Half Done 2022 Six Months to Go

 Monthly Recap Time! JUNE

  • 11 books; 60 for the year
  • 2940 pages, ~3.3 hours | 16749 total pages, 140.8 hours for the year so far

My favorite was Either/Or. Or, at least according to scores given and slices of pie (and I don’t even think this book HAD pie?!) I also gave 5 slices of pie with no pie mentioned to Choice by Jodi Picoult. I’m just baffled and boggled and sad about what the SCOTUS is up to these days…

Morning is smarter than night.

(Updating this entire post the next morning! LOL had to include this because for me, it is very true.) TRUE BIZ, pg 205
True Biz
The Miranda Obsession
How High We Go in the Dark
Sea of Tranquility
Hearts & Minds
All of the above QUITE GOOD AND I might even say GREAT!

Sorry Friends, I just haven’t had the motivation to write. I’m sad; I love this blog and I was doing SO WELL through MOST of the pandemic and now? I am feeling the changes. LOL. HA

I didn’t even use my audio credit this month. yikes. If you want to see what I’m hoping to read in July, you’ll just have to visit Litsy. Whatever.


Same as in May, I read both of the Litsy Spin Books and completed one *BINGO*. My list of 20 for July includes many if not most of the what I had on the last list. Still reading for #CampLitsy.


“Ms. Sweet Potato Pie costumes wait for no woman.”

True Biz, Pg 203

I don’t even care about checking on how many books had pie. I can’t seem to keep it easy to figure out. Or maybe TRUST that I really accounted and tracked accurately? I would be THE WORST accountant! check again, double check triple check and doubt some more. According to my google sheet tracker, I noted that pie was mentioned in two of this month’s reads. In fact, in How High We Go in the Dark, it was mentioned a LOT. CONTENDER for PIE BOOK OF THE YEAR?! (I also said this in my notes for True Biz! [Updated to Add])

Maybe my favorite was How High We Go? It won #CampLitsy book for June. (nifty)

“- how they’d come to my door with their pies and casseroles, ask for my help capturing their children or spouse as they used to be.”

HHWGitD, pg 285

I made Strawberry Rhubarb Pie as promised in June. I have to! It’s June 9’s Pie Day! Keep watching that hashtag, cuz I continue to use the #CaresPieShow hashtag at Litsy.


What was YOUR favorite book of June?

June 12 is Pecan Pie Day. My hub’s favorite.

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10 thoughts on “Half Done 2022 Six Months to Go

  1. I read True Biz as soon as it came out because I am in an ASL interpreting program, and Sara Novic is a Deaf author. Not a lot of books about Deaf people are actually by Deaf authors. I enjoyed it, and appreciated how the author included mini chapters there were supposed to be from the main character’s textbook, which educated her AND the reader. I thought it was clever.

    1. Thank you for your comment and sharing this. I do hope the author brings us a sequel someday. The illustrations and even the punctuation added so much and I learned a lot.

  2. You are piling up the books read! I am so sorry you are sad. I’ve been sad too, well more overwhelmed and angry I guess, especially after the supreme court has done all its dirty work. Reading helps. My garden helps. Some good music helps. Have you hear Beyonce’s new song You won’t break my soul? So good https://youtu.be/yjki-9Pthh0

  3. Hey even if you don’t feel like writing you’re still enjoying reading and I think that’s a win. Our country makes me sad too. Glad to read your monthly recaps. I might have to look into Litsy! I loved True Biz. It was full of life.

  4. Wow, your reading is on fire this year! Sorry you’re feeling down… so much in the news is making me angry these days. And sometimes I’m just not motivated to write about the books I’m reading either. Glad you’re still participating over at LItsy… I regret leaving sometimes, but I just couldn’t keep up with one more thing. Plus since I read mostly on my kindle or on audio these days, I never had very interesting photos. Hope the rest of your summer is going well. I miss you!

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