Now is Not the Time To Panic

Thoughts by Kevin Wilson, Harper Collins Publishers 2022, 248 pages

Challenge: #ReadICT category time

Genre/Theme: Adult Literature / Childhood friendship, Coming of Age

Type/Source: eBook / Libby

What It’s About: Frankie is 16 and never been kissed. She doesn’t have any friends but unlike what you might expect, she is not a sniveling feelin’-sorry-for-herself, annoying wretch. She is just perplexed. She meets a new kid at the pool during the first week of summer vacation and they hit it off. This also, is rather perplexing. Is he a boyfriend? What do they “DO” exactly? Well, it turns out they secretly spawn mayhem and world confusion! It’s called ART, people! Of course, most don’t get it. And they are not about to attempt to explain.

Also, subnote, Frankie has a half-sister that was given her name. Yep, her dad had an affair, left her mother, spawned a child, a girl, and gave her the SAME NAME as his already born living now-abandoned daughter. I find this perplexing and F%&#-up.

And when Junie burst into the room, holding a half-full box of Milk Duds, absolutely zooted on sugar and instantly explaining the plot of the movie they just saw, I thought, Oh, thank god.

Thoughts: I adore Kevin Wilson. He is an excellent story builder; with lovable smart characters. He adds some delicious comedy but keeps it real. Loved this.

Rating: I think I first-impulse gave this 4 stars in goodreads, but as I write this, I think I just might have to give it a big ol’ FIVE. Hey, it has Oatmeal Creme Pie snacks, so why the hell not?

“I decided I wanted some of those Little Debbie snack cakes, and my mom brought over two boxes, Star Crunch and Oatmeal Creme Pies, and I ate two of each very quickly, and for some reason this made my mom smile.”

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7 thoughts on “Now is Not the Time To Panic

  1. I was disturbed by how much I identified with Frankie (you’re so right, naming a second child Frankie is seriously messed up). If this author were not younger than I am, I would seriously think he was someone who went to my high school and heard some of what I was up to back then. (Did you read my review of this book? Nov. 22, 2022)

    1. I found an interview that Kevin Wilson did about this book and I fell for him and his imagination, his style, and his outlooks on life. Everything we want in an author? Yes, I did read your review about your HS “criminal” past and I just read it again. TY

  2. I have the audio version of this and am looking forward to giving it a listen. So glad to see that you gave it such a high rating. It’s been quite popular with readers. I loved Nothing to See Here, so I suspect I enjoy this one as well.

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