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Update May 2021 in Review

 Monthly Recap Time!

I finished _8_ books in May. Total for the year: 48 (19 mention pie)

Total page count (including print page count for books I listen-read) = __3216__, + Q1+ May = 12119 TOTAL pages for the year.

Finished __2__ audiobook (47.13 hours!!) 

Hardcover = 3

eBook (Kindle or Libby) = 3

Tradeback = __0___were paperback

Count from the library =  _2_, TCM and D,T — 5 purchased , 1 given to me (Thanks Ellen!)


My favorite was The Cold Millions, maybe? Huh, a lot of really good 4 star reads, too. Detransition, Baby was great. Swann was one I was glad to read; Salvage the Bones, too. And The Book of Longings! I really can’t say ANY of these 8 were in any way disappointing.

I visited France and I visited the Middle East at the time of Christ. Mississippi by the coast, Dublin Ireland, Brooklyn NYC, Ontario Canada, Spokane Washington at the turn of the century, and Ohio.

I want to count No One is Talking About This as nonfiction; apparently it is an novel.

Fave quote?

“It isn’t important.” “Everything’s important.” “I can’t remember what I was going to say.” She looked down at her rhubarb pie and pledged herself not to jeopardize what was left of the evening.

from SWANN by Carol shields

It was a good month. Bring on #20BooksofSummer!


Pie? Swann had pie. So did Salvage the Bones and The Cold Millions. and the Lockwood had a pie chart. It counts.

I made a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with a friend last week. Will have to make another for June 9, this pie’s official day.


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