jenners informed me that I was required by the Blogger’s Handbook to post about my prom. Thought the time was right for me to share. Enjoy. I am hiding the identity of the guy we shall henceforth refer to as “Steve”.

I hated prom.  H.A.T.E.D. Prom. The whole concept of prom, the whole idea of prom, the whole ‘gotta find a freakin’ date for prom, prom crap.

Do I look like I’m enjoying myself?  I wasn’t.

I hated my dress. I was embarrassed that I felt I had to go. I didn’t want to go. I hated that I was peer pressured into actually going to prom because I didn’t have the guts to (be goth and) NOT go to prom. (not that ‘goth’ was around in 1983 Kansas; I was a “good girl”.)

My mother made that horrid hot pink mess of a nasty dress. Keep in mind that in 1983, the Gone-With-the-Wind hoop skirts were “in”.

I’m getting all worked up just writing about this.

Steve was a boy I knew from church who went to a different high school and was nice enough to go to prom with me when I asked him. I took him to a nice restaurant – he drove, I paid – and we attended PROM.  It was at the school.  I have no idea what the theme was.

I was home by 11 pm.

THAT was my prom.

The next time I attended a formal-dance-like event was with my husband – we were only dating then – in my 5th year of college, at a sorority formal.  I never attended ANY of my sorority (or anybody else’s) formals until I was an “Alum’.

My husband was my first boyfriend.

I’m still married to my first boyfriend; twenty-three years and counting.

Am I done now?  Did I fulfill the Blogger’s Handbook obligation, Jenners?!?


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