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Misery Readalong Save-the-Date #MiseryRAL

Hello Readalong-Kingalong-ers!

I hereby announce another Stephen King Readalong, this time it is MISERY, in the merry month of June.


Because, in supporting the search for the scariest book of King’s repertoire, I recall that the bits in IT that scared me the most were Bev’s real life hell. So it is with this in mind that I decide that Misery, with its setting of ‘real life’ and no woo-woo heebie-jeebie supernatural elements – I’m supposing here – I suspect that Misery will be the one that scares me the most.

Truthfully, I am not into the search as much as Jill. I really am not sure why I selected this book but I’m keeping whatever promise it was that I would read Misery in June and I now invite you all to join me.

Informal, using Twitter hashtag #MiseryRAL, a June beginning post with comment sign-up and a June ending post with review/summation. Sound reasonable?


I have not seen the movie but I do know which actors play the parts of author and fan.

I hope to listen to the audiobook myself. Mowing the lawn and listening to King are a true pleasure and are to be connected. It is lawn-mowing season where I am and so I need a King audiobook…


However, I did recently purchase the hardcover at a library book sale a few weeks ago and this author photo on the back just MIGHT BE the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on a King book: IMG_1430

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