The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Mini-thoughts   The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley, 2010 Bantam Books Trade Paperback Edition (orig copyright 2009), 370 pages.


– William King, The Art of Cookery (1708)

Just so you know, I will not be reviewing this book here.   In this post…   NOT a review.

And, I’m OK with that because I have decided that I am not and do not want to be a book reviewer.     I prefer this blog to be a place where I talk yap about the books I read and —   actually I prefer 1)  you either already know about the book and/or have read it already, too.   OR 2)  you prefer not to know anything whatsoever about it but just want me to tell you YES!  READ THIS!  or NO!  DON’T BOTHER!!

Well, if you checked box #2, I won’t be telling you yes nor will I tell you no.

Cuz it depends.

I read this because it has been well received in book-blogosphere and had a precociously smart and clever girl for protagonist.    [I really read this because it has PIE in the title.]     My friend loaned it to me.      I appreciate the cover; relevant to the story and such a pretty green.

It’s good.   I enjoyed it.   It’s a mystery – crime thriller.    It’s smart*.     Characters are terrific.     I really loved that the author is 70+ years old and this is his first novel.   It won an award for debut mystery books (the Crimewriter’s Association Debut Dagger Award).     That’s just cool.   Congratulations Mr. Bradley!

This satisfies the FOOD category of the What’s in a Name 3 Challenge.

RATING:  Three Pie Slices – of Custard Pie.     if you like coconut:   Amazing Coconut Custard Pie Post

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*   A BIG Thank you to Wordlily for word definitions – I needed to prep/study….   HERE and HERE.

Honestly, I dislike series books and will not likely read the next one which happens to be out very soon: The Weed That Stings the Hangman’s Bag.  Perhaps I’m not in such a plot-driven mood?   I’m missing Virginia Woolf but don’t have anything in house;  however, I have found solace in the book I just picked up Love Begins in Winter by Simon Van Booy.    It’s quite lovely.


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