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It’s Bloggiesta

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For this weekend’s Bloggiesta, I will attempt the following:

Re do or obliterate Google Reader – just not sure what to do with it…  It’s not working for me.

Update my tracking spreadsheet in the NEW & IMPROVED Google (no longer called) DOCS!

Write a few reviews

Update my blogroll

√    Cheer on #Bloggiesta-ers in Twitter

OK. Let’s get started, shall we?

Bloggiesta MiniChallenges

 I’m getting a LOT done! It helps that we had absolutely NOTHING on the schedule to do, really.

I participated in Jessica’s mini-challenge for Spiffing up Posts – read about it at The BlueStocking Society.   ★

and I commented a bunch to qualify for Sheila’s mini-challenge over at The Book Journey.

and now, I’ve turned on the POST-to-TWITTER service available here in land to satisfy Katie’s mini-challenge at her blog. Hitting submit on this post and running over to Twitter will confirm I set it up correctly.

I only have a few things to do and one involves baking a pie which will be offline – until photo posting time.

I hope to join the TweetChat at 11 am EST, too.  See you there?  @BkClubCare


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Bloggiesta Tags vs Categories

Beth Fish Reads is hosting a mini-challenge explaining this topic and you can click on this sentence to go read her post.

I have a dilemma but also want to take time to think about the best way to address this issue of tags and categories. I have too many categories. I want to limit or refine my categories but don’t quite know how.

For example, HUNTING DOGS. I have a category called HUNTING DOGS but I would prefer it just to be DOGS. I have this category so that I can quickly find posts that feature my dogs. Sure, my dogs happen to be of a hunting dog breed but so what? It is not relevant, really. But I find that I cannot change it.

I hoped I could just edit the category just to DOGS but it keeps switching it back. I will try one more time to see if sticks…

YES!  So, I created a new tag DOG and then looked for all my posts that I had categorized with HUNTING DOGS and edited it by unchecking HUNTING and checking DOGS and…

WA la!  It seems to have worked.

Now I have to wonder if my FAMILY tag category is a bit redundant. I seem to check this when I post pics of my dogs…


This is ONE tedious task.

SO, let me explain my tags!

I do not have a problem with tags and I fully realize that I do not utilize tags in the recommended SEO-optimizing (redundant, I know) way. I like to be chatty in my tags and count Jenny of Jenny’s Books as my inspiration. Her tags are AWESOME.

Tags are supposed be utilized more like sub-categories from what I can gather from the techie sites attempting explanation. But I do my own thing. I don’t care about search optimization nor attracting high traffic. I like my little amusing corner of the blogosphere and if you find yourself here and enjoy yourself, hurrah. I doubt it was any tag that got you here but I do hope ‘tag amusement’ might encourage you to come back by another time.

Happy Categorizing and Tagging!

Thanks to Jessica over at the Bluestocking Society, I now know the code behind these stars:  ★ & ☆


Copyright © 2007-2012. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

I prefer pi.


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