Addendum to Poetry Edition 3 ⯁ 2021

This page features some poems that I wrote on postcards and mailed to a few of my book-blogging book-lovin’ friends.

This first one I sent to Stef in Minnesota:

Had lunch with friends

old friends, new again

some, notreallyjustbut

acquaintances  ̶

Stopped to buy groceries

on way home

before that, stopped at an Indie bookstore

found these KS postcards


wanted to…

inspired to!


(this poem)


Writing, drinking beer, after

planting, zinnias potting;

That were on sale at the grocer

for $2 each.

Another poem, I sent to my friend Meg, a former coworker:

Am finding stress

alleviation perhaps

distraction from

by cutting 4 x 6 cards

or not quite quite 4 and

5 1/2 + or so

This is from Maxor.

Am I trying to

antagonize the


as a book penpal


Is this a poem?

it doesn’t even reference

the blue, green

pharmacy view

Wish you were here

(not “here” as in inside the pharmacy!!! LOL)

And a big THANK YOU to Stef for sending me this nifty LitHub article about pie.

*Ruthiella told me I was antagonizing the post office. LOL

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