May 2022 Celebration

and June Plans

 Monthly Recap Time!

  • 7 books; 49 for the year
  • 2331 pages, ~23.2 hours | 11478 total pages, 137.5 hours for the year so far

My favorite was … difficult to choose. I’m going with Margaret Atwood’s Burning Questions. Followed by The Candy House, A View of the Harbour, Devil House, All Boys Aren’t Blue, and The Other Einstein. Bonk was least favorite but I still gave it 4 stars.

“I was in the initial or “mud pie“ phase of exploring the possibilities, although I had sent a one-pager to my publishers in February.“

-88% in Burning questions

Locations and travels:

  • A small harbourside village in England post WW2
  • All over the world in The Candy House, as in Bonk
  • New Jersey and Virginia in All Boys Aren’t Blue
  • Devil House was California
  • Burning Questions was mostly Canada, but also New England USA, Berlin, and England

Forking up shepherd’s pie with an expression of contempt.

-A View of the Harbour

For challenges, I finished my Wichita KS Library Annual #ReadICT with 12 categories; Devil House completed for an author, John Darnielle, visiting our town. I missed that event, however.

I read both of the Litsy Spin Books and completed one *BINGO*. I’ve readied by 20 books for June’s Book Spin Bingo but have yet to write a blog post here about it. Maybe I can do that now?

Yes! I will be reading I Was Anastasia with Melissa of Avid Reader and am reading Sea of Tranquility with Nancy the BookFool. I’m reading Either/Or now to get ready for TOB Summer Camp and the numbers 5 & 6 above will be discussed during Litsy’s version of Summer Camp.


Pie was mentioned in four of this month’s reads.

I only made pie once this May. I’m eliminating Instagram from my social addiction but will continue to use the #CaresPieShow hashtag at Litsy.

Thank you to Laila of Big Reading Life for doing a buddy read of The View of the Harbour by Elizabeth Taylor. I even posted about it.


What was YOUR favorite book of May?

June 9 is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day. I hope to make a Mulberry Pie sometime later today.

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6 thoughts on “May 2022 Celebration

  1. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day is definitely a cause to celebrate! Lots of pie mentions in your May reading, too!
    Candy House was amazing, and I immediately went back and read A Visit from the Goon Squad again after finishing it. I’ve had Devil House come through for me from the library a few times, but have to keep postponing borrowing it. I’ll have to check out the others on your list.
    I’ve gotten away from Instagram, too. Too many videos now!

    1. Hi Laurie, I hope you like Devil House. It wasn’t my typical reading genre but I thought it was strong. It is almost like 3 different books and best to not know or expect anything.

      1. Just finished Devil House on audio, and had to reread the ending in the ebook version, just to see if I had gotten it from the audio. It was a very unsettling read, but so much to unravel and think about!

    1. No worries! It is super easy for me to grab a postcard and zip off a note. I have them literally on the shelf to my right. You’d be appalled at my stationery/stamp station. It’s a big mess, but it is handy.

  2. I have yet to read any Darnielle. I keep waiting for the ToB to “make” me read it and it hasn’t happened yet. LOL. My favorite book read in May was either How High We Go in the Dark or True Biz, both which I read for CampLitsy!

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