Garlic & Sapphires, Part 3!

Thank you to my friend who offered some fascinating comments via email after reading the copy of G&S  that I loaned her.   She has given me permission to post here…  [with slight editing… Ed.] …developing a book club blog is a great, topical idea. And your questions were thoughtful.  I just finished G&S (thumbed back through … Continue reading Garlic & Sapphires, Part 3!

Garlic & Sapphires

Ruth Reichl’s Garlic and Sapphires is a fun read, a delicious read!   I thoroughly enjoyed learning her approach to reviewing restaurants, discovering so many interesting foods, and especially, her descriptions of how she felt during her ‘character dress ups’.    The way her personality would adjust to fit the outfit, how thoroughly she became another person, … Continue reading Garlic & Sapphires

Books I’ve Read

2021.103  / 75 goal  My Rating System currently reading:  . . .    Hell of a Book, Chouette, Think Again current poetry: . . . On the Bus with Rosa Parks by Rita Dovecurrently listening:  . . .   on tap: Ask Again Yes [Title / author book-type (pub yr, pgs/hrs) challenge if-π stars count] Nov … Continue reading Books I’ve Read