★ Starrify ☆

2011-9:  WORDS

I will ☆ starrify ✫ today’s date in my calendar and  ★ in my journal because it has been a wonderful day and ‘starrify’ is my new adopted word.    Adopted words are much easier to deal with than say, ☆ a new adopted puppy.

“What’s this?”,  you ask?  ✫ “You have adopted a word?” ╰☆╮

Yes.  ☆ I have adopted the word ☆ STARRIFY which means to decorate with ★ stars.   I was enamored ☆ with this word precisely because it SOUNDS like its meaning.    I love that, I do. ✫

“But, Care!   What is the word-adoption thing of which you speak?”

Why, it’s this ✫ week’s WEEKLY GEEK ☆ THEME!  click on stack of books here–> Insert a loud╰☆╮WAHOO here:

☆ WAHOO!✫!

I have been feeling guilty about Weekly Geeks and ★ even started a post to recap the entire month of February’s Weekly Geek ☆ post ideas and then this week’s theme popped up and I was…  ✫   very excited.

★ Click here —>  here  <—-, then come back here ✰

I hit the random-word pop up over and over and over again.   I was a tad dismayed that the suggested words up for adoption were not cut-and-paste-able ✰ for me to go search the definitions but when I realized that ✫ the definitions are so goddammed obscure that you can’t seem to find the definitions, I got discouraged instead. ╰☆╮

and then ✫ STARRIFY popped into my life and I fell hard in love with this word.   ☆ HOW COULD SUCH A LOVELY WORD need to be adopted?   How can it be that this word has fallen into disuse or never caught on at all?  I am  ✫ flabbergasted.  Surely, ★ every teenybopper in ♥ love with Justin Bieber knows how to star✫rify his photo, right?!

It’s a word ☆ and it is now mine and I give you permission to use it.     Please don’t let them cull it!

╰☆╮ To finish with ALL the recommended tasks of this week’s theme… ☆

1 – Go to Save The Word.org to look ☆ at all the words that are either not being used enough or are due for a cull probably within the next couple of years. ✫ Adopt a word.
√ DONE  ✓
2 – What is your pet peeve word? – the word that makes you grind your teeth ✰ with either it’s over use or being used out of context. ☆
My pet peeve word today is “SICK”.  I just can’t get ☆ aboard that train that sick means ‘cool’.   Sick reminds me of vomit and I just can’t get past that…
3 – What is a word you adore, ★ or a word ✰ that you feel is not used enough.  ☆ Irrespective of meaning or even era it’s a word that you just love.
I like ╰☆╮ many words.   Like discombobulated ✫ which my husband was this weekend because he was dealing with jetlag from a quick trip to ★ Rotterdam, the Netherlands (sadly, I was unable to go with him), gravel, sweet, sugar, happy, precocious, pedantic, annoying (it even sounds annoying, thus I love it), … ☆
I can’t ✫ remember all of them but this is a frequent topic of conversation, especially on road trips which we don’t often take anymore now ✰ that we live in New England.   Long story?
✫ But words that should be used MORE?    Alas…   nifty!      scunner, thole, plonk and squiffy. ╰☆╮

4 – Lastly what is your opinon on word culling or the rise in “text speak” that’s happening now.
I first read this ☆ as if it was asking about my opinion on the word ‘culling’ but upon a second read, I think we are to comment on the process of ‘word-culling’…   Um, I don’t know.  ✫  I am amazed that in times like ours, ★ that any definition of a word would not somehow be on the internet for everlasting recall ability but I guess if those old outdated dictionaries never get digitized… egads!

As to text speak?  ╰☆╮ I am against all dropping of vowels ✫ for the sake of quick typing-texting.   ☆ Then again, I have an old phone and texting is just irritating and I would prefer ☆ to talk or email.    (Sigh, I am so old…)

✫ Starry, ☆ starry night…   ╰☆╮ Bedeck the ☆ night with stars ✫,

How ✫ happy and ✫ dazzled ★ we can be

☆ If stars ✫✰✫ are everywhere ☆ for us ✫ to see… ☆

And, finally, I must share why this has been a starrific ✫ starrable day for me!   I played outside with the dogs, I did a ton of yardwork ★ which was something I enjoy, the snow has almost all melted now, Hubby smoked chickens ☆ and little necks and salmon and sausages and he is ☆ an awesome chef, the weather was just perfect ☆ for doing yard work and building cairns and playing with dogs, I was able to select a ✰ substitute teaching job for tomorrow, a friend emailed me with the nicest email ☆ that she received the book I sent her, and I have been in a ☆ good busy happy mood.   Happy day with deserves ☆ starrification.   I hope you had a day worth ☆ starrifying, too!  ✰



somehow be on the internet for everlasting recall ability but I guess if those old outdated dictionaries never get digitized… egads!HIdeinWhitetoSkipLine

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