Five Tuesdays in Winter

Thoughts by Lily King, Blackstone 2021, 6 hours 10 minutes

Narrated by: Bronson Pinchot, Mark Bramhall, Stacey Glemboski, Cassandra Campbell, Christa Lewis

Challenge: What’s in a Name: Season category

Genre/Theme: Short Story, Adult Lit

Type/Source: Audiobook / Audible

What It’s About: If you have Audible, this is an included special gift. I don’t even recall who alerted me, but I ran to my account and sure enough, I was able to download without losing a credit. SCORE!

Ten short stories, some longer than others, all marvelous. I enjoyed the entire collection. Looking at the list now, some come back to me with a force of characterization and suspense, some I don’t even remember what they were about or am hazy about how they ended already but that’s just me. Many are about wistful misunderstandings or memories of relationships now unfixable. Perhaps some get fixed. All are delightful! Heartily recommended.

Thoughts: I think my favorites are the title story, “Five Tuesdays in Winter” – a shy widower bookseller with a teenage daughter has a crush on one of his staff, “When in the Dordogne” – two college kids get to house sit for a wealthy couple traveling abroad and they also get to watch their 14 yo boy, and “The Man at the Door” – a young mother desperate for time alone so she can write her novel struggles with her realities, her past and her present. All of the stories shine, all are provoking, just real good. Audio is well done.

“She was the type who could not take a compliment. If he told her she looked nice, she’d give the reason instead of saying thank you. But he was the type who could not give a compliment, so he just said hello and let her in.”

“Five tuesdays in Winter”


Rating: Five slices of blueberry pie.

Grant had heated up a Sara Lee pie, blueberry.

When he pulled it out, he started to cut into it and Ed said, “I know how you’re going to do this: miserly wedges, one at a time. When you know for a fact we’re going to eat the whole thing. Give me that.”

Ed took the knife from him and cut the pie into thirds, and put a mound of ice cream on each of the enormous pieces. We ate on the porch. It was a warm humid night, the hot pie and the cold ice cream were perfect together.

“When in the dordogne”



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4 thoughts on “Five Tuesdays in Winter

  1. Listening to this collection was such a pleasure! I actually thought of you when listening to the blueberry pie passage you quoted. On audible’s home page you can find a link to their Plus offerings… they do add new titles, so I try to remember to check it every couple of weeks.

    1. I do check, every-so-often, but I was surprised to see this from an author I admire. Most of the free ones I go for are short or celebrity but like this is the first REAL offering, . . . or I’m just missing the good ones. LOL

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