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Times… They are a’changin’…


FRIENDS! I love this little spot of my internet. It is all mine. You have chosen to visit. Welcome! Stay and read my thoughts or move on. Your choice.

Wow! I suppose, in the world “before internet”, I could have just stood on a street corner and shouted out a few lovely thoughts (I prefer to shout out lovely thoughts) and you – assuming you were walking by – could have stopped to see if I entertained or informed or you could have walked on, ignoring my rantings.


Here you are (I am assuming you are still here.)

It is 6:43 on Saturday evening as I type this. I have my amazing chef-husband cooking up some tasty conglomeration (yum) while I postpone figuring out who I might want to send a Christmas card to next…)

OH! I just asked my husband his TOP 3 favorite MUST WATcH Christmas movies and suggested:  Elf, Scrooged and Die Hard.

(These MIGHT be mine?)

And he PROTESTED! What about Rudolph! What about The Christmas Story?!



Please share YOUR top 3 favorite must-watch Holiday movies.

I’m now going to sit in a corner, sip my Manhattan, and read til I finish, the Gaines’ The Magnolia Story…  If you want my newest address and/or want a Christmas card, drop a note here in the comments.


*So… What exactly does this post title mean!? I don’t know. Feel free to suggest.


** Oscar is feeling ‘poorly’. Please send a healthy thought to the universe on his behalf.

*** I watched Hidden Figures this afternoon. GREAT movie!!!!!






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Just… Musings

Random Thoughts


Just finished:  The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery – my kind of book. LOVED it.

Review post that I am pondering over:  ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King – I am thinking this is the scariest I’ve read, really!

Book just started:  Never Change by Elizabeth Berg – another book that has the author’s name bigger than the title. HATE that.

State of indecision:  Should I commit to Nanowrimo? Do I dare? Do I just try to do it on my own or does going to the site and signing in make it more real? I am worried that I will give up and also that I won’t have any idea how to start. I don’t have any stories in me. How WILL I ever start? Should I attempt to just WRITE or should I now be structuring a story outline with characters and some sort of event, a problem, a building up to a big explosion and then the aftermaths? Ah… I don’t know.


I fear I have a book hangover.

I was so immersed and relishing the wild thought revelry that was Hedgehog Elegance — knowing that there is no way I could ever write a book like THAT. And now, I start the Berg book and it is cutting close to the bone in terms of protagonist. Ouch, you might say. I am reading it with an eye for a nanowrimo experiment and I’m not measuring up.

Pour on top of that ice cream sundae all the angst of my life – making a fool of myself today calling the school district wondering where my paycheck is only to find out that the paycycle ended last week and they will need another to cut the damn thing. Oh. “Ok, nevermind. Thank you.” Shheeeesssh.

And looking for a job. The ones that gratefully have told me, “nah, you aint the one” so I can go cry about it and cross it off the list which is so much preferable to the ones where I hear nothing and wonder if I should be bugging somebody (who exactly?) and when/if I find somebody, what words do I use to ‘inquire further’? Ugh. It’s just so much bird crap on the head after you just washed your hair. I hate it.

So. That’s me, right now. What’s going on with you?

Oh, gotta add that Never Change has had 4, FOUR! pie references before the first 50 pages…




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I’ve been told I’m over-thinking and stressing myself out. So, how’s this?

Philosophy of Education

I believe that everyone deserves access to quality education.

I believe the best teachers are guides to awaken a love for learning, to inspire passion for ideas and possibilities and to challenge each student to find the best within to strive for more.

I believe all individuals have talents and qualities waiting to be discovered and great education provides the keys to discover these possibilities.

The purpose of education is to provide the tools and knowledge sets to be productive in the economy, the community and in relationships. A quality education increases knowledge about the world and an individual’s role within that world.

My role as an educator is to recognize and respect each student’s capabilities and talents, to provide tools to develop these talents and inspire students to continue on a path to share their talents for the greater good.

Just my crazy style cuz I just want. this. done. (and want validation! ha)

To Whom It May Concern:

This Capstone Digital Portfolio is evidence of the work I have accomplished in the last two years and a sample of the profound and exciting opportunities that await me in my new career in Education.

Prior to embarking on the certification process to teach Technology and learn Instructional Design, I was a professional volunteer and part-time substitute teacher. After being asked to accept a long-term assignment at the High School covering for one of the Technology Instructors and being quite humbled and challenged, I found myself working and breathing the life of “Teacher”. I was not prepared; I was overwhelmed; but I caught the bug. I was enthralled by the chance to make a difference and have an impact. The smile on the face of a student who grasps a challenging concept — that “aha!” moment — was the kind of smile I wanted to see more of.

I enrolled at Bridgewater State University’s Post-Baccalaureate Program for Instructional Technology Certification beginning Fall 2013. I threw myself into the learning full force. I had fun with it and I tried everything – exploring apps and social media platforms and signing up for educational newsletters with abandon. I discovered that I had no idea how to pronounce ‘pedagogy’ – something, to be honest, is actually not easily discoverable in an online learning environment until you listen to a podcast.

Now after embracing and enthusiastically endorsing Dr. TN.’s CLAC – Collaborative Learning Accountability Chart and having studied Instructional Theory to Technology Policy, I am ready to share my knowledge, thoroughly investigate emerging technologies and roll up my sleeves and work with students of all ages. I have most experience with High School – and Seniors over the age of 85 by way of my volunteering at a nursing home to teach email and Facebook – but also love working with the youngest and most eager students, the Kindergarteners and early elementary children. I have been able to work with every group in my Student Teaching Practicum and have conquered the unknown. I am ready for more.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my Educational IT Journey.




June 15 is Lobster Day. Cool, huh?


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Resolutions or Whatever for 2014


I want to figure out podcasts. I want to listen to them in my car. I sense this will be “Big Challenge.”

I need to clean off photos of my Mac. My laptop shouldn’t be my scrap book.

I intend to not stress even half as much this semester as I did the past one. (Btw, I got As on both courses…)

I will bake more pie. I love that pie can be plural but pies works, too.

I will read 60+ books. I will listen to more nonfiction (and read more, too.)

I will read books authored by Pollan and Perotta, Willis and Elliot. I will not read anything by JK Rowling. (not for any good reason other than I’ve read a majority of her stuff and I can’t say that about Atwood. I want to say that about Atwood.)

I will track debuts.

I will seek out other cultures/settings/diversity in my reading.

I will add more VERBs to my life. (This is from a friend who stated that MOVE/WALK/ACT are better than SIT/WATCH/WHINE.)



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Unpluggedbly on hiatus…

Blogger-Unplugged-254x300  Until… I’m NOT.


In the meantime, I have comment ideas:   Would you like to read Possession by A.S.Byatt?  We have a readalong scheduled soon. We also have a readalong of The Song of Achilles scheduled extremely very soon. AND! a readalong of If On a Winter’s Night A Traveler* for October. Save the date.  Read any of these?  Wanna join?  Cool.

* Methinks the If On a Winter’s Night book is going to be odd. Strange even. Better & BEST to do in a readalong, yes?

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2012 reading in review

Twenty Twelve was the year of READALONGS!  and Tweet-alongs. And Stephen King. What a wonderful fun year of blogging about books with other online book bloggers. Even the bloggers who don’t refer to themselves as book bloggers.

I read 65 books (66 if I get The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson done before midnight but it not lookin’ good for that, truthfully.) My goal was 55 so I beat that – sure, I admit the goal was purposely not a stretch so probably shouldn’t be celebrated too much. I have yet to set a goal for 2013.


I only had 6 books I gave the coveted FIVE SLICEs of PIE rating; 2 of them were by King! Never would have predicted that. I had 30 four slice ratings, 23 three slice ratings and 6 two slicers. I didn’t give any the dreaded one slice.

I really am not able to endorse many of these as super dooper awesome; maybe I am being a harsher critic? But here goes; the top SIX:

Fire Season by Philip Connors – Nonfiction/memoir
11/22/63 by Stephen King – TIME TRAVEL!!
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – heartfelt and Green-full.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – deliciously wild ride; such fun.
IT by Stephen King – King is a master. Thoroughly enjoyable. This was an audio and the narrator was superb.
The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes – I love these introspective thoughtful books by old men. Don’t know why.

Odd list, don’t you think? I do. I probably could rank the many 4 slicers and come up with a few more that were memorable and worthy of more endorsements…  Let me go look.

Lottery by Patricia Wood – so good! A book I was able to share with a bunch of friends and we all agreed.
Emotional Geology by Linda Gillard – evocative & powerful, harsh but beautiful setting, love story and self-discovery.
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – an impressive and magically delightful debut.
Bleak House by Charles Dickens – I am three hours into the BBC Mini-series!  It’s great.

My gender ratio was very balanced:  34 female authors to 31 male. I only read 17 nonfiction titles this year. (oh! I just looked and I only read 11 last year so this was BETTER, 26%. Most of ALL fiction reads were set in the US or the UK. I didn’t get out into the world very much but I did read more fantasy, I think. I read only 3 books from translation:  Anna Karenina (Russian), 1Q84 (Japanese) and French Leave (French). I got to Africa in two books:  Barundi in Strength in What Remains and Senegal in Redemption in Indigo. One political book, one zombie book, one poetry book and lots of ‘scary’ books! I read FIVE books that involved TIME TRAVEL!  Yay me – and I have a list of more so this trend may continue.

I participated in Dueling Monsters, The King Challenge – success!, the Cloud Atlas Readalong, the Summer in the City and the City Readalong, #Diversiverse, #Standalong & #ITalong, and Bleak House for Nov/Dec (#Bleakalong). The Shirley Jackson Book Menage was fascinating. I successfully completed the What’s in a Name 5 Challenge and failed miserably at my personal challenge to read all the books others have loaned to me. In fact, I’ve managed to increase the quantity of books and only read two. I didn’t read ANY books for my own John Cusack Reading Challenge – although I did start the eBook Tropic of Cancer on my iPad. I didn’t get far.

I had two other personal challenges and did pretty good with reading new-to-me authors and authors I have been meaning to get to:  China Mieville, Jon Krakauer, PG Wodehouse and Arthur Conan Doyle. I did OK with getting more read by favorite authors: Tracy Kidder, AS Byatt and Ian McEwan. As for my third personal challenge, I stalled after the 4th book of Harry Potter because I refuse to buy book #5 and just haven’t thought about getting it from the library (doh!) – I’ve done well with and borrowing from friends. I’m enjoying them and was most surprised to have to read Rowling’s latest and first adult book The Casual Vacancy and enjoyed it more than I expected.

I guess 2013 will see me reading Mary Roach, Tom Perotta, Susan Jane Gilman and Diana Wynn Jones. AND the remainder of the HP series.

New to me authors:  46. Repeat authors: 19.

I have discovered a passion for audiobooks thanks to my iPhone (thanks to me washing my old clunky cell and getting the iPhone) and Thank you Steven Weber and Simon Vance. Thank you!

I met one new blogger-bud:  Laurie from Bay State Reader’s Advisory! We had a lovely meet up at the Boston Book Festival. She has been a super resource and audiobook friend. Best to you in the new job and I hope we cross paths again soon. (Holly and I are talking about finding your library sometime this winter…)

The big amazing development about 2012 I never expected, besides King, was the CHUNKSTER component of my reading. I do enjoy the project of listening to the big classics while reading an accompanying text.  The Stand, It, Anna Karenina, Bleak House!  YAY ME!

What other stats am I forgetting? Themes? Time travel. Sex, too – I read Fifty Shades (only the first one), Sugar in my Bowl (recommended!) and American Psycho?! Hmmmm.  Well and the start of Tropic of Cancer. I read two books with CLOUD in the title.

Books to movie?  Yes, except for the fact that I have mostly failed to see any of the movies.

Most surprising in a good way book? Beauty Queens by Libba Bray – hilarious.

Most depraved book?  American Psycho by Bret what’shisname.

Wierdest book? Tie between Cloud Atlas and The City and the City?

Most disappointing book? Wild or The Human Bobby or Outlander.

Books on the 1001 Books to Read Before I Die: 5? (I need to double check this…)

Bleak House (1853) was the oldest book; I read 9 books published in 2012.

I’ll be posting next on just stats, no words, maybe even a pie chart!

Happy End of Year Book Stats Sharing!


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New Header for December

Happy Holidays! I am only just now starting to get into the spirit of things. I do believe it might have been jump-started by the WordPress snow! I have changed my header to one of my Christmas Lobsters. To learn more about this crazy collection of mine, you can click here or a list of posts here.

And look what my hub just purchased for me! (I selected, or rather, found on ebay and will wrap and tag from him…) Last year, he got me the lobster rain boots via the same method.



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